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Item No: SCP-6795

Containment Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation Artificially Intelligent Conscript Luthor.aic is to search pacer.gov1 for any documents claiming to have been submitted by "Jarndyce and Jennings". Any detected documents are to be removed, with affected persons being administered Level-2 cognitohazard inoculation and relevant memory alteration.

SCP-6795-1 instances are stored in the Site-26 Anomalous Document Storage Wing. Should PENTAGRAM2 be suspected of having resumed the distribution of SCP-6795, Mobile Task Force Mu-7 ("Fifth Columnists")3 is to disseminate SCP-6795-1 instances throughout the government of the United States of America. Dissemination is to also occur should any mention be made within PENTAGRAM of Project Umbra's continued existence.

Following dissemination, the Global Occult Coalition is to be informed of PENTAGRAM's continued support of Project Umbra, which will result in PENTAGRAM's immediate expulsion from the Global Occult Coalition's Council of 1084.

Description: SCP-6795 is a visually cognitohazardous collection of phrases and images present within several documents filed through the US court system, submitted by the fictional law firm "Jarndyce and Jennings". SCP-6795's presence within a legal document results in slight antimemetic effects, causing non-inoculated persons to display excessive apathy towards the lawsuit, neglecting to carry out work related to the lawsuit and eventually forgetting about the lawsuit's existence.

SCP-6795-1 instances are SCP-6795 instances adapted by the Foundation to only affect employees of the US government. SCP-6795-1 instances exhibit similar effects to SCP-6795, but will result in affected persons becoming unable to undertake any work related to the US government.

Discovery: On 1998-09-13, the Artificial Intelligence Applications Division completed the development of Luthor.aic, designed for the detection of textual anomalies within the US court system. It subsequently began analysis of all documents filed through the US court system from 1900-02-07 to 1995-05-21, resulting in the discovery of SCP-6795.

Selected Lawsuits Affected By SCP-6795:

Plaintiff(s) Defendant(s) Reason Date Filed
Rachel Lentworth Gladius Defences Illegally placed landmines in Angolan battlefields, resulting in 250 deaths 1994-07-12
Joseph Elderman Bellum Group Illegal testing of chemical weapons on crop fields in Illinois 1986-03-09
Anthony Roseheart Leyte Gulf Incorporated Refusal to pay 50 hours of overtime 1972-10-26
The town of Corydon, Indiana Shiloh-Pittsburgh Corporation Repeated illegal dumping of sewage in the nearby river, resulting in severe harm to people's health 1962-05-10

Due to its potential effects on the US court system, the discovery of SCP-6795 was disclosed to PENTAGRAM during the 1998 October meeting, as required under the Garfield-Arthur Agreement5.

Date: 1998-10-27

Persons Present:

  • Dr Enoch Collard, Foundation Representative
  • Aaron Davis, PENTAGRAM Representative

<Begin Log>

[45 minutes of conversation omitted for brevity.]

Collard: Right, if that's everything about the Washington incident, let's move on the last part of the agenda.

Davis: The cognitohazard you discovered, right?

Collard: Right. Now it is under our jurisdiction, as per our agreements. However, the widespread nature of the cognitohazard means that my superiors have suggested that we deal with this together.

Davis: How many cases are affected?

Collard: We don't know the full extent, but we've discovered 300 so far.

Davis: That doesn't seem too bad. Tell you what, I think PENTAGRAM can handle this.

Collard: I'll have to see what Overseer Command say, but it's unlikely they'll agree. Anything else?

Davis: Nothing else.

Collard: OK, I think that declares our meeting over.

<End Log>

Following brief deliberations, Overseer Command voted to deny the transfer of SCP-6795 to PENTAGRAM custody but allowed PENTAGRAM to receive regular updates on SCP-6795 research.

On 1999-02-27, the Memetics and Cognitohazards Division manufactured an inoculant effective against the effects of SCP-6795. The Foundation informed PENTAGRAM of this development and requested permission to distribute the inoculant to exposed civilians6.

On 1999-03-01, PENTAGRAM requested a meeting to discuss the Foundation's actions in regards to SCP-6795 containment.

Date: 1999-03-03

Persons Present:

  • Dr Enoch Collard, Foundation Representative
  • Aaron Davis, PENTAGRAM Representative

<Begin Log>

Collard: We're recording now.

Davis: About your inoculation request, what do you think you're doing? We can't just have American citizens being your guinea pigs.

Collard: Aaron, we sent you our test results, and we showed that the inoculant has 98% success across age and ethnic groups. No civilians are going to be our guinea pigs. But if you're still worried about testing, then some of your men can come here and ensure the validity of our findings.

Davis: No, Enoch. PENTAGRAM needs control over the testing procedures. We have to ensure the safety of the American public.

Collard: Alright, that's fine. We'll send some of our researchers to you.

Davis: No, I mean, PENTAGRAM needs both SCP-6795 and the inoculant in its custody to ensure valid testing. It's something that's affecting American citizens, so it's in our domain. Garfield-Arthur clearly allows us oversight if we believe it necessary for public safety.

Collard: The agreement also says you need to provide proof that our procedures are a threat to the public. What proof do you have? Look, either your people come to us or we come to you, but the anomaly stays under Foundation control.

Davis: We're not asking for a moon base here, Enoch. If you won't give us custody, then give us your inoculant for testing. Hell, if you won't do that, give us your raw testing data at least.

Collard: We'll agree with the data transfer, but the inoculant stays with us. Either PENTAGRAM joins us in treating this anomaly or we'll do it alone. Is that everything?

Davis: For now, I suppose.

Collard: Alright. Meeting over.

<End Log>

Following analysis of the testing data, PENTAGRAM denied approval for the inoculant's distribution. No reasoning was provided.


On 1999-08-18, Mobile Task Force Epsilon-6 were searching for SCP-939 instances within Platte County, Wyoming. Epsilon-6 encountered members of the National Guard and were arrested due to their illegal presence in the area and their ownership of unlicensed firearms. PENTAGRAM were notified and a meeting was demanded to negotiate the return of the MTF members.

Date: 1999-08-23

Persons Present:

  • Dr Enoch Collard, Foundation Representative
  • Aaron Davis, PENTAGRAM Representative

<Begin Log>

Collard: I think this is very simple, we just want our people returned. We can assist with any subsequent amnestication of law enforcement.

Davis: That's sounds great, but we'll need to negotiate some concessions.

Collard: What makes you think you can demand concessions?

Davis: Firstly, your MTF were engaged in an anomaly-securing mission on federal land, which is under our jurisdiction. You didn't notify us of the mission which, may I remind you, is one of your responsibilities under Garfield-Arthur.

Collard: And, as I've said, we're very sorry for that. The mission was put together very quickly as we felt there was a high risk to human life.

Davis: Well, I appreciate your desire to protect civilians. I think we can negotiate something amenable to both sides. Our current suggestions are for you to take over containment for the Ohio laboratory, sharing containment of the whale in Yosemite and for SCP-6795 to be transferred to PENTAGRAM's custody.

Collard: So that's what this was all about? You wanting custody of our inoculant?

Davis: Enoch, we just want to make sure it isn't a danger to the public. We want to control this anomaly just as much as you do.

Collard: You've had months to do that. We managed to create an inoculant nearly half a year ago, but you apparently haven't gotten anywhere? Bullshit! I don't know what you're planning but we're not giving you anything.

Davis: We're not planning anything. What do you think we are, terrorists?

Collard: Terrorists? We gave you the data, as requested. We've repeatedly offered for you to come to our site and watch the tests. Our only condition has been that our work isn't going to just be transferred to PENTAGRAM. We're your friends here Aaron, don't make us your enemies.

Davis: Enoch, my superiors are breathing down my neck about this. They're worried about how many instances of this thing that you've been finding. What is it now, 900? Something this big, PENTAGRAM needs to be in control of distribution to prevent potential sabotage. For all we know, this could be an enemy attack on the USA!

Collard: Yes, we know that. That's why we wanted to deal with this together, two groups means there's less chance of an enemy agent sabotaging everything. Don't you agree?

Davis: Maybe I do, but my superiors don't. If that's your final decision, I suppose this meeting's over.

Collard: We don't seem to be getting anywhere. Meeting over.

<End Log>

From 1999-08-26 to 1999-12-09, a series of raids by the US government caused the interruption of 6 missions, the loss of 9 anomalies and the closure of 11 Foundation shell companies. 53 personnel were arrested on charges of money laundering and possession of unlicensed firearms. Attempts to contact PENTAGRAM to negotiate were ignored.


On 2000-01-03, Mu-7 operative Agent Josephine Randolph contacted Site-11, requesting to speak with Dr Enoch Collard concerning PENTAGRAM's recent operations.

Date: 2000-01-03

Persons On Call:

  • Dr Enoch Collard
  • Agent Josephine Randolph, Mu-7 Operative stationed within the FBI's Unusual Incidents Unit

<Begin Log>

Collard: Josephine, why are you calling from an unsecure line? What did you need to talk to me about?

Randolph: Right, I don't have much time so, firstly, do you have any idea why PENTAGRAM is starting a war against us?

Collard: They're starting a war?

Randolph: So you don't know either, great. Look, they took me and a bunch of other UIU people off all our cases and transferred us to monitor Foundation activity near Site-11.

Collard: Couldn't you have told us this through a dead drop?

Randolph: Can't, they're keeping us all under tight restrictions in case of a mole. I checked that there weren't any listening devices here, so I should be safe. But I overheard what some PENTAGRAM guys were saying and, apparently, they're trying to stop us from finding out about some project they have going. I tried searching the name in the UIU database but everything's been wiped clean, nothing left.

Collard: What's the project's name?

Randolph: Umbra.

Collard: Josephine, are you sure? It was Umbra, not penumbra or umbrella, definitely Umbra?

Randolph: Yes, I'm sure.

Collard: Right, screw your cover. It's probably been blown anyway if you searched for Umbra. Get over to Site-11. Now!

Randolph: Why? What's so bad about Umbra?

Collard: It should be dead.

<End Log>

Overseer Command were immediately informed of the possibility of Project Umbra's continued existence. The Department of Advanced Diplomacy was ordered to ascertain the veracity of Agent Josephine Randolph's claims and, if necessary, to create a method of dealing with Project Umbra's continued existence.

Department Of Advanced Diplomacy Analysis


Item No: SCP-6795

Containment Class: Safe

Project Head: Dr Enoch Collard

Description: SCP-6795 is a visually cognitohazardous collection of images and phrases, centred around the fictional law firm "Jarndyce and Jennings". SCP-6795 induces a state of lethargy and symptoms of amnesia in those who view it, resulting in them neglecting and forgetting about the lawsuit. These symptoms can be combatted with Foundation Level-2 cognitohazard inoculation.

History: Following the events of the First World War, and the advances in anomalous warfare throughout the conflict, President Woodrow Wilson charged PENTAGRAM with the creation and testing of anomalous weaponry to ensure American safety in any future conflict.

These attempts were hampered by the President's refusal to allow these tests to occur near American citizens. As such, PENTAGRAM attempted to procure suitable land outside the United States, eventually finding suitable areas within South America through agreements with the Brazilian and Argentinian governments.

Project Umbra was created by PENTAGRAM during the late 1920s, focusing on the production and large-scale dissemination of antimemetic cognitohazards throughout South America to prevent local people from leaking confidential military information. These cognitohazards caused those exposed to exhibit increased mental unwillingness to consciously observe and admit to the existence of the anomalous.

Project Umbra was extremely successful, allowing PENTAGRAM unfettered access to the majority of rural South America. However, during the Second World War weapons projects greatly expanded in number and scope, increasing from 27 in 1938 to 204 in 1943. Lax security protocols during testing resulted in several biological anomalies being accidentally released, causing the deaths of at least 1,500 civilians who were unable to recognise any imminent threat to their health.

The heightened presence of anomalous activity also caused increased strain on the mental states of the surrounding civilians. The effects of this were not immediately apparent, however, resulted in the deaths of over 100,000 civilians from 1943 to 1969, due to anomalously degenerative mental illnesses, believed to be due to overexposure to untested cognitohazards.

Following the end of the Second World War and the concurrent Seventh Occult War, Foundation resources were able to be rededicated towards the active discovery and containment of anomalies. Following several reports of the unexplained presence of American troops within South America, Overseer Command approved the creation of OPERATION BURNING EYE, dedicated to the infiltration of PENTAGRAM by Mobile Task Force Mu-7 and their procurement of any information concerning South American activities. This resulted in the discovery of Project Umbra and its deleterious effects on the population of South America.

Due to their potential global effects, these findings were shared with the Global Occult Coalition. The Foundation and the Global Occult Coalition issued a joint proclamation to PENTAGRAM, ordering them to cease all activities in South America and permanently end Project Umbra. PENTAGRAM was also informed that their membership of the Global Occult Coalition's Council of 108 was dependent on them assisting the Foundation and the Global Occult Coalition in treating the effects of Project Umbra.

PENTAGRAM quickly agreed to these demands and they declared Project Umbra as decommissioned on 1954-07-16.

On 2000-01-03, Mu-7 operative Josephine Randolph contacted the Foundation, claiming the continued existence of Project Umbra. The operative was taken into Foundation custody to ensure her continued safety and confirm her statements' truthfulness.

Analysis: Mnestic interrogation has confirmed the veracity of Josephine Randolph's statements. Coupled with PENTAGRAM's abnormal activities over the last year, including their illegal arrest of over 50 Foundation personnel, it is the view of the Department of Advanced Diplomacy that PENTAGRAM has either restarted Project Umbra within the last 40 years, or Project Umbra was never decommissioned as originally claimed.

The range of SCP-6795 also confirms our findings. So far, SCP-6795 has been confirmed within 1,500 lawsuits, spread across the United States and filed from 1960 to 1994. However, affected lawsuits have only been filed against 6 companies, all of which are military contractors known to be active in anomalous military research. This supports the conclusion that SCP-6795 was created to protect military contractors and prevent the potential leaking of information connected with anomalous weapons development, consistent with the actions of Project Umbra.

It is the Department's firm view that PENTAGRAM will not decommission Project Umbra of its own free will and must be persuaded to do so. Information provided by Mu-7 operatives indicates that President Clinton has an unsavoury view of PENTAGRAM, due to widespread failures in their weapons projects over the last decade, especially their Class-Alpha missiles, which resulted in the deaths of 58 American soldiers and 273 civilians.

It is highly likely that further high-profile and dangerous failures would be sufficient to persuade the President to reorganise PENTAGRAM, allowing for the forced decommissioning of Project Umbra.

PROPOSAL: It is the Department's suggested course of action that an altered version of SCP-6795 should be released to the 72% of government employees without cognitohazard inoculation. The cognitohazard would be disseminated through emails, letters and other correspondance, originating from Mu-7 operatives and Foundation shell companies. This would result in the affected employees becoming unwilling to carry out work related to governmental projects, causing the mass disabling of a large percentage of workers. With careful control of released information, it would be possible to imply the incident to be due to PENTAGRAM's lax security protocols, which resulted in the release of a mutated version of the SCP-6795 cognitohazard.

Following this incident, the Foundation would offer PENTAGRAM assistance in dealing with the cognitohazard. This assistance would be contingent upon the immediate release of arrested personnel, along with all documentation related to Project Umbra being transferred to Foundation control and the subsequent decommissioning of Project Umbra.


  • Intercepted PENTAGRAM Communications, 1947-1952
  • Analysis of Project Umbra, 1948-1951
  • Psychological Profiles of Project Umbra Test Subjects, 1948-1963
  • Fatality Reports of Project Umbra, 1949-1969

Overseer Command Vote Summary:

APPROVED (9-2-2)

Following the approval of the Department of Advanced Diplomacy's method, the Memetics and Cognitohazards Department were assigned to the alteration of the SCP-6795 cognitohazard complex to produce SCP-6795-1, a cognitohazard resistant to the existing Foundation-made inoculant. This was completed on 2000-02-13 with dissemination through Mu-7 beginning on 2000-02-17.

On 2000-03-07, the Foundation granted a meeting request from PENTAGRAM. At this point, approximately 10% of the US government's employees were affected by SCP-6795-1.

Date: 2000-03-08

Persons Present:

  • Dr Enoch Collard, Foundation Representative
  • General Isaac Malcolms, PENTAGRAM Director of Negotiations

<Begin Log>

Collard: General Malcolms, what did you want with us? Some more illegal arrests?

Malcolms: We've been wanting to speak with you about some alarming developments concerning SCP-6795.

Collard: What developments would these be?

Malcolms: Stop this stupid act, Collard! The ones you caused! The ones that have hurt nearly half a million American citizens.

Collard: Ah, those developments! You should be more specific General. I almost thought you meant the developments you'd been making over the last 40 years with Project Umbra.

Malcolms: You're all insane! Umbra was decommissioned before I even entered the Army. You're talking about a corpse, Collard, a corpse your Foundation killed.

Collard: More of a zombie, General. We know Umbra is still active and we know you've been using it to protect all your friends. Those wonderful contractors, all with one of your Army friends on their board.

Malcolms: I'm not going to sit here, listening to your baseless accusations any longer!

Collard: You're a rubbish liar General. But a highly respected one. Anyway, we'll see what the President says about all this.

Malcolms: Talking to the President? After you attacked the American government?

Collard: Is there a problem here, General?

Malcolms: Let me make this clear Collard, you deliberately released a dangerous cognitohazard to infect American civilians. That's an act of war. You think you can walk into the Oval Office and have a nice chat with the President after something like that?

Collard: Hah! It's funny, you talking about releasing dangerous cognitohazards. Especially considering that's what PENTAGRAM has been doing for the past 40, no, 70 years. You've been infecting your own citizens for years, and you're lecturing us about this. Incredible.

Malcolms: Again with Umbra! I can't say it enough times, can I? Umbra is gone, we shut it down in the 50s. Because of you and the GOC.

Collard: Then explain how one of our agents overheard PENTAGRAM's agents talking about how you needed to stop us finding out about Project Umbra. Explain how the same cognitohazard was used in Brazil in the 1940s and in Baltimore in the 1980s. I'm sure the GOC would love to hear about that, especially since your position on the Council of 108 was dependant on you destroying Umbra. Imagine what'll happen when they find that you've been lying for 50 years!

Malcolms: You're all psychos. You say an agent overheard something? What proof do you have for any of your claims? Besides, do you think anyone will listen after you attacked civilians?

Collard: I believe you meant to say, after PENTAGRAM's lax security protocols allowed a dangerous cognitohazard to infect innocent civilians.

Malcolms: Do you think-

Collard: Over the last decade alone, PENTAGRAM's weapons projects have killed over 750 soldiers, 2,000 civilians and caused damages of $56 billion. In that timeframe, the Foundation has willingly contained over 200 anomalies, allowing savings of $30 billion and saved the lives of over 4,000 civilians, including 7 members of the President's cabinet. Who would you trust?

Malcolms: You think saving some money will make people listen to you?

Collard: I think people will understand that while PENTAGRAM takes lives, the Foundation saves them. We're trusted far more than you are, General.

Malcolms: Trust? You're talking about trust! We know you released the cognitohazard and we can actually prove it. You think trust will help you then?

Collard: No, which is why we won't let it get to that stage. With one word, we can release that cognitohazard to the rest of the government. We can stop PENTAGRAM permanently.

Malcolms: You're bluffing. You need a functioning American government.

Collard: No, we don't. But you do.

Malcolms: Alright Collard, what do you want?

Collard: We want you to release all our arrested personnel. We want you to turn over all Project Umbra documentation and we want Umbra permanently decommissioned.

Malcolms: We'll release your personnel, but we can't decommission a dead project.

Collard: Sure. Just destroy it General, we don't care about the specifics.

Malcolms: What about the safety of our contractors?

Collard: You know, we can help you. Amnestication, if necessary, otherwise we'll deal with the lawsuit for you. For an appropriate incentive, of course.

Malcolms: Which would be?

Collard: Reimbursement for money spent, of course. In addition, an amendment to the Garfield-Arthur Agreement, such that we won't require your approval for containment procedures.

Malcolms: You're asking for a lot.

Collard: We expect an answer within 72 hours. Should we have any reason to believe PENTAGRAM won't deliver?

Malcolms: We'll see.

Collard: Goodbye General.

<End Log>

The Foundation received PENTAGRAM's agreement to the terms 18 hours after the meeting. All arrested personnel were returned to Foundation custody within 60 hours and all government employees affected by SCP-6795-1 were inoculated over the next two weeks.

As of 2003-07-14, all known SCP-6795 instances have been removed from their lawsuits and all affected persons have been inoculated. All affected lawsuits are predicted to be dealt with by 2010-04-10.

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