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This file is restricted to 6805-authorized personnel and members of the O5 Council. Unauthorized access is strictly forbidden.

Item #: SCP-6805

Object Class: Ticonderoga1

Special Containment Procedures: All multi-universal Foundation counterparts and approximate equivalents have been made aware of the existence of SCP-6805. In the event of an imminent and irreversible K-Class Scenario, all 6805-approved personnel are to report to Site 6805 for further instructions.

As per the Memorandum of Understanding between SCP-6805 and all Foundation equivalents, SCP-6805 is considered to be aligned with the Foundation but not under its direct jurisdiction. As such, ex-personnel living there are not subject to Foundation authority.

Under no circumstances are members of the Serpent’s Hand to be informed of the existence of SCP-6805.

Description: SCP-6805 is an extra-dimensional building that exists in a self-contained pocket universe. Formerly the Universe 6000 equivalent to Site 19, SCP-6805 was detached from its home universe following the latter’s destruction. It is believed to be the only surviving remnant of Universe 6000. It is impossible to exit except by anomalous means; all doors leading away from Site 19 have been modified to loop back into the Site instead.

The primary functions of SCP-6805 are twofold:

  • To serve as an extra-dimensional “lifeboat” which can temporarily attach itself to universes that are undergoing K-Class Scenarios which will result in the destruction of Earth and/or reality. Because the reality-tethering process utilized by SCP-6805 causes catastrophic and irreparable damage to any matter targeted by it, SCP-6805 can only be deployed to Earth-equivalents that are in danger of imminent destruction.2
  • To serve as a refuge for Foundation personnel that survive the destruction of their worlds. These personnel typically regard the Foundation’s original purpose as defunct and are quickly incorporated into the local society (see below). Only 6805-authorized Foundation personnel are made aware of its existence in the event of a K-Class Scenario; all employees are prioritized for clearance in accordance to their history with and contributions to the Foundation.3

SCP-6805 currently houses approximately 25,000 people. It is colloquially known as “Safehold”4 by its inhabitants.

Origins and History: SCP-6805 first developed its present properties approximately 30 years ago5. In Local Year 2030, Universe 6000 was destroyed via an Apollyon-class SCP object, SCP-6000, that incorporated all local matter into an extra-dimensional location commonly known as the Wanderer’s Library. Originating as an anomalous spacetime rift in the 6000-equivalent Amazon rainforest, it soon spread at an uncontainable rate, resulting in all of Earth becoming part of the Wanderer’s Library by March 2030 LY.6 A small number of Foundation and Global Occult Coalition members survived via officially sanctioned extra-dimensional backup sites. SCP-6805, however, was the result of an unsanctioned extra-dimensional experiment taking place in Site 19 on January 25, 2030.

On that date, a Senior Researcher named Adrian Jackson ignored the orders of his superiors to prepare Site 19 personnel and anomalies for evacuation. Instead, he worked in tandem with several humanoid SCPs known to have reality-altering capabilities to remove Site 19 from Universe 6000 without informing any other personnel within it. This event7 successfully severed Site 19 from local reality; it then remained in a state of inter-dimensional flux without any destination for (from the inhabitants’ perspective) 3 1/2 years.

The usage of previously contained SCP objects was crucial to the survival of SCP-6805 during this time period, as most useful provisions had been evacuated from Site 19 prior to the destruction of Universe 6000. Thus, of the two factions of former personnel that emerged within SCP-6805 in the immediate aftermath of the 6805 event (one dedicated to the ideals of the Foundation and one advocating cooperation with anomalies for survival), the anomaly-aligned faction was by far the largest and soon won the support of most former personnel. A small number of Euclid and Keter-class SCP objects were forcibly neutralized after their integration with the newly formed SCP-6805 society proved impossible.

SCP-6805 continues to heavily utilize SCP objects8 to ensure its continued survival. Its food and water supply are anomalously generated, and the stable existence of the SCP-6805 pocket dimension itself relies on heavily modified Scranton anchors and the voluntary cooperation of several reality-benders. Additionally, the interior space of the former Site has been continuously expanded via the use of anomalies in order to accommodate new residents.

Personnel evacuated to SCP-6805 are discouraged from questioning its structure and practices, as they have little power to change it and inhabitants will regard this questioning as evidence of either naivety or hostility.

Select SCP-6805 Evacuation Events:

Universe Approximate Number of Survivors Destruction Event
Universe 6000 400 (Foundation), 300 (living anomalies) Initial establishing event for the existence of SCP-6805.
Universe 2317 17 (Foundation) Earth destroyed due to containment failure on SCP-2317, known as the “Devourer of Worlds.” SCP-6805 arrived at the specific request of the O5 Council, about one hour before all life on Earth was extinguished by SCP-2317. Due to the short amount of time between SCP-6805’s arrival and its subsequent detection by SCP-2317, the former only had time to evacuate the O5 Council itself and four of their staffers. The 2317-O5 Council (but not their staffers) subsequently become pariahs within SCP-6805: most residents held an extremely low opinion of their actions leading up to the SCP-2317 containment breach.
Universe 5872 70 (Foundation), 200 (civilian) Earth accidentally destroyed via activation of SCP-5872, an anomalous energy transfer device which was inadvertently used on the moon and resulted in the latter impacting onto the planet. SCP-6805 arrived approximately 12 hours before the destruction of Earth at Site-73, a Site formerly used by the 5872-equivalent Foundation to store Safe-class SCP objects. Site personnel and associated family members evacuated, along with around two hundred civilians who happened to be near SCP-6805 during its activation. SCP objects formerly stored at Site-73 were incorporated into SCP-6805 society.

Society and Culture: Although superficially resembling a Foundation Site, decades of isolation has resulted in SCP-6805 developing its own culture, often with values directly antithetical to the Foundation’s own. A brief summary of SCP-6805’s most notable social/cultural traits are listed below:

  • As noted in the Description, SCP-6805 actively utilizes anomalous phenomena to ensure its continued survival. Residents of SCP-6805 regard “skips” as equal members of society and find the concept of “Secure, Contain, Protect” illogical. Former personnel resident in SCP-6805 argue that their Foundation equivalents failed in their original mission and that no universe exists to “protect” from anomalies outside of SCP-6805.
  • Owing to its origins and function, residents of SCP-6805 often come from dramatically different backgrounds. They typically embrace a combination of their home universe’s culture and that of SCP-6805. For example: although taste in music varies widely among the population, nearly all residents consider the song Refugee by the baseline band Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers to be the unofficial “anthem” of SCP-6805.
  • The leaders of SCP-6805 do not give any deference to former Foundation leaders found among refugee populations. Evacuees who were members of an O5 Council (or approximate equivalent) are instead closely scrutinized, frequently reminded that they are expected to treat humanoid anomalies with respect, and prohibited by local law from holding administrative positions within SCP-6805.
  • The government of SCP-6805 consists of officials (referred to as administrators) who are directly elected in a community-wide vote that occurs every five years. These administrators then choose the “Administrator of Safehold”, who acts as the executive of SCP-6805. Voting is compulsory and a significant social stigma exists against the small number of nonvoters.
  • The economic structure of SCP-6805 escapes easy definition. All residents are required to contribute to the maintenance and function of SCP-6805 via 15-20 hours of mandatory labor each week; food, clothing and basic accommodations are given to all residents in return. However, the large amount of anomalous objects in the possession of individual residents has created a complicated gray market. Private enterprise resulting from this anomalous activity is generally unregulated, as the social safety net guaranteed by the administration of SCP-6805 is perceived to provide sufficient protection from exploitation and abuse. In extreme cases, the administration of SCP-6805 will confiscate anomalous objects, although this has only occurred twice in its history.
  • Over time, residents of SCP-6805 have placed greater importance on its identity as a separate and distinct entity from the Foundation. As a result, the Memorandum of Understanding negotiated between the SCP-6805 administration and various Foundation-equivalents has become a source of increasing controversy. A minority of citizens have been vocally advocating for a referendum on overturning the Memorandum of Understanding; however, it continues to receive plurality support among SCP-6805 residents on the basis that Evacuations are both an important moral responsibility and a source of new inhabitants.

Addendum 6805.A: SCP-6805 Serpent’s Hand Encounter: During the Universe 5872 Evacuation Event, a member of the Group of Interest “Serpent’s Hand” was discovered to have been taken into SCP-6805 along with the small number of civilians rescued from that universe. The member (designated PoI-6805-A) reacted extremely negatively to the existence of SCP-6805 and was subsequently killed when he attempted to resist detainment upon revealing his Library affiliation. A transcript of the surveillance tape which recorded PoI-6805-A’s actions has been provided by the administration of SCP-6805 to the Foundation, and is reproduced below. Containment Procedures have been updated to prohibit members of the Serpent’s Hand from learning of SCP-6805’s existence.

[PoI-6805-A moves away from the recently arrived group of Universe 5872 civilians and approaches an SCP-6805 administrator. He is visibly angry.]

PoI-6805-A: This place should not exist!

SCP-6805 administrator: Excuse me?

PoI-6805-A: This…”Safehold”…is an affront to the Library. How dare you attempt to escape the end of your stories!

SCP-6805 administrator [aware of SCP-6805-A’s affiliation and now also visibly angry as a result]: We didn’t want our “story” to end. You killed billions of people to feed your library. We did what we had to.

PoI-6805-A: The arrogance! [pause] We did not kill them. All realities must come to an end. It is the way of the Library and the way of the universe. It is not death any more then closing a book is death-

SCP-6805 administrator: If you didn't kill them, then where's my daughter? And my wife, and my sister?

PoI-6805-A: They and their lives may be found in the Library. Why can't you see that?

SCP-6805 administrator: Enough with the euphemisms, you fucking murderer! [turns to several nearby long-term residents] He's with the Library! Help me detain him!

PoI-6805-A: Stay back!

[PoI-6805-A violently resists detainment and attempts to fight off the SCP-6805 residents with a previously-hidden combat knife. He suffers a mortal stab wound in the process. Before he expires, audio analysis of the surveillance footage and eyewitness testimony indicates he said the following:]

PoI-6805-A: You can’t [pause] escape [pause] the end of [pause] your stories. We will find [pause] this place. [pause] We will close your books.

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