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2/6807 LEVEL 2/6807
Item #: SCP-6807



Special Containment Procedures: A remote surveillance system monitors the entrance to SCP-6807, currently an industrial-grade steel door. At no point may personnel on exploratory missions sit or recline on the stairs.

Description: SCP-6807 is a red-carpeted staircase, accessed from an unmarked door in Kyoto's sewers. The staircase does not breach the surface, despite extending far beyond the requisite length to do so. Paintings hang from the brick walls at regular intervals.

Individuals or objects ascending SCP-6807 will travel normally until reaching around 30-40 meters in vertical height, after which they will spontaneously relocate to a lower point on the staircase. This transition is seamless, and affected individuals will not notice the change in elevation unless told. No accurate measurement of SCP-6807's true height has yet been taken.

An additional set of anomalous features have been identified but not studied in detail. See addendum below.

Addendum 6807.1: Exploration Log

Mission Intent: Ascertain any differences that emerge from the baseline anomaly after long-term exploration. Agent Gera led the solo exploration, with Agent Villareal acting as command. Two back-up agents acted as emergency recovery at the stair's base.

(Agent Gera opens the door to SCP-6807. Visibility drastically reduces.)

Gera: Ascending the stairs.

Command: Copy that.

(Gera activates her headlight, revealing the dimly lit staircase, and ascends steadily, the two recovery agents staying at the bottom. The carpet muffles her footsteps as she climbs. Reaching 10 meters vertically, she sees her first pair of paintings.)

Gera: Two of the usual.

Command: Good to see it hasn't changed. If you see any variation, let us know.

Gera: Gotcha.

(Gera ascends 20 more meters, occasionally viewing different copies of the same paintings as before. Command detects a sudden drastic change in her location.)

Command: Agent, read your altitude bar.

Gera: 10 meters. That's the loop?

Command: Exactly. Any differences?

Gera: Nope. It's like I'm seeing the same thing over and over!

(Command and Gera laugh. Gera continues ascending. Feed detects no audio save her calm breathing and soft footsteps.)

Gera: … you hear that?

Command: Negative.

Gera: It's a… no I can… Nevermind.

Command: What's that, agent?

Gera: Like a tone, y'know? A background noise. I thought, anyways.

(Audio detects zero additional noise. Gera continues ascending, looping three times along the staircase. She encounters a set of paintings.)

Command: Stop.

Gera: What?

Command: Look at the painting to the right.


Painting found in SCP-6807. Artist or origin unknown.

(Gera turns accordingly. See image.)

Gera: Nothing unusual.

Command: We weren't sure, is all. Thought we saw something different.

Gera: Right, right. Pretty, isn't it?

(Gera continues ascending. After completing another loop, she freezes.)

Gera: … again.

Command: Repeat?

Gera: The noise, it's… it's here again. I can't tell where it's from. It's like a constantly increasing tone, y'know? Upping in pitch. It's here now.

Command: We can't hear it, agent. We should pull you back i-

Gera: No, no, I… I can continue.

Command: Copy that.

(Gera continues ascending at a quicker pace, staying on the right side of the stairs. No detected changes in surroundings.)

Gera: It's like a… what do you call them? It just keeps going up and up, and at some point it—

(Gera freezes again.)

Command: Agent?

Gera: Where's it coming from…

Command: Again, we can pull you back—

Gera: I better continue. I— I better go up.

(Gera continues on the right side of the stairs.)

Gera: (mumbling) I'm coming, damn it, I'm coming!

Command: Agent?

(Gera increases her pace further still. Her breathing quickens and her footsteps turn louder.)

Command: Agent? Agent Gera, do you copy?

Gera: It's coming from behind. I— I need to go up quicker, she needs me to.

Command: Agent, we advise you to descend the stairs.

Gera: It's a… a Shepard tone! I need to… he's coming from behind and I need to—

Command: Agent, go down the stairs!


Painting found to the left of SCP-6807. Artist or origin unknown.

(Gera glances to the painting on the left, and freezes.)

Gera: He's laughing!

(Gera runs up the right side of the staircase. Shallow breathing and pounding steps fill the audio feed. She skips steps, striding from one to another, while occasionally glancing at the paintings to her left.)

Command: Gera, stop!

Gera: Go away! Go awa—

(Gera trips on a step and falls forward. She pants on the stairs.)

Command: Gera, are you OK?

Gera: I can… I can…

Command: Please, all you need to do is descend the stairs. It's only 10 meters down.

(Gera turns over on her back and removes her headlight. Feed detects a light rushing sound. She rubs her forehead.)

Gera: Ugh… goddamn it.

Command: Gera.

Gera: Hold on, hold on. Just… she— it told me to stay away from— from the left. The laughing—

Command: We'll deal with it later. For now, just exit the stairs.

(She sits up and breathes heavily.)

Gera: OK, hold on. Just gotta—

(The headlight has disappeared. The rushing sound increases.)

Gera: Oh god… where did it go, where did it go-

Command: Gera, calm down. I mean it.

Gera: Why is it— why is it cold?

Command: Hold on to the stairs.

Gera: What?

Command: Hold. On. To the stairs.

Gera: OK, OK, I— I can see the base. I can get—

(A force knocks Gera back, and she desperately holds on to a step. Command detects a rapid increase in her upward acceleration, with no matching displacement. One of her hands slips off.)

Gera: I can't! I can't hold on, fuck!

Command: Hold on to the next step. Crawl down to the recovery agents, you got this.

Gera: The tone… the tone is getting louder!

Command: Forget the tone! Get down there!

Gera: I'm gonna sli—

(Camera tumbles upward. Feed detects immense wind and Gera's grunts.)

Command: Gera, do you read?!

(Grunting continues.)

Command: Gera!

Gera: Yahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahyah-

(Camera slams into a wall. Feed detects a crunching noise before cutting out.)

On-site personnel reported a low-pitched laughing noise originating from SCP-6807's stairhead after Agent Gera's disappearance. Until the circumstances of this disappearance are identified, further exploration is forbidden.

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