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Item #: SCP-6738

SCP-6738-11, taken 2012

Object Class: Euclid Argus1

Special Containment Procedures: The current instance of SCP-6738 is to be stored in one of three avian terrariums at Site-451, according to size. Per Reintegration Protocol #6738, MTF Beta-4 ("Castaways") monitors the current instance of SCP-6738 via subdermal GPS implant, which must be replaced after each change in form. Task force is to apprehend SCP-6738 no more than 24 hours prior to the new moon lunar phase; if feasible, task force is to bring SCP-6738 to Site-8042 until cessation of anomalous activity. SCP-6738 is to be tagged and released after reverting to its avian body plan.

Following the termination or natural death of current SCP-6738 instance, MTF Lambda-4 ("Birdwatchers") is to be mobilized along coastlines in an expanding radius to locate the new instance. Procedures to expediently identify SCP-6738 outside of the new moon lunar phase are currently infeasible.

Per Boring Agreement, avian corpora discarded by SCP-6738 may be donated to GoI-466 ('Wilson's Wildlife Solutions') at discretion of research team, or otherwise stored at Zoological Facility-AV-γ3. All remaining corpora are to be destroyed.

Description: SCP-6738 is a Consolamentum-Type4 therianthropic entity, specifically manifesting with the body plan of a seabird. During a period up to sixteen hours coinciding with the onset of the new moon, SCP-6738 anatomically transmutes from an avian into a human being. This transmutation is not voluntary or controlled.

Although SCP-6738 has manifested as at least nine separate species of seabird, SCP-6738 always manifests as the same human corpus; identifying as 'Ketill Ketilsson', mid-30s male of Icelandic descent.

Only one instance of SCP-6738 is believed to exist at any point in time. Instances manifest after death of previous corpus and before the next new moon; the species manifested tends to match species with native range near or within the region of previous instance's death.

Addendum- List of Corpora

SCP-6738-1, preserved by Dr. Ennis Menzies


Acquired: 25/06/1968

Species: Alca torda ('Razor-billed auk')

Description: SCP-6738-1 was identified on 27/04/1968 in the village of North Tolsta, on the Scottish island of Lewis and Harris. An inconsolable human speaking a Nordic language was found by residents of the town, naked and crying on a coastal bluff. Believing him to be the survivor of a shipwreck, a resident welcomed subject into her home awaiting authorities. As police were transporting subject to an interpreter, SCP-6738-1 (who was reported as being distressed during the car ride) reverted to an avian form and escaped out of the car window.

This event would attract minimal Foundation attention after being reported in tabloid newspapers jocularly as a 'were-gull', until a near identical event occurred 25/06/1968; in which SCP-6738 reentered avian form while inside an Aberdeen City Police station and assaulted a constable. Amnestic protocol was administered to officers and object was transferred to containment at Zoological Facility-AV.

Object was granted access to a Danish-language Resen-Svaningske Lutheran Bible while in human corpus. On-site agents are encouraged to extract information from object during such events.

SCP-6738-1 expired in containment of natural causes 04/03/1973.

SCP-6738-2 in containment


Acquired: 25/10/1973

Species: Larus argentatus ('European herring gull')

Description: Three reports of similar entities occurred in Ulster, Cornwall, and Brittany, France in the months following termination of SCP-6738-1. Media reports were quietly suppressed. Object was discovered 25/10/1973 when belligerent and nude SCP-6738 accosted a police officer in Bordeaux.

Object was tentatively stored at Secure Facility-29 in Selfoss, Iceland. SCP-6738-2 expired in containment of natural causes 04/03/1978.

Location of discovery on Bass Rock


Acquired: 05/06/1978

Species: Morus bassanus ('Northern gannet')

Description: Following rigorous containment procedures and three months of scouring undertaken by MTF Lambda-4, SCP-6738 was discovered in humanoid corpus on Bass Rock, Scotland. The island is the site of the largest colony of northern gannets on Earth. Subject was wearing clothes and praying in an abandoned church.

SCP-6738-3 expired in containment of natural causes 29/04/1979.

SCP-6738-5, preserved as requested by Dr. Menzies


Acquired: 02/06/1985

Species: Oceanites oceanicus ('Wilson's storm petrel')

Description: SCP-6738 was observed in human corpus by MTF Lambda-4 on 02/06/1985 after washing ashore near Sagres, Portugal. Object was revived and entered containment.

During an incident in which SCP-6738 was allowed a supervised excursion aboard an MTF Lambda-4 vessel in the North Sea, SCP-6738-4 breached containment, flying through the prison bars of the ship's brig. Object avoided recapture for 5 months until identification on Caicos Island.

Object was transferred to Site-451 in Northern Mali to avoid proximity to ocean. SCP-6738-4 was unintentionally terminated in containment 14/02/1987.

SCP-6738-8 in containment


Acquired: 11/04/1993

Species: Pelecanus refuscens ('Pink-backed pelican')

Description: In South Africa, object was again arrested by civilian authorities in human form, but escaped in the reported corpus of a pelican. MTF Lambda-4 was mobilized and captured over 40 suspicious aves up to the next new moon, one of which was SCP-6738-8.

SCP-6738-8 expired in containment 31/01/1994.

SCP-6738-9-A, -B, -C, -D

Acquired: 23/11/1997

Species: Homo sapiens ('Common human'; four, identical)

Description: On this date, four nude bodies were found in various states of decomposition and natural mummification on Lillie Glacier in Antarctica. Bodies were determined to be the former corpora of SCP-6738, who had come here to expire on these occasions rather than risk being identified in human form.

SCP-6738-10 evading containment


Acquired: 19/11/2000

Species: Oceanites oceanicus ('Wilson's storm petrel')

Description: After evading containment for over six years, MTF Lambda-4 ceased intensive monthly scouring for SCP-6738. Object was pending reclassification to neutralized until GoI-466-12 ('WWS Pelagic Conservation Squad') reported an Oceanites oceanicus ('Wilson's storm petrel')5 amongst a native feeding group of Hydrobates monorhis ('Swinhoe's storm petrel') in international waters off the coast of the Pacific Northwest.

Three months later off the coast of Argentina, MTF Lambda-4 agents identified such a petrel which appeared to "avoid us with unusual prescience." Agents tracked SCP-6738-10 at high speed for approximately four hours; a secondary interceptor continued the chase after the agents exhausted fuel, until the object was too exhausted to evade a ensnarement device launched from interceptor. Up to this point, object was not confirmed anomalous.

SCP-6378-10 expired while entering humanoid corpus 25/11/2000.

SCP-6738-11 in containment


Acquired: 24/01/2001

Species: Diomedea exulans ('Wandering albatross')

Description: On the evening of 25/12/2000, SCP-6738 appeared in human corpus at Notre Dame Des Vents church, henceforth designated Site-804, on Kerguelen Island.

Despite language barrier, keeper Autric Fourny invited SCP-6738 into the church and gave subject clothes. Resident sailor Aron Solberg bridged language gap. Individuals built a rapport with subject, which ended abruptly when SCP-6738 fled in the corpus of an albatross.

Agent Brøste, now a year into retirement, was offered to participate in investigating whereabouts of SCP-6738-11.

Object was intercepted before escaping as an avian.

SCP-6738-11 is currently contained at Site-451 in a large terrarium.

Addendum- Ethical Review: On 03/07/2007, Tim Wilson began the following correspondence with MTF Lambda-4.

Agent Brøste thus brought Mr. Wilson to Site-451 14/07/2007.

After the finalization of the Boring Agreement, SCP-6738 was one of the anomalies successfully advocated by Mr. Wilson for transfer of custody.

From the Office of
EC Deputy Chair Rennard, Site-19

By Order of the Ethics Committee

Regarding special containment procedures for SCP-6738

Per Boring Agreement, SCP-6738 qualifies for Reintegration under the jurisdiction of GoI-466 ('Wilson's Wildlife Solutions') for the following reasons:

  • Object has had a transient presence in the Pacific Northwest;
  • Anomaly's predictable behavior warrants minimal containment;
  • Object is not hazardous to containment crew, ecosystem, or public

In addition, the cost of resources expended to contain anomaly, both in acquisition and maintenance, far exceed priority of object.

Effective immediately, SCP-6738 is to enter joint custody of MTF Beta-4 ("Castaways") and GoI-466-12 ("Wilson's Wildlife Solutions Pelagic Conservation Squad").

Office of the Ethics Committee, Ecological Concerns
Co-signed by E-40, E-3, E-22

Reintegration of SCP-6738-11, overseen by GoI-466-12

In accordance to Ethics Committee mandate, SCP-6738 was transferred to Wilson's Wildlife Center Aquatic Avian Rehabilitation. After physiological and behavioral cross-examination in both avian and human corpus, reintegration of SCP-6738 was approved. Subject was tagged for survey and future acquisition.

On 04/01/2009, Reintegration Protocol #6738 was completed and SCP-6738-11 was returned from custody to its native range off the island of South Georgia.

On 09/01/2009, GoI-466-12 distributed a pamphlet to commemorate SCP-6738.

Critter Commemoration- Ketill!

Photo Enclosed!

Name: Ketill AKA Ketill Ketilsson, K.K.


Species: Wandering Albatross

Rehab Team: Pelagic Conservation Squad

Wilson's Wildlife Solutions is ecstatic to commemorate the rehabilitation of the majestic albatross, Ketill! Soaring day and night throughout the turbulent Southern seas, this wandering albatross dominates with his mighty wingspan. If you speak Icelandic and catch him at the right moment, he can bless you with well-traveled wisdom.

Keeping an albatross in captivity seems infeasible, but that's where Ketill spent many of his years. Thanks to the Boring Agreement, Ketill will be spending many more years flying free.

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

At length did cross an Albatross,
Thorough the fog it came;
As if it had been a Christian soul,
We hailed it in God's name.

It ate the food it ne'er had eat,
And round and round it flew.
The ice did split with a thunder-fit;
The helmsman steered us through!

And a good south wind sprung up behind;
The Albatross did follow,
And every day, for food or play,
Came to the mariner's hollo!

In mist or cloud, on mast or shroud,
It perched for vespers nine;
Whiles all the night, through fog-smoke white,
Glimmered the white Moon-shine.'

'God save thee, ancient Mariner!
From the fiends, that plague thee thus!—
Why look'st thou so?'—With my cross-bow
I shot the ALBATROSS.

Critter Commemoration- Ketill!

January 09, 2009

The Sun, right up above the mast,
Had fixed her to the ocean:
But in a minute she 'gan stir,
With a short uneasy motion—
Backwards and forwards half her length
With a short uneasy motion.

Then like a pawing horse let go,
She made a sudden bound:
It flung the blood into my head,
And I fell down in a swound.

How long in that same fit I lay,
I have not to declare;
But ere my living life returned,
I heard and in my soul discerned
Two voices in the air.

'Is it he?' quoth one, 'Is this the man?
By him who died on cross,
With his cruel bow he laid full low
The harmless Albatross.

The spirit who bideth by himself
In the land of mist and snow,
He loved the bird that loved the man
Who shot him with his bow.'

The other was a softer voice,
As soft as honey-dew:
Quoth he, 'The man hath penance done,
And penance more will do.'

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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