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Item#: 6761
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
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Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-6761-1 is to be contained in a standard containment cell. This cell is to contain at least 20 unique items or books. SCP-6761 is to be utilized at least once per day.

Use of SCP-6761 is restricted to personnel with Level 2 security clearance or above with authorization from Senior Researcher Dr. Samantha Colt.


SCP-6761 is a program running on a Apple Power Macintosh G3 Mini Tower, henceforth referred to as SCP-6761-1. SCP-6761, when opened, reveals a window containing 2 fields. The first field, known as the Criterion, is situated on the top of the window. The second field, known as the List, is much larger than the Criterion and is located directly underneath. Any list typed into the List category will be sorted by the Criterion with perfect accuracy. Sorting time varies, but never takes any longer than 10 seconds. This is considered the primary effect of SCP-6761.

When SCP-6761-1 is left alone with a set of objects for an extended period of time, SCP-6761 may 'sort' them, placing them together in a random section of the room, sorted neatly via some random criteria. This is considered the secondary effect of SCP-6761.

Addendum 6761.1: Test Log 1

For this test, lists and criteria were inputted into SCP-6761's interface.

Name: Dr. Samantha Colt
Criterion: Population
List: Every US State
Result: A list of every US state, perfectly sorted by population.

Name: Dr. Erica Stone
Criterion: Word count
List: A set of books from the Site 19 Library
Result: A sorted list of books. Analysis confirms that they were sorted by word count.

Name: Dr. Eric Baumann
Criterion: Time at Site 19
List: A list of various employees at Site 19
Result: A sorted list. Analysis confirms that it was sorted by the criterion indicated.

Name: Dr. Samantha Colt
Criterion: Number of molecules
List: A set of labeled glasses of water.
Result: A sorted list. Analysis indicates that it sorted by the number of molecules of the glass itself, not the water.
Interesting. - S. Colt

Name: Dr. Eric Baumann
Criterion: Number of sexual partners
List: A list of various employees at Site 19
Result: A sorted list.
This is ridiculous. We are researching SCP-6761, not using it to be funny. Dr. Baumann has been reassigned, feel free to learn from his example. - S. Colt

Addendum 6761.2: Recovery

SCP-6761-1 was discovered on an online civilian marketplace by MTF Mu-4. It was subsequently and covertly purchased and sent to Site 19.

Senior Researcher Dr. Samantha Colt

I received a new object this morning. This object is a computer, one that can sort… seemingly any list. Given my background in computer science and my time with RAISA, this is exciting to say the least. While the object hasn't been thoroughly tested yet, I believe it demonstrates a limited form of omniscience, a form someone like myself can easily extract answers from. Using a binary search algorithm, virtually anything can be located in physical space with just a few sorts. That's just one of the many things this object could be capable of. Each sort takes about half a second, no matter the contents, so if we operate it with enough efficiency, well, it's ridiculous what we can get out of it. I'll be conducting further research on this object in the near future, just to see what it can or can't do.

Addendum 6761.3: Test Log 2

For this test, Dr. Erica Stone attempted to remove SCP-6761 from SCP-6761-1, using a datastick.

Test 1:
Dr. Stone plugged a standard USB flash drive into a USB port on SCP-6761-1 and attempted to place SCP-6761 into said flash drive. While SCP-6761 was identified in the hard drive, attempting to place it into the storage device yielded an error message 'Unknown Datatype'.

Test 2:
Dr. Stone repeated the previous test, but this time using SCP-2306 instead of a standard flash drive. The result did not change.

Addendum 6761.4: Incident Report 6761.I1

Incident Report 6761.I1 - Senior Researcher Dr. Samantha Colt

This morning, clerks in the Site-19 Office noticed that the contents of their desks had been rearranged. I believe the cause was SCP-6761-1, located nearby. Each book was sorted by word count, computers were rearranged based upon remaining storage space, and nobody was seen tampering with the equipment affected. This has… implications to say the least. SCP-6761 may be more powerful than I initially thought. For the sake of research and containment, I request a standard containment cell with which to contain SCP-6761-1. Further testing will follow.

Addendum 6761.5: Test Log 3

For this test, items were left alone with SCP-6761-1 for 5 hours.

Name: Dr. Erica Stone
Items: 20 books from the Site-19 Library placed neatly on the desk in no particular order
Result: 20 books, lined up front cover facing the ceiling. Analysis indicates they were sorted by author's last name.

Name: Dr. Samantha Colt
Items: 10 colored wooden blocks scattered throughout the room
Result: 10 colored wooden blocks lined up neatly in a corner of the room. Analysis indicates they were sorted by mass.

Name: Dr. Samantha Colt
Items: None
Result: Cubic meters of cement seemingly cut from the floor were found stacked neatly in one corner. Analysis indicates that they were sorted by [DATA EXPUNGED].
We aren't leaving it alone again. I'll write that into the containment procedures later. - S. Colt

Addendum 6761.6: Interesting Development

As of April 19th, 2020, SCP-6761 has begun to show reduced performance when operated by any individual who is not Senior Researcher Dr. Samantha Colt. This, combined with SCP-6761's mysterious appearance, indicates a connection between SCP-6761 and Dr. Colt. Further research is advised.

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