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SCP-6802 exploring Site-64 during a seeking state.

Item Number: 6802

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6802 is to be contained in a standard animal containment cell, and be provided standard-grade dog kibble twice a day. SCP-6802 may be provided with a low-sodium broth as reward for good behavior. Once a month, a trained pet groomer should trim SCP-6802's fur and claws, with assistance from a handler.

Upon entering a seeking state, a Junior Researcher is assigned to accompany SCP-6802. If no staff are on call for SCP-6802's seeking state, the nearest willing staff member of site is asked to fulfill the role. During a seeking state, SCP-6802 has access to much of the site, including the public dormitories, cafeteria, and kitchen; a full list is available in Document 6802-B.

Caches of 300 liter barrels should be placed around Site 18 in safe areas. For enrichment purposes, they should be shuffled regularly.

Description: SCP-6802 is a large dog, most closely resembling a golden retriever. It wears a green harness and attached leash which is superficially similar to those of service dogs used by handicapped individuals, proclaiming SCP-6802 to be a "SOUP DOG". Research has shown no such division has ever been classified by the Americans with Disabilities Act, Britain's Equality Act of 2010, New Zealand's Dog Control Act 1996, or any other such political body. While the harness may be removed via traditional means, this appears to cause SCP-6802 emotional distress and has been forbidden outside of testing.

SCP-6802 behaves like a non-anomalous dog until it enters a seeking state, which occurs randomly approximately 3-4 times a week. During a seeking state, SCP-6802 seems to be in a state of considerable duress, often pacing, whining, and barking for attention. Upon viewing SCP-6802, individuals will universally perceive SCP-6802 as "wanting soup". The individual will attempt to take hold of SCP-6802's leash and walk with it to find soup, prioritizing the safety of SCP-6802, themselves, and obtaining soup, in that order. The seeking state will continue until SCP-6802 locates soup in a form and temperature that is consumable.

Upon finding soup, SCP-6802 will begin forcefully inhaling it at intake speeds of up to 100 liters a second, approximately the rate of an average commercial fire hose. Upon consuming the soup, SCP-6802 will re-enter a seeking state, continuing until it has inhaled a total of approximately 120 liters of soup. At this point, it will return to normal behavior and can be escorted back to its containment cell.

If left in a seeking state, SCP-6802's need for soup will increase over time, eventually attempting containment breaches to obtain soup. The strength with which observers are compelled to help it also increases, eventually leading to SCP-6802 becoming a Class-4 memetic hazard after approximately 3 hours of an unattended seeking state.

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