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Item #: SCP-6712

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Provisional Task Force Sigma-42 ("Nomads") is to await and respond to SCP-6712 manifestation events and recontain it as soon as possible, preserving the game state through any means necessary up to and including lethal force. Sigma-42 is also tasked with amnesticizing witnesses and discrediting evidence of the manifestation events. Stationary Task Force Epsilon-12 ("Settlers") is to play only one legal turn of SCP-6712 before returning it to Universe #UA-90B-6712 and preparing for another manifestation event. Under absolutely no circumstances is Epsilon-12 permitted to cheat.

Description: SCP-6712 is a copy of the multiplayer boardgame Catan that randomly manifests on Earth after being returned to Universe #UA-90B-6712. Upon manifestation, one turn of the game will have been completed by the "opponent." The tiles and wooden pieces of the game have been hot glued to a sheet of cardboard while the cards and leftover pieces remain in the box. A sticky note reading "Site-89 Break Room" has been placed on the box.

During a manifestation event, a small orb of blue-white plasma emitting arcs of electricty will appear at a point on Earth. The orb will remain for approximately 30 seconds, illuminating the surrounding area and scorching any nearby material, before dissipating. In its place will be SCP-6712.

As of 14/7/2021, the game is at too early of a state for a winner to be properly predicted. The score is currently predicted to be 5 Victory Points to 3, opponent leads.

Addendum 6712.1: Creation

While researching the efficacy of extrauniversal travel at Site-89 in West Virginia, a faulty generator caused the █████ Apparatus to become overactive. In the process of shutting the Apparatus down, the entire East Wing of Site-89 including the break room was lost. Located in the break room was a copy of Catan used by personnel for entertainment.

Approximately three days later, SCP-6712 spontaneously manifested in Moab, Utah where it was recontained by Mobile Task Force Epsilon-6 ("Village Idiots"). All witnesses were amnesticized.

SCP-6712 initially manifested with one white road and one white settlement piece placed on the board. Due to the interest in researching extrauniversal entities capable of extrauniversal travel, a blue road and blue settlement piece were placed and returned to #UA-90B-6712. SCP-6712 continously remanifested until its current game state.

Addendum 6712.2: Notable Events

On 19/4/2021, a "7" was apparently rolled by the opponent and a card was taken from Epsilon-12's hand upon manifestation in Tokyo, Japan.

On 12/5/2021, Epsilon-12 traded resources for a "Development Card", obtaining a "Year of Plenty" card.

On 14/5/2021, the opponent obtained the "Longest Road" card upon manifestation in Perth, Australia. Opponent leads 4 Victory Points to 2.

On 31/5/2021, SCP-6712 manifested in Shenzen, China with a handwritten note reading:

Two wood for one brick?

One "brick" resource card was placed with the note before being returned. SCP-6712 then manifested in Manila, Philippines with two "wood" resource cards in Epsilon-12's hand. This is the only time the opponent has communicated in relation to the game mechanics.

On 2/6/2021, Epsilon-12 replaced one of their settlement pieces with a city piece. Opponent leads 4 Victory Points to 3.

On 29/6/2021, a "7" was apparently rolled by the opponent and a card was taken from Epsilon-12's hand upon manifestation in Jardin, Colombia. The opponent also traded resources for a "Development Card". Opponent possibly leads 5 Victory Points to 3.

On 1/7/2021, Epsilon-12 handwrote a note asking to trade one "sheep" resource card for one "stone" resource card before being returned. Upon SCP-6712's manifestation in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the cards were traded from Epsilon-12's hand.

On 3/7/2021, Researcher ███████ █████ took a resource card from the opponent's hand much to the dismay of his colleagues, in which he responded with offense. When SCP-6712 was returned, Researcher █████'s skull spontaneously exploded, terminating him. SCP-6712 manifested a few hours later in Site-01 with only one road piece placed and a handwritten note reading:

Please don't do that. :(

The stolen card was immediately placed back in the opponent's hand, and Epsilon-12's turn was passed as a gesture of goodwill. SCP-6712 has yet to remanifest.

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