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Item#: SCP-6737
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Assigned Site

Anthropoid Site-48

Site Director

Dr. Ionas

Research Head

Head Researcher Osman

Assigned MTF

Τ-14 ('Dutch Shepherds')

Assigned Site

Anthropoid Site-48

Site Director

Dr. Ionas

Research Head

Head Researcher Osman

Assigned MTF

Τ-14 ('Dutch Shepherds')

SCP-6737-B-009, KLM 932

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Force Tau-14 ('Dutch Shepherds') will monitor air traffic and acquire the flight manifest of every wide-body cargo and passenger airliner destined for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) between Friday at 11:00 and Saturday at 11:00. All abnormalities between flight manifest at time of take-off and at time of landing are to be investigated for the presence of SCP-6737-A. Upon acquisition of SCP-6737-A, MTF Tau-14 will bring subject to Anthropoid Site-48 for assessment. By Order of the Ethics Committee, eligibility for Reintegration Protocol is to be determined on a case-by-case basis; See Reintegration Protocol #6737 for further details.

Description: SCP-6737 is a recurring anomaly affecting flights to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS). Within a weekly 24-hour timeframe, a varying number1 of individuals (designated SCP-6737-A) will appear within AMS or onboard any number of wide-body aircraft (designated SCP-6737-B) inbound to the airport. Each instance of SCP-6737-A possesses a simulacrum of the identity of an individual who has gone missing and is presumed dead prior to manifestation. SCP-6737-B typically either departs from or has a layover at the international airport nearest to SCP-6737-A's last known whereabouts or the potential location of their remains.

SCP-6737-A subjects do not recall the immediate circumstances of their disappearance and react with unease when informed of traumatic experiences. Instances of SCP-6737-A display intricate false memories which create the belief of having lived a normal life leading up to the decision to board SCP-6737-B. This belief may be superficially supported by personal effects manifested with SCP-6737-A.

Addendum- Discovery: The first three SCP-6737-A instances manifested on 02/05/2014.

  • American Airlines 2610 departed from Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (KVG) at 06:40 EST, arriving at AMS at 12:20 CET. SCP-6737-A-001 identified as Lee Ellison, age 18 at time of acquisition. SCP-6737-A-001 was the subject of a missing persons investigation since 19/02/2009, declared a homicide 03/04/2009. Murray Souza would be convicted of her murder and two others in the Cincinnati area; although blood evidence was crucial in the trial, Ellison's remains were never located. SCP-6737-A-001 sent the following text messages to the mother of Ellison:

just landed mom


who is this???

lee lol

brb i gotta look for jenny. probably at a bar. you know they let us drink here?? and you can't stop us lol

whoever the fck u are this isnt funny. fck you

calm tf down it's just a drink. are you alright?

sick bstard impersonating my dead child. do i know u? havent seen jenny in years bitch


are you the one drinking? call me.

<SCP-6737-A-001 has a correspondence with the mother over video call, prompting her to alert media and authorities.>

  • At 18:30 CET, KLM 838 arrived from Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) carrying SCP-6737-A-002, identified as Min Jiang, age 38. Jiang was last documented 15/02/1999. Subject allegedly ceased contact with her parents in Suzhou, China due to an interpersonal dispute, and abandoned her apartment intact, her family never receiving correspondence until after appearance at AMS.
  • At 19:10 CET, Aeromexico 553 arrived after layover at Cancun International Airport (CUN). SCP-6737-A-003 identified as Roman da Silva, age 27, a Brazilian national who went missing on 05/06/2013 during a vacation trip to Mexico. During a recreational scuba diving excursion in the Gulf of Mexico, subject was separated from his diving group and never found. After manifestation at AMS, SCP-6737-A-003 began posting to social media images of himself at various locations in the city and was inundated with incredulous messages asking his whereabouts.

████████ replayed your story.

Dude, wtaf??

kkkk i know, amsterdam girls go crazy

Mate, they said you were dead. They had a wake for you. what the hell is this

They all must have been greatly exaggerating, i guess

Is this a joke to you? Christina blamed herself for the whole year. It was devastating

idk why everyone's so mad

if you wanted to see me, you could have

All subjects were discovered, contained, and interviewed at various points in time. Information released by and in relation to each subject has been suppressed. The following week, 12 SCP-6737-A instances manifested within a 24-hour period on 09/05/2014 and 10/05/2014.

Addendum- Site-48: Acquired from Schiphol Group 10/04/1998, Transit Facility-48 (LEY) has been retrofitted from inert Safe-class storage to a site dedicated to humanoid containment. Facility is to be operated under the front group Schiphol Crown Passenger Flights and serve as the primary nexus for the Orientation/Reintegration of SCP-6737-A. Flights with confirmed SCP-6737 activity are permitted to land directly at Site-48 under extenuating circumstances. Approved 25/06/2014. SCP-6737-A instances are to be contained for purposes of research for no more than 3 days before receiving D-Class orientation amended by Order of the Ethics Committee; see Reintegration Protocol #6737.


Exterior of Site-48 (LEY)

Addendum- Reintegration Protocol #6737: By Order of the Ethics Committee, individuals designated SCP-6737-A are subjects of the Reintegration Program. This Addendum is instructive of criteria:

  • Subject is above the age of 17;
  • Subject has satisfactory results from Reintegration Aptitude Test;
  • Subject is physically fit for unassisted living;
  • Subject performs unremarkably on Psychic Fortitude, Memetic, Physiological, and Thaumatological Aptitude Tests;
  • Subject is not a skilled professional and has not provided exceptional service in Foundation custody;
  • Circumstances of subject's disappearance score less than 11 on the Criminology Zeitgeist Scale3

Approved 25/02/2017 by E-12, E-40; at discretion of SCP-6737 Head Researcher, subjects fulfilling five of six criteria may be eligible for Reintegration Protocol #6737. Approved subjects will be administered Class-F ('Fugue') amnestics, assigned a new, non-anomalous identity, and released from Foundation custody into housing leased for up to three months.

For subjects below the age of 15, see Reintegration Protocol #015.

Housing and services for applicants who fail to satisfy criteria for Reintegration Protocol are subject to the discretion of Anthropoid Site-48 Director Ionas. D-Class orientation and transportation is to be overseen by the Reintegration Committee.

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