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Item#: 6755
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Special Containment Procedures

The Foundation and the Horizon Initiative are currently collaborating to contain SCP-6755. False instructions for SCP-6755 should be spread through both physical and digital media, while accurate information is to be suppressed when possible. A negative view of the religious organization known as The Cult of the Pale Lady should be constantly promoted among the Mexican population by any means applicable, including but not limited to:

  • Mexican political, religious, and cultural personalities should be financially encouraged to constantly and publicly discredit The Cult of the Pale Lady.
  • Factual, exaggerated and fabricated accounts should be spread to push a narrative emphasizing the negative outcomes of SCP-6755 while downplaying the positive ones.
  • The Cult of the Pale Lady and the practice of SCP-6755 should be represented in media associated with superstition and taboo topics like brujería1, human sacrifice, paganism, drug trade, organized crime, and deviant sexuality; as well as tragic ends for its practitioners.

Additionally, the Foundation should provide the Horizon Initiative with any logistical and financial aid necessary to maintain the FNS2 campaign, aimed to dissuade the population from practices related to The Cult of the Pale Lady and SCP-6755.


SCP-6755 is a thaumaturgic ritual that can be used to communicate with a being known as SCP-6755-2. A person can ask a petition to SCP-6755-2 in exchange for a "promise" that must not be broken. Petitions to SCP-6755-2 can range from mundane topics such as relationships and work to serious matters including life-or-death situations. There are reports of SCP-6755-2 rejecting petitions or requesting modifications. SCP-6755-2 reality bending abilities appear to be probabilistic in nature, instead of reality-warping. It will not accept any petition that defies known laws of physic or logic. If SCP-6755-2 agrees to the petition, it will demand the petitioner to "promise" something in return. The nature and exigency of the "promise" are usually similar and proportional to those of the requested petition. The "promises" requested by SCP-6755-2 are never beyond the range of what is physically, socially or economically possible for the petitioner. Agreement to keep the "promise" will result in the petition being granted, but failure to fulfill it will carry negative consequences to the petitioner. The severity of the consequences seems to be proportional and thematically related to the petition and "promise".


Alebrije sculptures


Tagetes erecta used in an altar

Instructions on how to perform SCP-6755 are shared among members of The Cult of the Pale Lady. The following procedure has been determined to have a 64% success rate in triggering SCP-6755. It is unclear if a more successful version of the ritual exists.

  1. A three-level altar must be made. The tablecloth must be white on the top level, orange at the mid-level, and black on the bottom level.
  2. Either a statue or a picture depicting a figure representing SCP-6755-2 must be put at the top level. This depiction usually consists of a skeletal figure wearing colorful robes or dresses.
  3. Food and drink offerings should be put in the mid-level. These offerings should include products that are held in high regard by the petitioner.
  4. At least three Alebrije3 sculptures should be placed on the bottom level.
  5. At least two colored candles should be lit on the top level. Four should be on mid-level and eight on the bottom.
  6. Tagetes erecta flowers should be put on every level of the altar.
  7. The petitioner should place themselves kneeling in front of the altar.
  8. The petitioner should make a small cut on their skin with an obsidian knife.
  9. The petitioner must drop three drops of blood in a cup of hot chocolate.
  10. The petitioner then will either verbally or mentally ask their petition to the Pale Lady.
  11. The petitioner must drink from the chocolate cup.

SCP-6755-2 statues

If the ritual is successful, the petitioner will be transported to an alternate dimension presumed to house SCP-6755-2. They will be greeted by SCP-6755-2 and discuss the terms of the "promise". SCP-6755-2 can request changes or outright deny the petition, while the petitioner is able to decline making the "promise". After either accepting or denying "the promise", the petitioner will be brought back to Earth, always in front of the altar they made the petition from.

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