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Fig. 1: Notable symptoms of MDI-6726.

Medical Division Identifier: MDI-6726

Common Descriptor: Memetic Kill Agent Exposure

Symptoms: Blindness, Extreme Nausea, Vertigo, Migraines, Seizure, Hyperventilation

Treatment Priority: Blue

Lethality: 5 (Non-Lethal)

Infection Risk: None

Hazards: Biological

Treatment: Secure patient in an isolation cell and inform them a cure is being administered. Administer Class A amnestic tabs and observe for 24 hours. Report patient's employee number to Site Director's office.

Information: MDI-6726 is a series of memetic glyphs, which, when visually observed by a human subject, induce severe nausea, vertigo, hallucinations, hysteria, and temporary blindness.

Symptoms brought on by exposure to MDI-6726 are temporary, and were designed to cause major distress in order to facilitate the identification of employees attempting to access classified documents. Due to the induced state of desperation, subjects become highly cooperative with Medical personnel and are unable to resist amnesticization.

The glyphs take the form of Langford Category-J Hypercomplex Imagery, in which the fractallic and anomalously patterned images force the brain into generating harmful mental stimuli, in this case resulting in feelings of sickness. Subjects affected by MDI-6726 will typically attempt to seek immediate medical attention, or in 3.54% of cases, attempt to 'wait out' the effects.

The harmless nature of MDI-6726 is unknown to Foundation personnel outside of the Medical and Memetics departments, which created the anomaly. It is currently used to protect classified documents such as SCP-001 from unauthorized access.

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