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Item#: SCP-6767
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SCP-6767 contained in a provisional terrarium at Site-39 shortly after discovery.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6767 is contained in a Type IV Reptilian Terrarium at Site-39. Monthly psychological evaluations and interviews are to be scheduled to ensure the continued compliance of SCP-6767 and to minimize the risk of containment and/or information breach. Personnel wishing to schedule interviews with SCP-6767 may file application forms to Dr. Callaghan's office, provided that they have sufficiently familiarized themselves with SCP-6767's known triggers. SCP-6767 has been provided with an isolated computer and modified peripherals for the purpose of transcribing information.

Description: SCP-6767 is a small sapient reptile composed entirely of beryllium bronze alloy. SCP-6767 has exhibited neoteny and functional immortality via the involuntary shedding of its outermost layer when severely damaged or oxidized, revealing a younger instance of SCP-6767 underneath. SCP-6767 is capable of communication via both vocalization and telepathy, however prefers the former due to the difficulty of evocative telepathy.

Due to SCP-6767 being entirely composed of beryllium copper alloy and the fact that it regularly sheds its outermost layer, most radiological dating methods are unfeasible. SCP-6767 has stated that it is currently in its early 4600s after Dr. Callaghan asked it directly.

SCP-6767 claims to have access to the collective memories of all currently deceased individuals. This includes in-depth knowledge in nearly every field of study and craft, esoteric or otherwise, as demonstrated by SCP-6767 when prompted. This is further corroborated by its knowledge of highly classified information.

Addendum 6767-01: The following logs detail the discovery and subsequent containment of SCP-6767 at Site-39, as well as relevant interview logs.

Addendum 6767-02: Additional SCP-6767 documentation. A full library is available here.
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