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Item#: 6790
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Still frame from footage from SCP-6790-1 initial discovery.

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-300 Dir. Victoria Requet Dr. Ralph Smith א-21 ("fine customers")


Sample of SCP-6790, provided for testing.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6790 is currently stored in Secure Containment Locker #907, with access being restricted to Level-3 personnel. Any other form of SCP-6790 or SCP-6790-1 found outside of containment is to be confiscated immediately.

SCP-6790-1 is contained within a standard anomalous fauna containment kennel and is to be cared for similar to non-anomalous members of the Anas platyrhynchos.Commonly referred to as a Mallard Duck. species. Interviews with SCP-6790-1 are to be conducted bi-weekly, along with its psychological assessment.

MTF Aleph-21 ("fine customers") are to continue their research on the PoI "dado".

Description: SCP-6790 is a powder-based narcotic closely resembling cocaine that, when ingested, causes the individual consuming the substance to instantaneously transform into a Anas platyrhynchos, hereby referred to as SCP-6790-1.Currently, there's only one instance of SCP-6790 (See Below). . The Foundation currently has no means by which to revert this, and the chemical study of SCP-6790 is ongoing.

SCP-6790-1 is a Anas platyrhynchos previously known as Samuel Barlow, former mayor of Retrinald, New South Wales, Australia. SCP-6790-1 is capable of vocalization and contains a complete match for the human genome. SCP-6790-1 is otherwise non-anomalous.

Addendum 6790.I: Discovery

SCP-6790 was discovered after an investigation into the abnormal disappearance of one Samuel Barlow on September 9th, 2020. An investigation was performed by the Foundation Investigation Department. The local police were amnesticized and dismissed.

The investigation uncovered a small sample of SCP-6790 and SCP-6790-1 within the office of Mayor Barlow. Following an examination of the office, DNA samples were found, and the perpetrator was identified as Dean Conwell. The full supply of SCP-6790 was found after a raid on the before-mentioned individual's house.

Addendum 6790.II: Recovered Conversation Log


Hey uh, I hear you're the guy to call when you need something uh, medicine related?

yes hello this is dado how may i be of help 2 u?

Rrrright. So I have a bit of a problem yeah? So uh, there's this guy in town, real big shot around here.

I was wondering if you could uh, get rid of him?

u misunderstand

dado no magic man, dado not make one dissapear

No I mean like, could you maybe get a drug to get the guy from messing things up for a good long while

yes yes dado vry good at making drug

what kind of drug do u need

Dude, I don't care. I just need something to make the guy duck off, once and for all

yes ok dado is very much like a duck. dado see what he can do

*fuck. Sorry, autocorrect.


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