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2/6733 LEVEL 2/6733
Item #: SCP-6733

Art from the front of SCP-6733's slipcase.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6733 is currently contained in Tape Vault F, shelf ST, box #1994 in the recorded media section of the Site-73 Archives.1

Efforts to identify the actors and locations depicted in SCP-6733 are currently ongoing. Stills of the cast are compared weekly to new entrants in the Foundation facial recognition database. A manual effort is underway to investigate contemporary film production sets and compare these to SCP-6733's locations.

Description: SCP-6733 is a VHS tape cassette containing a recording of the horror movie "The Suburb Slasher Strikes Again" which was, according to the cassette's slipcase, produced by "Crystal Elms Productions" in 1985. The movie appears to be a sequel to SCP-5733, "The Suburb Slasher Returns". The primary antagonist of SCP-6733 is "The Suburb Slasher", 6733-1, a spree killer who was also present in SCP-5733.

When watched, the film causes the observer to become a conduit for the localised destabilisation of reality. Only one viewing of the film, ordered by research lead Dr. Carpenter, has been conducted and documented (See test details below). However, it is currently hypothesised that testing may have occurred more times than currently thought. Investigation is under way.

Testing: The testing ordered comprised of a D-class personnel being shown SCP-5733 up till the point its anomalous properties manifest. The same D-class was then to be shown SCP-6733, with the tape inserted into a VHS player attached to a television situated in a testing chamber. Given the unknown effects of SCP-6733, the D-class would be left alone in the chamber to watch the film, and interviewed following conclusion of the film.

The contents of SCP-6733 and its effects are documented in the addenda below:

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