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Item#: 6715
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Mt. Silverthrone.

Special Containment Procedures: The public is to be made aware of unpredictable seismic activity in the Alaska Range. Denali National Park officials are to restrict access in an 5km radius from SCP-6715, citing danger of landslides and glacier outburst floods due to the aforementioned seismic activity.

Site-72 has been established at the base of Mt. Silverthrone, under the guise of a search and rescue station for the park. Site-72 personnel are to detain anyone entering the restricted area surrounding SCP-6715 for questioning and thorough psychological screenings.

Members of MTF Chi-17 ("Wake Up Call") are to be stationed in the nearby town of Healy, Alaska, U.S.A. Agents are to monitor police reports for any missing persons and are to regularly patrol local hiking routes. If any individual shows interest in going to Mt. Silverthrone, they are to be detained, questioned, and adminsitered Class-A amnestics.

Until an effective neutralization method is devised for SCP-6715-2, the entrance to SCP-6715 is to remain sealed and all personnel are to be denied access.

Description: SCP-6715 is a large subterranean facility constructed within Mt. Silverthrone, a summit of the Alaska Range, located in Denali National Park. The facility was previously operated by GoI-014 (Prometheus Labs) prior to its dissolution. Recovered documents indicate the facility operated under the leadership of Dr. Daniel Richards.1

The facility is laid out in a series of concentric rings, with the outermost rings containing living quarters and offices, while the inner rings contain a series of labs and storage rooms. The innermost chamber of SCP-6715 houses SCP-6715-1 and SCP-6715-2.

The walls separating each ring are lined with a material resembling SCP-148 in appearance and function, designated SCP-6715-A. The only known difference between SCP-148 and SCP-6715-A is that rather than releasing psionic energy when discharging, it releases tremendous amounts of kinetic energy.2

SCP-6715-1 is a large mechanical device of poorly understood design. SCP-6715-1 is roughly in the shape of an inverted cone that descends from the ceiling, terminating with a space for a human subject to place the top half of their head into. Through recovered documents it has been determined that the device serves two primary purposes:

  • To contain and monitor the telepathic abilities of SCP-6715-2.
  • To keep SCP-6715-2's consciousness active and alive regardless of any damage sustained by their physical body.

No power source has yet been discovered for SCP-6715-1, though given the length of time which it has remained active, and the amount of energy required to power such a device, it is assumed to be anomalous in nature.

SCP-6715-2 is a woman in her mid-to-late-thirties, currently contained by SCP-6715-1, suffering from severe malnutrition and muscle atrophy; their identity has yet to be confirmed. They possess unknown levels of telepathic abilities, however, it is currently theorized that they would be capable of bringing about an MK-Class "End of Human Consciousness" Scenario if they were not restricted by SCP-6715-1 and SCP-6715-A.

Addendum 6715-1: Discovery

On 01/24/2003 a 5.6 magnitude earthquake originating from the Alaska Range was detected. In the weeks following this event a number of park tourists and residents of Healy, AK were reported missing. Suspecting anomalous activity, Foundation agents embedded in the National Park Service initiated a full scale investigation.

Initial search parties found some of the missing persons scattered across less populated regions of Denali National Park, all deceased from hypothermia or exhaustion. Due to a lack of evidence indicating any struggle, it was assumed that the missing individuals had been under a compulsive effect. No progress in determining a source of the anomaly was made until the hospitalization and subsequent interview of a local.

On 02/28/2003 a survey team was sent to Mt. Silverthrone in order to locate a potential source of the anomalous activity. Upon reaching the base of the mountain a trail of human and animal corpses were discovered. Subsequent investigation confirmed that the deceased were all individuals who had gone missing within the past week.

The trail led to a cave on the mountainside, within which was a large steel door and biometric scanner. Forensic evidence suggested that the deceased had been attempting to breach the door, with no success. Upon discovering this, the survey team was called back to allow for a full scale investigation by a proper task force.

Addendum 6715-2: Exploration

Addendum 6715-3: Recovered Documents

Addendum 6715-4: Mission Debrief Interviews

Addendum 6715-5: Additional Recovered Files

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