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Item#: 6808
Containment Class:
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Section-Alfa (left) and Section-Beta (right). Photographed shortly after containment.

Special Containment Procedures:

Provisional Site-808 has been established for the containment of SCP-6808. Site-808 itself is composed by two sections, denominated Section-Alfa and Section-Beta.

Section-Alfa must be staffed by five individuals at all times. They are to maintain the facade of civilian inhabitants. Personnel with a history of having suffered emotional abuse are not to be considered for this position.

Section-Beta must remain vacant, and all entrances to the structure must remain locked. In the case civilians manage to break into Section-Beta they are to be considered lost, and the entrance point is to be repaired if necessary.

The staff stationed at Site-Alfa must perform the following tasks on a daily basis:

  • Provide maintenance for the Phasma-Faraday Shield Generator (PFS), which is housed within Section-Alfa.
  • Examine the exterior of Section-Beta for signs of structural damage, and repair any if found. Repair techniques must be analogous to those used before the year 1920. Appropriate construction materials must remain in stock within Section-Alfa.
  • Provide maintenance for the monitoring equipment housed within Section-Alfa. The equipment must constantly scan for Phasma leaks originating from Section-Beta. Leaks must be sealed immediately following 6808 protocol. Witnesses to leak events are to be amnesticed. In case a runaway leak is detected, evacuation plan Exspiravit is to be initiated.

As of 03/13/1998, explorations into Section-Beta are prohibited.


SCP-6808 is a level 12 haunting localized within Section-Beta; a townhouse located at 41 Monument St. in Boston, Massachusetts. SCP-6808 is notable as it far exceeds the expected intensity for a haunting, given the known history of the location. Furthermore, SCP-6808 does not suffer from the natural dissipation effect that most hauntings do. Instead, SCP-6808 has continued to increase in intensity over its time in containment. Currently, SCP-6808 has one of the most dense concentrations of Phasma units known to the Foundation.

SCP-6808 has been contained within the townhouse it originates from via the use of a PFS. This PFS renders the physical structure of Section-Beta a high fidelity containment chamber for all phasmic phenomena. In recent years, however, the increase in intensity of SCP-6808 has damaged the physical structure of Section-Beta. This in turn has led to an increase in minor leak events.

Additionally, SCP-6808 has a temporarily locked imprint effect. SCP-6808 has the tendency of returning Section-Beta to its former state, presumably the state it was in when the anomaly first manifested. Attempts to reinforce Section-Beta with modern methods have been partially successful. When not rejected, the additions will be replaced with construction techniques and materials that are synchronic to those used around the year 1920. Furthermore, SCP-6808 will repair damage inflicted upon Section-Beta. This effect is, however, too slow to counteract the damages caused by SCP-6808 itself. As such, if maintenance were to be stopped the structure would collapse within two weeks.


Phasmic phenomena manifesting on the windows along Monument St.

Alternative methods for the effective containment of SCP-6808 are currently under development.

Leak events have been linked to a variety of phasmic phenomena, which have manifested in the Charlestown neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. Most prominently within the vicinity of Section-Beta.

A list of example leak events is provided below.


Magnitude: 9.2 Phasma units.

Cause: One meter long crack along the eastern wall of Section-Beta.

Effect: Staff report the manifestation of two shadowy silhouettes within Section-Beta. The two embrace each other for three seconds before vanishing. Faint laughter and footsteps are heard for an additional minute.

Additional notes: Event matches the median expected for minor leak events.


Magnitude: 28.5 Phasma units.

Cause: Broken window in the second floor of Section-Beta.

Effect: Subjects within 34 meters of Section-Beta report hearing a random phrase in the voice of their significant other. 90% describe the comment as a joke, while the remaining 10% describe it as patronizing.

Additional notes: N/A


Magnitude: 65.2 Phasma units.

Cause: Blowout of hatches within the chimney of Section-Beta.

Effect: Civilians within a 85 meter radius of Section-Beta report the feeling of being observed; specifically by photographs and artworks within their household which depict human faces. Most of the affected individuals report feeling judged after the experience. Additionally they displayed decreased interest in activities they found enjoyable for three hours.

Additional notes: N/A


Magnitude: 104.5 Phasma Units

Cause: The main entrance to Section-Beta violently blew open outwards, breaking its frame in the process.

Effect: Civilians within a 156 meter radius of Section-Beta report personal belongings being damaged. All of the affected objects were noted to hold emotional significance to their owners. Examples include preferred items of clothing, family portraits, and heirlooms. Individuals were aware of the damage even when the objects were in storage where not visible. All objects returned to their original state seven hours after the event.

Additional notes: The PFS generator within the site was upgraded following this event. This is the fourth and latest upgrade that has been required in order to successfully contain SCP-6808.


Magnitude: 396.7 Phasma units.

Cause: A civilian vehicle crashed into the eastern wall of Section-Beta, causing an entire portion of it to collapse. A witness described the wall as ‘exploding in the wrong direction’.

Effect: Power outages occurred throughout the Charlestown neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts. Over 500 phasmic events related to the leak were documented. Additionally, there was an anomalous increase in domestic dispute reports during the event, although no cases of physical abuse were filed. The driver of the vehicle that crashed into SCP-6808 was found deceased, with several bricks having violently mutilated his body. An autopsy was held and several tumors were found in different organs including eyes, tongue, heart and the remains of the brain. Staff reported hearing belittling comments while observing the tumors.

Additional notes: This is the most intense leak event to date.

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