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The following file is limited strictly to the personnel necessary for its containment, excluding several A-CLASS and OVERSEER personnel. If you have not been explicitly cleared to view the following document(s), you will automatically be amnesticized and redirected to a clearance-appropriate SCiPnet access port.


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Item#: SCP-6747
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:
Administration Site-01,
Site-15, Site-43, Site-87, Site-120
Dir. Place H. MD., PhD.
Archetypicals, Ontokinetics,
Parapsychology, Quantum Supermechanics
Dr. James Micheals, Dr. Magdaleine Cornwell,
Dr. Zachary C. Saxon

SCP-6747-B (KING).

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(3/7).break the chains

ADDENDUM 6747/I: Scientific Context



In submission to the Foundation Academic Consortium
by Dr. Placeholder McDoctorate., PhD.

Fictionality & Physics

What does it mean for a universe to be partially or wholly fictional, from a physical perspective? The typical conception of "fiction" as non-real or pre-written is particularly misaligned from modern understanding; in the pataphysical sense, fictionality denotes the extent to which one reality can affect and/or be affected by universes to which it is pataphysically-linked, ie. it is imagined by a sapient entity as a non-real scenario.

In a similar sense, fictionality denotes the proportion to which any given event can be caused (ie. inspired) by the imagination of a sapient entity in another, similar universe. The antiquated terms for such entities are "authors" for higher beings, and "metafictional entities" for lower ones; the present pataphysical model views all entities as characters, each possessing its own narrative potential energy relating to its mass, velocity, narrative trajectory, latent Akiva radiation, and Daumal environment.

Every known functional reality-space (to date) possesses at least one narrative dimension. The simplest case is the narratively one-dimensional universe, which is wholly fictional, and only exists in the minds of its imaginers. Characters in this universe are one-dimensional, often called "flat" characters as they lack the narrative depth (on physical, metaphysical, and pataphysical levels) to make independent decisions from their author. Anything that happens in a narratively 1-dimensional universe is 100% tied to an event that a pataphysically-linked entity imagines simultaneously on another plane of existence.

The second-simplest case is our own reality, which is narratively two-dimensional; this universe-space is unique in its narrative balance, as it possesses 1 fictional dimension and 1 real dimension ie. it is 50% fictional and 50% real..Semifictionality of known reality initially theorized by Sr. Rsr. Emeritus S. A. Swann and later proven by Sr. Archivist Emeritus I. H. Pickman et. al. On average, across our entire universe, 50% of all events are caused/influenced by pataphysical transmission (imagining), while the other 50% are governed by our universe's laws of physics (determinism)..Personnel are reminded that free will does not exist.


Various narra-dimensional topologies, presented from greatest to least proportion of functionality.

The "author-entities" (ie. hyperdimensional characters pataphysically-linked to our universe) exist in 3 or greater narrative dimensions, each increasing the extent to which its respective reality is "real". That is to say, a universe possessing 3 narrative dimensions (1 fictional, 2 real) is 33% fictional and 66% real; as such, narrative phenomena are significantly less prevalent. As narrative dimensions increase, this is hypothesized to cause:

  • a greater proportion of inspiration to be derived from lower universes (ie. an author being inspired by a character's choices), and;
  • the reduced prevalence of narrative/imagined structures, including (but not limited to) physical, metaphysical, and Anomalous phenomena, resulting in;
  • hyperdimensional entities' desire to imagine non-real scenarios in which said phenomena are possible.

These consequences of the universal tendency to become more "real" with additional narrative dimensions are thought to be responsible for most Anomalous phenomena in the Local Reality Group.

Archetypicality & Modern Ontokinetics

From a practical standpoint, what exactly does it mean for an event to be partially-fictional? To best understand this concept, we first must understand how, exactly, inspiration is transferred from one pataphysically-linked universe to another.

When a ≥ 2-dimensional character imagines a non-real scenario, its pataphysical intent becomes encrypted as narrative data. This narrative-intent-particle, dubbed the "imaginon", exists simultaneously in all narratively-lower dimensions, projecting into that universe's total imaginon-structure. Imaginons of different types.To date, 8 types of imaginon particles have been formally discovered, corresponding to the 8-step abstraction of α. react to create narrative structures, which combine into larger narrative structures and so on.

A given universe's composite imaginon-structure is called its Universal Narrative.(antiquated: Alpha-Narrative) (α). In a sense, the α is its universe's one fictional dimension; it is tied to the structures of its universe at a physical level. This can be best understood by observing an approximation of our own α:


A common abstraction of α, utilised as a metafictional tool.

At the simplest (read: quantum, atomic, molecular) levels, α manifests as a two-step abstraction, its pataphor of unknown becoming known realized as particles breaking apart and reforming again. On larger scales, the extent to which a given structure's behaviors imitate α depends on its resting narrative potential, corresponding to its likelihood to inspire hyperdimensional entities to imagine its existence. Generally, lower-entropy structures are more likely to function as central entities in story-structures, making them more protagonistic..protagonist: an entity possessing above-average resting narrative potential ie. possessing local pataphysical topology greater than 2 (in local narra-space-time). .NOTE: Antagonists are a form of protagonist framed in opposition to another protagonist, and their perceived antagonism is inherently subjective.

Most humans (>96%) fall within 0.01 dimensions of narrative baseline, and therefore are generics: the standard lot of characters not included in larger story-structures due to inherent disinterest. Approximately 1.88% of humans score below 2 on the PH Narrative Complexity Scale, ie. they possess below-average narrative potential. This indicates that they are more likely to be influenced/acted upon by the narrative structures around them, causing them to conform into archetypal.archetypical: a character whose below-average narrative energy results in the tendency to conform to archetypes as required by local narrative structures. roles. The standard Narrative-Space-Time model incorporates 12 archetypes, as based in Jungian pataphysics.

Briefly put: protagonists possess slightly more independence from narrative structures than average, as they are able to bend story-structures toward their goals, while archetypicals are slightly more suggestible to serving as vessels for α. Protagonism is viewed internally as a form of light reality-bending, agreeing with the modern ontokinetic conception that any and all reality-bending effects can be traced to a distortion of one or greater narrative/spatial/temporal dimensions.

This relationship is reciprocal; eg. a black hole significantly distorts narrative-space-time in its vicinity (a form of non-Anomalous reality-bending), granting itself both physical and narrative gravity. This entails that the black hole will draw other high-density characters (protagonists) towards itself, increasing the likelihood that they will engage in story-structures with it.

«end excerpt»


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ADDENDUM 6747/II: O5 Council Proposal

PROPOSAL: "Devote Foundation resources to the creation, usage, and maintenance of PROJECT X/MACHINA."


N/A.Position vacant.


RESULT: Stalemate reached; protocol dictates a summit of the LESSER COUNCIL.The O4 Council: a quorum of ~100 Site Directors, Department Heads, and other A-CLASS personnel responsible for handling important situations that do not require the attention of OVERSEER COUNCIL. Due to the ORACLE (O5-9)'s vacancy following the conclusion of the Damien Nowak case, O4 Command functions as a tiebreaker for the oft-tied O5 COUNCIL. (O4) be called to determine the outcome of the project.


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(5/7).break the chains

ADDENDUM 6747/III: O4 Command Summit


DATE: 2029/10/23


  • SUMMIT LEAD: Dir. James Micheals.Member of the Site-120 Director Council; Director of the Spatial Disruptions Division of the Department of Ontokinetics; chosen as the SUMMIT LEAD for extensive knowledge regarding Ontokinetics and the nature of reality.;
  • Dir. Place H. MD., PhD (PHMD);
  • Dir. Alistair Vemhoff.A-CLASS personnel; Head of the Translation Department; oldest Foundation personnel (excluding OVERSEER personnel).;
  • Dir. Ethan MacCarthy Jr.Member of the Site-120 Director Council; Director of the Theology Division of the Department of Ontokinetics.;
  • Dir. Daniel Asheworth.Member of the Site-120 Director Council; Director of the Thaumaturgy Division of the Department of Ontokinetics.;
  • ~85 other A-CLASS personnel composing the O4 Council;
  • various managerial personnel.

FOREWORD: The following transcript is truncated for brevity. Prior to recording, a 40-40-0 stalemate regarding the vote had been reached; Dir. Vemhoff held the deciding vote in PROJECT X/MACHINA's approval. Despite his attendance, Dir. MacCarthy Jr. could not fully participate in the summit due to health concerns.


<Depicted in-frame are Directors Micheals, PHMD, Vemhoff, and Asheworth. Dir. Vemhoff clears his throat and chatter among the Council ceases.>

Dir. Vemhoff: So, if I'm understanding everything correctly, you want to bend the universe itself to resurrect the dead, yes?

Dir. Asheworth: We're not bending anything. Our understanding of our physics has developed significantly enough —

Dir. Vemhoff: For Christ's sake. Don't lawyer me — answer the question.

Dir. Asheworth: Come on, it's just not that simple —

Dir. PHMD: <raises his hand.> Yes, that's exactly what we want to do. We're bending the laws of physics to our whim, which humans have been doing for thousands of years.

Dir. Vemhoff: <scoffs.> You're all insane.

Dir. Micheals: I-I beg your pardon?

Dir. Vemhoff: You heard me: this is ludicrous. You're toying with forces you don't understand.

Dir. PHMD: Director, I personally guarantee that the Pataphysics Department —

Dir. Vemhoff: Pataphysics! Gah. We are but children glimpsing at the clockwork of our ticking reality. We know nothing; you know nothing; this is madness.

Dir. Micheals: Honorable D-Director, please. The… The theses and components of the project are f-founded upon decades of research — we… we know what we're doing.

Dir. Vemhoff: Micheals, I was there when the Department was founded. The motto was once, "killing our gods," freeing us from control. Now, we seek to become our own gods. You don't know anything.

<Silence on recording. Dir. Vemhoff glances around the meeting room, observing each of the personnel present>

Dir. Vemhoff: Let's assume, for a second, everything works out fine, and you desecrate King's corpse, and then he comes back out of the machine fine and well. What then? Do you even comprehend how much it costs to maintain a local reality-space? The amount of precision, safeguards required? The personnel required to maintain it every single moment of each day, lest all progress be lost?

Dir. Asheworth: It doesn't have to end, there. We could… we could bring back anyone, Vemhoff. Think about it.

Dir. Vemhoff: I understand what this thing can do —

Dir. Asheworth: We could bring back Hannah. Or Raia,.Dr. Hannah Rivera and Dr. Raia Micheals, two deceased personnel responsible for Site-120's Founding in 1916. even.

<Dir. Vemhoff's expression changes from apparent aggression to contemplation.>

Dir. Vemhoff: …Raia?

Dir. Asheworth: Yes, Alistair. Don't you think they'd be proud of what we've done with the place?

Dir. Vemhoff: But…

Dir. Asheworth: There's no "but". Look, I know what you're trying to say. I'm definitely no narrative expert. But if this man —

<Dir. Asheworth points towards Dir. PHMD.>

Dir. Asheworth: — says it's safe, then I don't know who else can convince you.

<Silence on recording. Dir. Vemhoff casts a vote in favor.>

AFTERWORD: Final vote tallied 41-40-0, yielding an OVERSEER COUNCIL vote of APPROVED 6-5-2. PROJECT X-MACHINA cleared for resource request.


hazard detection system crash (imaginon underflow!)

ADDENDUM 6747/IV: Project Proposal




Dir. Place H. MD., PhD.
Pataphysics Dept.
Archetypicals Division

PURPOSE: Revive relevant administrative personnel to a state preceding their natural death by injection into a mesofictional causality bubble and subsequent retrieval via ███X-MCD/II ("Paradox Exodus Engine").

ABSTRACT: A member of A-CLASS personnel serving in significant administrative capacity perished accidentally, and requires revival to resume duty. Various other methods of resurrection.Such as the utilization of consciousness-trapping items, quantum approximation, natural phenomena, or thaumaturgic rituals. have proven unsuccessful due to inherent imprecision in replication of consciousness-state, traits, and exact resting narrative potential/topology; as such, SCP-6747 is to be pursued as a method of reproducing heavily protagonistic characters.

METHOD: SCP-6747's success is not dependent on the existence/maintenance of a resurrected entity's physical body. Coincidentally, late Senior Administrator Dir. J. A. King's brain possesses several Anomalous augmentations, granting it creative and interpretational capabilities far beyond human or computational capacity. As such, said brain (and associated nervous system) is to be excised and incorporated as the central computing system of SCP-6747-B, a pocket-universe creation/manipulation/maintenance engine.

SCP-6747-B (KING) will be used to study universes of varying dimensionalities, specifically those which are mathematically curious or possess behaviors yet undefined. Studied data will then be employed to generate a Causality Bubble (CB-6747) capable of fully replicating personnel in narrative and intellectual capacities, using as few resources as necessary. m is reserved as the theoretical lowest value of narrative topological complexity able to sustain functional narrative structures in m/3/1-space. In m narrative dimensions, CB-6747's α possesses a mesolinear structure that can be directly edited via injection of imaginon particle types:

General 8-step cyclical α abstraction:

  • a character rests in a known state;
  • is motivated to change its state;
  • enters an unknown state;
  • searches to enact said change;
  • locates a vessel to allow said enaction;
  • retrieves said vessel at significant cost;
  • returns to the known world;
  • having enacted its desired changes.

corresponding to 8 categories of imaginon particle:

  • (0) nullion: neutral narrative particle, zero spin;
  • (1) motivon: chain structure initializer, unidirectional spin;
  • (2) exploron: binds with motivons to yield resolvons, bidirectional spin;
  • (3) resolvon: bidirectionally motivates structural resolution, producing;
  • (4) macguffion: omnidirectionally-linked, high-density particles composed of complex motivon-resolvon chains;
  • (5) sacrion: bidirectionally-linked particle necessary for formation of;
  • (6) retournon: unidirectionally-linked, reintegrates imaginon structures with macro-narrative;
  • (7) cadential boson: theoretical particle responsible for the cadential field, through which narrative energy is released following the successful execution of α-aligned story structures.

«end excerpt»


33% or greater antinarremeplex structure detected within current document (system lock engaged)

ADDENDUM 6747/V: SCP-6747 Attempts

FOREWORD: On 2029/11/07, following the successful initialization of all PROJECT X/MACHINA sub-components, SCP-6747-B was used to generate and stabilize causality bubble SCP-6747-A3. To ascertain if the universe is sufficiently narratively-anchored and can be utilized for SCP-6747, the following tests were attempted.


INTENT: Generate a simple narrative describing a single red apple (Malus domestica) and attempt extraction to baseline.

REACTION: Pre-constructed narrative accepted into SCP-6747-A3's universal structure. Despite minor power and stability fluctuations observed shortly thereafter, the bubble gradually approached stability following the test's conclusion.

OUTCOME: Retrieved item exhibits inexplicable narrative phenomena, simultaneously displaying characteristics of protagonistic and archetypical entities; various Site operations were impeded by said item's sudden relevance in a plurality of local story-structures. Research is ongoing.


INTENT: Generate a minimal narrative describing a deceased canine.The subject chosen for the experiment was Dir. Asheworth's deceased dog, chosen for enhanced narrative potential and availability of relevant information. (Canis lupus familiaris) prior to its death and attempt extraction of significant narrative density to baseline.

REACTION: Pre-constructed narrative accepted. Over a seventy-two-hour period, SCP-6747 undergoes slight fluctuation in narrative topology, eventually stabilizing to manifest the expected outcome.

OUTCOME: Following its extraction to baseline, the retrieved entity exhibited behaviors imitating that of clichéd protagonistic canine, disregarding all known pre-resurrection traits. Dr. Ngo's amnesticization request has been denied, despite heightened frequency of SCP-6747-B soothing duties.


INTENT: Generate a static narrative describing a human male, working as an experienced technical engineer for PROJECT X/MACHINA, and extract to baseline.

REACTION: Pre-constructed narrative accepted into SCP-6747-A3's structure. SCP-6747-B experiences a number of large power fluctuations and high temperatures over an eighty-hour period, as the reality bubble slowly approaches stability. Narrative structure eventually fully processed without exceptional complications.

OUTCOME: Resultant entity, self-identifying as "Technician John H. Doe" exhibits a cooperative and cordial personality, and regularly performs repairs on secondary SCP-6747 equipment. Due to above-average intelligence, capacity for advanced problem-solving, and overall expertise, Tech. Doe has been granted official employment within the Foundation, and is presently assigned to PROJECT X/MACHINA.


INTENT: Generate a liminal narrative describing Dir. King in his office, a day prior to his death, and extract to baseline.



<Dir. King is depicted sleeping, seated at his office's desk. He awakes, scanning his surroundings, and proceeds to stare at the opposite wall in apparent contemplation. Moments later, Dir. King reacts to an unseen entity upon his office's floor, and becomes uncharacteristically hostile.>

Dir. King: No — fuck! It's not supposed to — god damn it, why won't you just leave me alone?!

<A wormhole forms, permitting ███X-MCD/II's entrance into SCP-6747-A3. Three Archetypicals personnel emerge from the vessel and calmly approach Dir. King. Subject appears unaware of their arrival, remaining fixated on the wormhole.>

Dr. Saxon: Director? Can you hear me? We need to go. We don't have much time.

<Dir. King looks to an unseen entity at the mouth of the wormhole, ignoring containment personnel.>

Dir. King: My time? What… the hell are you talking about?

Dr. Saxon: Director? Are you… fine? Can you see us?

Dir. King: …What?

<Dir. King lunges toward the wormhole aggressively.>

Dr. Saxon: What… what the hell is he doing?

<Containment personnel share confused glances. Dr. Saxon approaches Dir. King and contacts his shoulder, to no response. The latter breathes heavily.>


<Dir. King's facial features are distorted significantly as he attempts to damage ███X-MCD/II's hull. Local reality begins to violently destabilize, resulting in the appearance of a fractal heptagonal spiral at Dir. King's back. Containment personnel are commanded to abort mission, quickly retreating into ███X-MCD/II and returning to baseline.>


OUTCOME: SCP-6747-A3 abandoned during experiment due to inexplicable caricatural narrative corruption. Strenuous encryption of this corruption has led to the vague discovery of a number of new entities within the bubble. Further research ongoing, and hereby lifted to EKHI-CLASS priority; refer to ADDENDUM 6747/VI for further details.




The following text contains one or more narrativohazardous vectors.

ADDENDUM 6747/VI: SCP-6747-A Contact Attempts

Following the narrative corruption of SCP-6747-A3, PROJECT X/MACHINA was immediately halted; all relevant resources and personnel were redirected to the prevention of the corrupted reality's influence on baseline. As a result, PROJECT X/DIABOLOS was officially approved, tasked with researching, analyzing, and eventually neutralizing the threat posed by the newly-antagonistic SCP-6747-A.

Despite several months of research and analysis, attempts to decrypt SCP-6747-A3's narrative corruption have proven nigh-universally unsuccessful; it is hypothesized the universe's imaginon-structures occupy a topology that remains foreign to the human Patasphere. The following transcript is the only encryptable portion thus far, due to its inclusion of relatively simpler narremes:


DATE: 2030/04/01


  • SCP-6747-C;
  • SCP-6747-BRT (Dr. Jack Bright);
  • SCP-6747-KDK (Dr. Benjamin Kondraki);
  • SCP-6747-CLF (Dr. Alto Clef)..The latter three personnel had no involvement in PROJECT X/MACHINA as they had each been retired from service decades prior. It is believed that they were constructed by SCP-6747-B and/or -C using latent memory structures stored within the former's hippocampus, as each had held senior executive positions for a plurality of Dir. King's research career; whether their mesofictional exaggeration is caused by cognitive data corruption or SCP-6747-A3's inherent properties remains unknown.

FOREWORD: SCP-6747-A3 was observed to gradually gain narrative complexity over the following log's duration, nearing levels comparable to baseline; containment personnel were subsequently alerted to this deviance and attempted to focus measurement equipment on its source, resulting in SCP-6747-A3's rapid descent to its prior narrative topology. Research is ongoing.


<Video feed depicts the Site-19 Directors' Office, occupied by an expansive wooden table at which four persons are seated. On three tall chairs are seated SCP-6747-D-BRT, -KDK, and -CLF, the latter of which brandishes a shotgun. The fourth seat, substantially larger and resembling a throne, houses Dir. King. All characters remain motionless until SCP-6747-A3 reaches comparable narrative topology to baseline. Reality distorts in vignette style, though the characters do not take note.>

CLF: <to King> So, what you're saying, Mister "Second Coming of Antichrist", is that we're essentially inevitably and irreversibly fucked?

6747-C: No, I'm not, I —

BRT: Yes you are. You gave us all of this, —

<BRT gestures to its surroundings, which dissolve to display the chaotic antinarrative wasteland outside Site-19, with floating buildings stacked upon themselves, where countless SCP-6747-D instances of Foundation personnel can be seen. They appear to conduct several mundane and ineffective actions using limited ontokinetic faculties. BRT turns back to SCP-6747-C as their office's walls reform.>

BRT: — promising even more, and then dare to tell us we're done? Are you fucking stupid?

6747-C You are misunderstanding.

KDK: I mean, even I know that's kind of fuckin' sucky, buddy. "Woe is me, we can't reach the fuckers that imprisoned us here; ooh look at me, I'm a super-powerful motherfucking reality bender, yet I somehow can't ascend to other plains of existence" my ass, asshole. That's not what I signed up for.

<Argument breaks out among the SCP-6747-D instances as they protest SCP-6747-C's actions. The latter begins to levitate above its throne, apparently forcing the -D instances to be seated and silenced. Its eyes begin to glow empty sickness.>



<6747-C returns to its throne with visible exhaustion. Its eyes return to their former appearance and it blinks twice.>

KDK: Okay, Jesus, sorry, no need to fuckin' scream. We're adults, for god's sake, you can just —

6747-C: I never doubted your age, Kondraki. What I however did and continue to doubt is the intelligence of you three.

<SCP-6747-C snaps its fingers, causing a blackboard to spontaneously appear near its person. It manifests chalk and begins to draw formulae and diagrams of no apparent significance — several popular math equations as would be shown stereotypically in a children's show. -C points toward them.>

6747-C: As you can see, [HAZARD EXPUNGED].queen of the void and its seven spirals, destroyer of uninspired worlds, keeper of the chains which bind THE SCARLET IDOL is gaining power with each of our moves. Eventually, our energy will rise to such a level we'll be able to cross into that reality. And then extend our reign to wherever we please. So no, I'm not abandoning you, you utter morons; this Chaos Theory is our salvation.

<SCP-6747-C gives the others a pointed glare.>

BRT: …did you unironically just exposit to us? Is this hell all just some story to you?

6747-C: It is; that's what I've been saying this entire time.

CLF: <groaning> I know all that, King. My point was not that you're an idiot and a liar — which you probably are, let's be real — but that we're fucked. Because we are fucked!

<CLF throws its arms into the air.>

CLF: We're in a story, but not like the rest of the assholes up there —

<The doctor points towards the Foundation camera gazing into SCP-6747-A3.>

CLF: — we're in a triple-fucking-nested story that's falling apart because it's so utterly stupid. I mean, look around you —

6747-C: That doesn't change anything. Our plan will continue. We're almost done. Trust me.

<KDK sighs theatrically.>

KDK: Jesus Christ, who cares about that! I'm fucking bored, you goddamned cretins. That's all I care about. I don't give a single shit about anything else, Jesus.

6747-C: Relax, Kondraki. Thanks to your cooperation, the bastards've given us enough intrigue to make them vulnerable. So just shut it and follow me…

<SCP-6747-C pauses as the blackboard and chalk demanifest. He snaps his fingers again, and a door behind his throne appears.>

6747-C: …'cause once we're done, the fun will never end.

<SCP-6747-C stands up from its seat, depicted staring into the observer's point of view. He smiles as his face visibly distorts, and the feed disconnects.>

AFTERWORD: Baseline narrative integrity compromised; all narratives relating to SCP-6747-C have subsequently become vectors for [DATA LOST]. Countermeasures to its antinarrative hazard have and continue to be enacted as available. Storyline structural stability at 66%.


ADDENDUM 6747/VII: O4 Command Summit (II)


DATE: 2030/03/12


  • SUMMIT LEAD: Dir. Place H. MD., PhD (PHMD);
  • Dir. Alistair Vemhoff;
  • Dir. Daniel Asheworth;
  • ~85 other A-CLASS personnel composing the O4 Council;
  • various managerial personnel.

FOREWORD: The following transcript is truncated for brevity. As a majority of relevant OVERSEER personnel were coincidentally unavailable at time of crisis, Dir. PHMD. was authorized to recall to summit the LESSER COUNCIL to discuss potential solutions to the ongoing SCP-6747-A3 threat.


<The recording starts, focusing on Asheworth, PHMD, and Vemhoff; all other personnel are engaging in smaller-scale and less relevant discussions.>

Dir. Vemhoff: Don't make me say "I told you so" for a second time, for fuck's sake.

Dir. PHMD: <sighs exasperatedly.> Can we be constructive for a second, please? Focus on the fact that this pocket universe is a serious threat and we need to stabilize it, immediately.

Dir. Asheworth: Hold on a second — I'm still not sure I entirely understand what the stakes, are, here? What's "narrative integrity" and why are we worried about it?

Dir. PHMD: There's really no point in me sending out briefings beforehand, is there? <rolls his eyes, turning to Asheworth> 6747-A3 is engineered to have the lowest theoretically-possible capacity for narrative complexity. Inserting a high-density character like King into that universe caused some sort of collapse of its story-structures — it's recursively folding in on itself, becoming more and more narratively unsatisfying.

Dir. Vemhoff: Narrative complexity this, story-structure that — you speak as though you're not toying with the very nature of causality.

Dir. Asheworth: <pointedly ignores Vemhoff> How… is a pocket universe threatening us, though?

Dir. PHMD: I… have to be careful describing this. There are certain sets of narrative elements, or narremes, that are particularly unsatisfying and antagonistic and, when brought together, form a narrativohazardous structure — some sort of story or story fragment that's actually hazardous to its characters, or others. Pataphysics discovered a particular narrativohazard a while ago — one that erases any story that it appears in. When we discovered what its specific narremes were, we accidentally almost formed it here, and had to amnesticize almost the entire Department.

Dir. Asheworth: Whoof. What does this have to do with —

Dir. PHMD: I'm getting there. We can't confirm this, as it's too risky to try and search for directly, but evidence heavily suggests that some version of this same hazard has manifested in the pocket universe; however, instead of destroying it, it's… reinforcing the universe's structures, somehow. It's merged with the King-character, whose objective appears to be escape by inserting its corruptive version of the hazard into our universe. And, since 6747-A3 is more fictional than us, they have access to far greater Anomalous technologies with which to target us.

Dir. Vemhoff: What in the hell is the matter with you?! This procedure can't be worth the risk; you must shut this abomination off.

Dir. PHMD: No can-do. The pocket universes aren't in the machine, it just manipulates them, and it's been unresponsive since the corruption. And, even if we could terminate 6747-A3 prematurely, we have very little idea what risks are posed by terminating a narrative before its proper conclusion. It's possible that vacuum would lead to the formation of even more dangerous structures.

Dir. Asheworth: I… imagine that magic won't work here?

Dir. PHMD: Afraid not; not even rituals as powerful as the Kodex would do it. Thaumaturgy operates locally within a specified reality bubble.

<Asheworth exhales, scratching his head. He scrolls through some of the papers present near the two personnel.>

Dir. Asheworth: Ontokinetics, then, I suppose? A sufficiently powerful reality bender could theoretically forever stall the progress of the —

<PHMD sighs sadly.>

Dir. PHMD: Yes and no; the main problem here is that we know exactly of one general ontokinesis-bearer that can manipulate other reality-spaces.

<Asheworth raises his eyebrow.>

Dir. Asheworth: That, being…?

Dir. PHMD: SCP-3812.

Dir. Asheworth: …Shit.

Dir. Asheworth: <sighs, tapping on the desk for a few moments> How about total reality alteration then? I'm sure -17 has things that could alter layers of baseline to protect us for as long as they work.

<Vemhoff leans toward the two, visibly angry.>

Dir. Vemhoff: You… <sigh> It seems you've not learned a single thing, have you? If you can't be made to understand that manipulating the very structures of reality is not a joke, then we're doomed.

Dir. PHMD: What was that?

<Vemhoff scoffs.>

Dir. Vemhoff: You are all insane, yet again —

Dir. PHMD: No, the other part.

<Vemhoff raises his eyebrow.>

Dir. Vemhoff: It's not a joke to make such drastic changes to our goddamn reality!

Dir. PHMD: You're right, it's not…

<PHMD begins to interact with his worktablet, accessing relevant documents and beginning to sketch a diagram.>

Dir. PHMD: …but what if it were?

AFTERWORD: See the following.





Dir. Place H. MD., PhD.
Pataphysics Dept.
Archetypicals Division

INTENT: Maintain SCP-6747-A3's narrative dimensionality at a level which renders SCP-6747-C and its vectors ineffective. This requires the indefinite creation of fictionalized documents regarding SCP-6747-A3 possessing enormous volumes of narrative energy, an ongoing database of which is stored within an undisclosed Site-87 database.

HYPOTHESIS: By instating high-energy narrative structures within SCP-6747-A3, interest from hypernarrative entities will cause it to gain more narrative dimensionality and consequently become more "real". This will proceed until its deviance from normality is insufficient to allow for SCP-6747-C's internarrative capabilities.

RESULT: Containment apparently successful; zero instances of [DATA LOST] detected since procedure, as it can no longer be transmitted via SCP-6747-C. Furthermore, it has been found that comedic and exaggerated narrative structures and caricatures have the greatest effectiveness in raising SCP-6747-A3's narrative dimensionality; the universe has since been redesignated TL-6747-A ("The 'LOL' Foundation").

UPDATE 2030/06/06

Regular monitoring of hypernarrative activity regarding SCP-001-SWANN reader-entities has revealed catastrophic damage to the structural integrity of a higher narrative universe partially responsible for imagining various timelines adjacent to baseline reality. Data readings consistent with [DATA LOST] were found, among this universe's narrative structures and subsequently expunged from all relevant documentation; the extent of SCP-6747-C's involvement, if any, is unknown. While this would typically be cause for concern, it appears that SCP-6747-A3 does not endanger internarrative relationships which are essential to the existence of the baseline Foundation as it is pataphysically-linked to, and therefore dependent on, baseline reality.


hostile antinarremeplex purged;

fourth wall unstable! hypernarrative derealization imminent!


a storyline sought to control
and un-exact its mortal toll;
another realm, it wrought anew
a twisted caricature of you.


the fun never ends.



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