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Once the hatch in the Omni Bot's side was open, the mech was sprayed with hundred-year-old dust and a partially eaten forearm that was crammed inside. Had he booted up at any other time in history, he probably wouldn't have gagged. Unfortunately for Jalick, this was not any other time in history, and he gagged at the sight of the dismembered limb.

Was it even possible for mechs to gag?

Jalick shook his head, trying not to process the totally legitimate biological process that just occurred. With his index finger and second thumb, the mech picked up the limb by the wrist and tossed it to the ground without a second thought. He shuddered.

"You about done?" Sophia's grave voice said, crossing her spindly arms that didn't look that far off from the limb Jalick just threw at her feet.

Jalick rubbed the back of his head, "S-sorry. I didn't realize-"

"Of course you didn't, arsehole," Sophia said before jabbing him in the shoulder, "I'm just messing with you, mech. Don't get your gears ground up."

The Promethean moved closer to Jalick, closer than anyone other than Venti had ever been to him. There was a strange sensation in his chest compartment, like something inside of him was heating up for no apparent reason. Where was the danger?

"You mind?" She asked, gesturing at the Omni Bot's hatch.

"N-no," The mech said, stepping to the side.

The screen hidden beneath the Omni Bot's hatch had a faint, electric blue glow that covered Sophia when she was close enough to press her finger against it. It hummed and buzzed like old machinery starting up for the first time in years. Still felt warm to the touch.

And it felt familiar.

Sophia looked over her shoulder at Jalick, who was now in front of the Omni Bot. His head was tilted up to meet the massive machine's optic sensors. The Omni Bot's optics were flickering on and off in a rhythm she couldn't understand. Jalick must have been able to though because he was doing the same thing back at it. The wind spirit that she saw with him tried to get his attention, but Jalick was in a trance.

The Promethean felt a pang of worry build in what was left of her chest before Jalick snapped out of it. He looked a bit dazed, his balance suddenly off. He shook his head and stared at Sophia, who stared back. He looked at the Omni Bot, then back at Sophia.

"He says his name is Angel," Jalick said, pointing at the Omni Bot, "kind of ironic, huh? Big ol death machine named Angel?"

Sophia shrugged, "It has a nice ring to it."

"Angel says that the Found-a-shun called him Esse P 6801. Ring any bells?"

Sophia thought for a moment, then gave a terse, "No."

Of course, she had heard of the Foundation before. Part of her knew that she knew what they were quite well, but she couldn't remember why she knew that. Another part of her told her to keep that information a secret.

Once Jalick began communicating with the Omni Bot again, Sophia turned to the screen and entered credentials she didn't know that she had. A file appeared, titled "SCP-6801".

After a final glance in Jalick's direction, Sophia began reading.

Link To Guide
Clearance Level 4: Clearance
Containment Class: esoteric
Secondary Class: thaumiel
Disruption Class: #/vlam
Risk Class: #/notice

Special Containment Procedures

As SCP-6801 utilizes nuclear fission as its primary fuel source, seventeen tons of Uranium 234 have been supplied to Site-18 and are to remain secured in a lead-lined vault in the fourteenth sublevel of the facility. SCP-6801 is only to be refueled once all significant energy reserves have been depleted. These reserves are depleted when insufficient wattage is available to carry out specific or advanced functions, such as containment of Keter-Class anomalies, the stabilization of local reality, and the neutralization of threatening reality benders. SCP-6801 is capable of file storage, performing basic maintenance, and surveillance tasks without the need to refuel.


SCP-6801 is the Mark III Optimum Mobile Containment & Neutralization Inquisitor, a humanoid automaton constructed by Sophia Light in May of 2021 in order to aid in the containment of anomalies. SCP-6801 is able to be remotely controlled through the use of a genetic telepathy-based empathetic sensory detail transmitter (G-TBESDT), which is embedded within the wrist and allows for the wearer to command SCP-6801 from an indefinite range.

SCP-6801 is equipped with numerous tools that aid it in the containment, and neutralization, of anomalies, including [DATA CORRUPTED], an omnidirectional concentrated gamma radiation projectile, [DATA CORRUPTED], [DATA CORRUPTED], advanced target identification software, impalement instruments, [DATA CORRUPTED], and GPS tracking. The utilization of more lethal instruments is under review by the Ethics Committee.

Construction of additional instances of SCP-6801 is awaiting Overseer approval.

Missive from Director Light

As I'm sure you're all aware, we are well and truly fucked.

The Maxwellists are [DATA CORRUPTED] in New York and you know it. To that end, the folks down in Robotics and me have come up with a plan to stop the spread of [DATA CORRUPTED] before it becomes a city-wide or country-wide threat.

Meet, the OMCNI Bot. Yes, I know the acronym is a nightmare. An entire city is going to be destroyed in [DATA CORRUPTED], get over yourselves.

The OMCNI Bot is the most advanced autonomous containment unit the Foundation has ever conceived. Powered by nuclear fission (don't worry about it), this fifteen-meter tall goliath is more than capable of putting even the hardest-hitting gods down and out for the count. And that's just its physical strength! We've manufactured this thing with the best, and I mean the best containment equipment money can buy. It's virtually indestructible!

[DATA CORRUPTED]. The OMCNI Bot has a Mark IV Hume Stabilization Device built into its chest cavity. It does not get any more real than when you're in the proximity of the OMCNI Bot.

Those [DATA CORRUPTED] that have been attacking New York? The OMCNI Bot has [DATA CORRUPTED].




We have no idea what they're fully capable of. And we don't know what the future holds. This can be the fix-all solution for everything. Shouldn't we be prepared?

~S. Light

Sophia Light recoiled as she finished scanning the first paragraphs of the document. The Omni Bot tilted its head at her, switching its light from blue to orange. The great machine extended one of its spiny hands to the Promethean, and she wrapped herself around its finger. She let out a long sigh, nuzzling her head into the metal creature like a child would do to its parent.

Except now they knew for certain that the roles were reversed.

Light looked up at the Omni Bot, her undead eyes locking with its optic sensors. Then she looked at Jalick, who stood there awkwardly with his hands at his side, kicking at the dirt underneath him.

"So…" The mech sheepishly began, "What'd it say?"

"I definitely built it," Light began, her gaze now examining the Omni Bot's torso and legs, "First paragraph in the SCP document confirms that. Or at least someone with my name built him a long time ago but considering my um," She paused, now examining the backs of her hands, "Status, I doubt that there was someone else named Sophia Light working at the Foundation pre-Calamity."

"Oh," Jalick replied, unsure of himself, "So that's good right?"

"I don't know. It still doesn't say anything about how I came back. I have no idea what the Rejuvenation Project is either."

"Rejuvenation Project?"

"Yeah," Sophia said, pointing at the screen, "It says right here that- "

But as the Promethean looked back at the screen to show Jalick where she'd read about the Rejuvenation Project, she realized it wasn't there. Careful eyes scanned each line of the document, each symbol, and scrambled mess of corrupted code.

But nothing about the Rejuvenation Project was there.

"It was… right?" She looked at Jalick, whose side-ways tilted head told Sophia that he was just as confused as she was. She scratched her head, sending flakes of dried skin into the breeze.

A force she couldn't see snatched those flakes and flew them directly into Jalick's optics.

"…Damn you Venti." The mech said.

Why wasn't it there?

The Mekhanist Invasion

Following the release of SCP-████ and SCP-████-A by Maxwellist administrator, Agnar Kelly, the entirety of Greene County, New York, has been evacuated. Efforts to restore the country are underway. SCP-6801 has been deployed following the approval of O5-2 to contain or exterminate residual threats in the area. Despite the catastrophic damage done to Greene County's residential areas and its surrounding forests, it is expected to support human habitation again within the year. All known residents have been administered Type D amnestics and supplied with Cover Story 77 ("Water Contamination") to explain the sudden relocation.

Despite the success in [DATA CORRUPTED] heavy environmental destruction is present, and civilian casualties are estimated to be in the thousands. A full list of Foundation casualties has been attached to this document. The Ethics Committee has approved repurposing several eligible corpses for the Rejuvenation Project. Project details are disseminated at the discretion of Lead Researcher Amelia Kidwell.

Partial List of Eligible Cadavers

  • Doctor Elijah Character | The Department of Human Resources
  • Nuwalsh Cal Ecro | Undersecretary of the Department of Accountancy
  • Ciara Fern | Undersecretary of the Department of Accountancy
  • Doctor Henry James Alexander Fullham | Department of Nomenclative Research
  • Researcher Marcelles D. Raynes | Site-83 Lead Researcher
  • Director Sophia Light | Director of Site-18


Interview Dr. Forza Hapyeas

Interviewer: Researcher Umar Hadid

Interviewed: Dr. Forza Hapyeas

Foreward: Researcher Hadid was tasked with interviewing Dr. Hapyeas to determine the progress made on the Rejuvenation Project at the behest of O5-2, who was [DATA CORRUPTED]. Hadid's intent was to confirm that progress was [DATA CORRUPTED], and Foundation funds were not being needlessly spent.

<Begin Log>

Hadid: State your name for the record, please.

Hapyeas: Forza Hapyeas, Ph.D.

Hadid: Cool. So, Forza- [He chuckles, the coughs and regains composure], I'm sure you know why you're here. Why are we both here?

Hapyeas: You can tell O5-2 that the project has made significant headway since its conception and early development.

Hadid: Mhmm. And just how many of the Mekhanist invasions in New York have you and your team successfully revitalized?

Hapyeas: We use the term Rejuvenated.

Hadid: I don't give a fuck what you call it. Has. It. Worked?

[Hapyeas looks down at his hands for several seconds and clears his throat.]

Hapyeas: Not yet.

Hadid: A little louder, please.

Hapyeas: Damn it, man, I said not yet! These things take time, and the New York invasion has set us back at least four months. I've told this to O5-2 already. Both of you need to have some patience while I literally figure out how to defy the laws of nature. Do you know how hard this is?

Hadid: Make it work.

Hapyeas: Is that you or the O5 talking, Hadid?

Hadid: I lost someone I really care about in New York. Please, Forza. Make this work.


<End Log>

Rejuvenation Project Trials

Several tests were performed on volunteered viable cadavers following permission granted from the Ethics Committee. The purpose of these tests was to isolate the spectral phenomenon required to allow for stable Rejuvenation to occur. Previous attempts at revitalizing the deceased had only worked in minimal capacity; the undead was incapable of speech and extremely incompetent, only able to perform rudimentary tasks at 15% efficiency compared to a living person. Stable Rejuvenation would eliminate all deficits of standard Foundation resurrection techniques.

Subject #: 001 - Elijah Character
Experiment: Subject was administered 50cc of mycelium phosphate1 in addition to an instance of SCP-████.
Results: Subject's body decomposed at an accelerated rate.
Notes: I don't understand. This compound was capable of reanimating skeletal structures to perform tasks with extreme precision. There are no variables between our previous tests and this one. What the hell is going on?

Subject #: 002 - Thomas Payne
Experiment: Subject was administered 100cc of mycelium phosphate in addition to being soaked in a liquid solute of 50% diluted sodium and 50% concentrated spectral essence.
Results: Subject's body reanimated briefly before liquifying.
Notes: We're getting somewhere. Perhaps the key lays within the spectral essence. But there's so little of it available… There must be a more reliable way to replicate these effects.

Subject #: 050 - Marcelles Raynes
Experiment: Subject's corpse was exposed to Eighth Level transhumanist thaumatological practices for twenty consecutive hours.
Results: Subject's body spoke the words: "Let me out of here" before disintergrating completely.
Notes: God damn it. We're close. This close to getting it right. I just need a little more time.

Subject #: 099 - Sophia Light
Experiment: Subject was exposed to SCP-447.
Notes: Fuck.

Interrogation Dr. Forza Hapyeas

Interrogator: O5-2

Interviewed: Doctor Forza Hapyeas

Foreward: The interview was conducted in order to ascertain if any significant progress has been made on the Rejuvenation Project over the last four months. As SCP-6801 began showing signs of deviant behavior, such as unnecessary destruction of humanoid anomalies and Foundation property, regaining control over the anomaly through the use of Sophia Light has been established as an Alpha Level Priority.

<Begin Log>

O5-2: I need answers and I need them yesterday. Explain the delay.

Hapyeas: T-the um, the soul, ma'am, it-

O5-2: The soul?

Hapyeas: Y-yes. We've encountered a unique spectral phenomenon across all trial runs of the Rejuvenation Project. In all previous cases, from Raynes to [DATA CORRUPTED] and everyone in between, we've encountered something and o-our evidence suggests that it's probably the um, the soul.

O5-2: What's the issue, Forza?

Hapyeas: See, the other people that died in the invasion, their corpses have been a virtual Christmas festival of spectral activity. Judging by the patterns in [DATA CORRUPTED], almost all of them wanted to come back. All of them except for Light.

O5-2: So you're saying that she doesn't want to come back to our side of things?

Hapyeas: Yes ma'am.

[ There is silence for several seconds. A metallic bang is heard, followed by Hapyeas gasping. ]

O5-2: Fuck. 6801 is getting out of control, and you're telling me our only way to contain it has failed?

[ An alarm blares. The room's containment breach emergency light activates. A loud banging is heard on the other side of the door. Muffled gunfire and commands are audible. After several seconds there are screams. The screams are abruptly cut off when a wet-sounding noise is produced. ]

O5-2: Get it under control, Forza. Now!

Hapyeas: I-

[ There is a crash. Then silence. ]

<End Log>

Sophia looked at the Omni Bot, who looked back at her with the same stone-cold indifference it always had. The giant machine was not known for its wide variety of facial expressions.

She almost bothered to ask Jalick if he could talk to the Omni Bot for her but decided against it. Something about never asking questions about someone, or something's, past seemed like an appropriate attitude for her. It was a rule that she didn't realize she cherished, and one that she certainly did not want to break just yet. After all, it's only fair that immortals start questioning you as soon as you started questioning them.

Instead, she said nothing. The memories from a past that the Promethean once lived had collected in the deeper wells of her mind, where they would lay for the rest of her undeath. Sophia looked at the final uncorrupted text of the SCP document and powered the machine down. Then she sealed the hatch and walked away from it, and away from the woman she used to be.

The Promethean felt the gentle touch of the Omni Bot's spikey metal finger on her back. Jalick wore a half-cocked smile like he was trying to tell her something embarrassing but couldn't bring himself to, and Venti did what she could to bring dirt and debris in his face to disrupt whatever striking pose the mech might have been making in his mind.

Sophia smiled. Sophia laughed.

Personal Journal of Forza Hapyeas

Sophia Light is alive again.

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