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Item #: SCP-6778

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Force Zeta-28 ('Dreamwalkers') have been tasked with monitoring the stability of coma patients worldwide to determine the frequency of SCP-6778 sightings. Verified witnesses should be transported to the nearest Foundation facility for interviewing purposes, before being administered Class-A amnestics and released for further medical treatment.

Description: SCP-6778 is a metaphysical space accessible solely to coma patients. All testimony of SCP-6778 is derived from individuals who experienced a state of prolonged unconsciousness1 for a duration of no less than three months. Most subjects are capable of recalling only vague details of time spent in SCP-6778, with the most comprehensive accounts obtained from persons comatose for one or more years2. It is currently unknown what percentage of coma patients will experience SCP-6778.

Some minor discrepancies aside, descriptions of SCP-6778 have remained consistent since reports first surfaced. SCP-6778 is visually reminiscent of a late-nineteenth century American tavern, situated in a vast desert landscape where the sun is perpetually on the horizon. When identified by name, SCP-6778 is generally referred to by witnesses as Seven Sleepers' Saloon, or some variation thereof.


Rip Van Winkle, by John Quidor (1829).

Several distinct identifiers have been noted within SCP-6778. The front door of the tavern is painted white, while the rear exit is painted black. Situated behind the front desk is a grandfather clock with no hands, which chimes only when a subject enters or departs SCP-6778. Several witnesses have also noted the presence of a framed painting on the western wall; based on composite descriptions, this is believed to correspond to an existing artwork by John Quidor (pictured).

Subjects who find themselves in SCP-6778 will arrive through the front entrance dressed in period-appropriate attire, with little memory of their previous existence (usually recalling only their first name). SCP-6778 is reputedly staffed by several bartenders, all dressed in white clothing, and employed by an figure only ever referred to as 'Doc'. As well as alcohol service, SCP-6778 features live entertainment such as music, singing and line dancing.

SCP-6778-A designates a humanoid entity which exists in SCP-6778. SCP-6778-A (usually identified by the name of 'Mr. Chance') is described as a tall man dressed in a dark overcoat with black gloves and leather boots. The upper portion of SCP-6778-A's face is constantly obscured by a wide-brimmed hat. Unlike other patrons, SCP-6778-A has never been observed drinking or dancing, instead remaining sat motionless at all times, with a set of playing cards laid before it. It is not believed that subjects feel any compulsion to approach SCP-6778-A, but may do so willingly.

Should the subject challenge SCP-6778-A to a game of poker, SCP-6778-A will agree. At this point, all in-house entertainment will halt, while a crowd of patrons encircle the two players. Upon completion, regardless of the game's outcome, the player must depart from SCP-6778, bidding farewell to their fellow patrons before drinking one final glass of ale. Those who win the poker match will exit through the front door, while those who lose will take the back. Following this, SCP-6778-A will silently reshuffle its cards before returning to its inert state, while the live entertainment resumes.

As of 2023 there have been 56 confirmed reports of SCP-6778 from coma patients in over a dozen countries worldwide. Of these cases, all have recounted playing poker with SCP-6778-A, and all have reported winning.

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