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Item#: 6803
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


An instance of SCP-6803-A. Distance not to scale.

Special Containment Procedures: The effects of SCP-6803 are not harmful to the general public. As such, there is currently no need to censor SCP-6803-A instances. Similarly, SCP-6803-B require no containment beyond amnestization of civilian observers in the unlikely event of observation.

However, all staff that qualify into one or both of the following criteria are to receive inoculant OH-16 every four months. Criteria is as follows:

  • Individuals who have received memetic inoculation level 6 or higher.
  • Individuals who have received cognitohazardous inoculation level 4 or higher.


>Scanning reader for memetic inoculation level 6 or higher
>Status: Negative
>Scanning reader for cognitohazardous inoculation level 4 or higher
>Status: Postive
>Proceed to OH-16 inoculation scan
>Scanning reader for OH-16 inoculation
>Status: Positive
>Calculating last administration
>123 days ago

Description: SCP-6803 is a cognitohazard present in instances of media which visually depict planet Earth as it is seen from orbit. Such instances are henceforth designated SCP-6803-A.

SCP-6803 manifests specifically on images and videos which have been recorded 10.7 km above the surface of planet Earth in which said surface is visible. Notably, 10.7 km is the minimum height at which the curvature of the Earth is first noticeable; given the observer has a field of view of more than 60° degrees available and visual meteorological conditions are optimal.

There is no defined maximum distance from Earth at which manifestation of SCP-6803 in recordings ceases. Instead, the strength of the cognitohazard diminishes as the topological features of the planet become less recognizable. The effect similarly diminishes in SCP-6803-A instances which are blurry or if the surface is partially obscured. The effect remains if the images are edited as long as the planet remains iconographically recognizable.


An instance of SCP-6803-A taken during the Apollo 11 mission.

Under usual circumstances SCP-6803 has no noticeable external effects on humans exposed to it. However, neurological scanning reveals activity consistent with exposure to a level 1 cognitohazard as well as anomalous memetic transmission.

The effects caused by exposure to SCP-6803-A instances become less predictable on humans who have received extensive memetic or cognitohazardous inoculation. Therefore, the risk class for these specific individuals upgrades from Notice to Critical. Upon exposure to an SCP-6803-A instance, subjects may become affected by a Columbus-class event. During said event, subjects are translocated to an orbit anywhere between 10,000 to 100,000 km from the surface of planet Earth. They are henceforth designated an SCP-6803-B instance. Clothes and jewelry remain in place after demanifestation however internal implants do not, these may later be located close to the instance but are not a part of it.

SCP-6803-B instances continue to orbit Earth indefinitely. Additionally, they are noted to be wearing a spacesuit of undetermined origin and all are deceased due to extensive cranial trauma, the suit however remains undamaged. SCP-6803-B are intangible and as such are undetectable by radar; long range psionic scanning is the only known way to locate them. There are currently 65 known SCP-6803-B instances, with the latest instance being the most notorious. See addendum 6803.1 for details.

All communication with subjects will be lost at the moment of demanifestation. However, upon close observation, the corresponding SCP-6803-B instance will telepathically transmit a single unique phrase repeatedly into the mind of the observer for as long as visual contact is maintained. Examples include:

SCP-6803-B 004: What is wrong with the surface?

SCP-6803-B 042: It’s all so fucked.

SCP-6803-B 063: Huh. I like it more this way.

As no clear pattern for the manifestation of Columbus events has been discovered, extensive use of inoculant OH-16 has been approved by 05 order. Research into the exact triggers of such events is still ongoing, as is research into the memetic aspect of SCP-6803.

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