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Item#: 6773
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-225 Dr. Edward Irkiv Dr. Julian Voress MTF Eta-7 "Birds of Prey"



Special Containment Procedures
SCP-6773 is to be contained in a steel-reinforced containment enclosure in Site-225's wildlife containment wing. The containment enclosure must resemble a forest, and include perches, trees, a small lake, and temperature control. Two live house mice.Mus musculus are to be released into the enclosure daily for SCP-6773 to catch. SCP-6773's enclosure is to be monitored at all times and is to be guarded by 4 armed guards at all times. SCP-6773 must wear a tracking collar at all times.

In the case of a containment breach, MTF Eta-7 "Birds of Prey" is to be dispatched to locate SCP-6773 via tracking collar and recontain it, using tranquilizers if necessary.

SCP-6773 is an avian entity, closely resembling a member of the black vulture.Coragyps atratus species in appearance. SCP-6773 is approximately 2.4 meters in height, with a wingspan of approximately 5.1 meters. SCP-6773 has the ability to shift reality around it to its will, however, this ability is apparently limited. Several abilities SCP-6773 have been shown to be capable of include telekinesis, manipulation of time in areas around it, and in some cases, the transformation of objects around it. SCP-6773 typically uses these abilities when agitated or distressed, however occasionally uses them when calm. In addition to these abilities, SCP-6773 also displays an abnormally high amount of strength.

SCP-6773 displays predatory behavior, taking joy in hunting and catching live prey. SCP-6773 is omnivorous, however prefers to consume live prey. SCP-6773 prefers small prey but has been known to consume larger prey if a smaller specimen is not provided. SCP-6773 is highly aggressive towards personnel and will attempt to attack any person who approaches it. Any personnel who enter SCP-6773's enclosure are to be armed with tranquilizers at all times and are advised to approach the entity with caution. SCP-6773 also displays a high level of intelligence, however is not considered sentient.

SCP-6773 was discovered on 04/12/2021 in the custody of Gary's Animal Sanctuary, located in Upham, New Mexico, which had been caring for SCP-6773 for approximately one month. According to recovered documents, SCP-6773 had initially been encountered by members of the Sanctuary when it attacked the truck of Mr. Gary Pebbler. Mr. Pebbler apparently noticed SCP-6773 was injured and captured it. Mr. Pebbler held SCP-6773 at Gary's Animal Sanctuary for several months before Foundation agents were notified of the anomaly's existence, upon which a team was dispatched to contain SCP-6773. Members of the sanctuary were amnesticized, and SCP-6773 was successfully contained.

Addendum 6773.1: Recovered Documents
Several documents from the personal journal of Mr. Pebbler describing SCP-6773's time at the sanctuary were discovered upon the initial containment of SCP-6773. These documents have been linked below.

Addendum 6773.2: Incident 6773-1
On 04/25/2021, SCP-6773 managed to breach containment and proceeded to fly east towards New Mexico. SCP-6773 managed to evade capture for several days, until it arrived at Gary's Animal Sanctuary, upon which it proceeded to locate Mr. Pebbler. The following interaction was caught on the sanctuary's security camera system and is linked below.

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