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5/6707 LEVEL 5/6707
Item #: SCP-6707

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation personnel, embedded in academic extraterrestrial expeditions, must obfuscate studies on SCP-6707's known spread across the universe.

Description: SCP-6707 designates several species of carbon-based organisms. Generally, SCP-6707 species bear multiple appendages, attached to a central stalk supporting the organism's weight. Specimens exercise phototropism, growing to receive maximum light (generally from Earth's sun). Additional green appendages convert this light into sustenance for the primary organism, while additional appendages on the organism's bottom ground it and collect further sustenance.

SCP-6707 forms a fundamental aspect of Earth's climate and numerous human cultures.

As far as extrasolar exploration can ascertain, no SCP-6707 instances or equivalent organisms exist beyond Earth.

rev by date comments
0 O5-4 21 Jul 2094 Preliminary documentation. Urgent matter.
1 O5-4 21 Jul 2094 Uploaded file "results_from_extraplanetary_exploration.pdf"
2 O5-6 22 Jul 2094 Reclassifying as Explained, per yesterday's meeting.
3 O5-4 22 Jul 2094 Reverted to Keter. No consensus.
4 O5-4 22 Jul 2094 Uploaded file "o5_meeting_transcript_21_07_2094.pdf"
5 O5-6 23 Jul 2094 Reclassifying as Explained again, with clarification why. We have no clue what further explorations may bring. Hold off for a bit.
6 O5-10 23 Jul 2094 I figure we should have descriptions of what other planets *do* have. Not all of us completely understand what "boronic nutrient production" is.
7 O5-10 23 Jul 2094 Uploaded file "Androma-Diagram.png"
8 O5-4 25 Jul 2094 Uploaded file "o5_meeting_transcript_24_07_2094.pdf"
9 O5-4 25 Jul 2094 Reclassified as Pending. Added placeholder for future SCPS Dryad results. Compromise with O5-6.
10 O5-10 08 Sep 2094 I added the results of the mission. I await the imminent meeting.
11 O5-4 08 Sep 2094 Uploaded files "o5_meeting_transcript_09_08_2094.pdf" and "normalcy_doctrine_2.3.2.pdf"
12 O5-7 08 Sep 2094 Back to Keter. Anyone remember that Ennui idea the late 13 proposed?
13 O5-6 08 Sep 2094 Reclassifying as Explained, yet again. Surely, in an infinite universe, there exists one other planet with trees.
14 O5-7 08 Sep 2094 Not so far as we can see, 6. Reverted.
15 O5-3 08 Sep 2094 the new archon class works pretty well for this. a bit silly to attempt to contain trees, don't you think?
16 O5-7 08 Sep 2094 No one's proposing we contain trees. Reverted.
17 O5-12 08 Sep 2094 Uploaded file "Humanity-s-Anomalous-Status.pdf"
18 O5-13 08 Sep 2094 Contingencies for Veil failure. Just in case.
19 O5-10 08 Sep 2094 Uploaded file "6707.png"
20 O5-10 08 Sep 2094 I figure the file could use an actual image. Looks nicer.
21 O5-1 08 Sep 2094 Reverting to Revision 0. Edits are locked. 4 will have the floor.
22 O5-4 09 Sep 2094 Uploaded files "analysis_of_interstellar_migration_patterns.pdf", "neglect_of_plant_population.pdf", and "administrator_memo.pdf"
23 O5-4 09 Sep 2094 Uploaded file "colony_ship.jpg"
24 O5-4 09 Sep 2094 Edited Containment Procedures to account for inevitable depopulation of Earth. Long-term containment strategy: Natural erosion of memory.
25 O5-10 25 Dec 2094 I added more results from the Dryad. Merry Christmas.
26 O5-4 06 Jun 2095 Uploaded files "tree_species_decline_rates.pdf" and "humanity_colony_ship_populations.xlxs"
27 O5-10 14 Oct 2096 With permission from O5-4 and begrudging approval from O5-6, I edited the Containment Procedures to account for the tree quarantine in California.
28 O5-10 14 Oct 2096 "Special Containment Procedures" changed to "Special Conservation Procedures"
29 O5-6 16 Apr 2099 Reclassifying as "Neutralized."
30 O5-4 17 Apr 2099 No. Reclassifying as "Decommissioned".
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