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Item#: SCP-6695
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A conceptual model of SCP-6695.

Special Containment Procedures: The Interstellar Anomaly Unit (IAU) is in charge of every operation regarding SCP-6695.

Description: SCP-6695 is a spherical megastructure, often referred to as "The Aeris Outpost" by its inhabitants, that encompasses BPM-370931. It is not visible through conventional means, including direct observation via telescope or other non-anomalous equipment. SCP-6695 is composed of several orbiting panels that collectively have a total area of 50 000 000 square kilometers. SCP-6695 is inhabited by an alien civilization focused on both religious and economic interests. Most members of this civilization identify themselves as followers of the Ortothan Religion.

SCP-6695-A, also known as "Tomorrow Diamonds", refers to a manufactured product built from the resources of BPM-37093. SCP-6695-A instances are being sold across civilizations in the Milky Way by an extraterrestrial business known as This company is comprised of several Ortothan merchants devoted to a deity known as Yorun-leusan. SCP-6695-A instances are charged with high amounts of nuclear energy without any successful estimated measures.

Addendum 6695.1: On 1994/05/03 at 15:23, the IAU received an anomalous radio signal originating from a distance of 50 light-years, within the Centaurus Constellation. No delay was perceived despite the distance.


  • Dr. Edna Kowal
  • Dr. Otto Warner


  • representative


<Dr. Warner is at his office, performing his regular assignments. His radio is tuned to a music radio station when the signal is intercepted and replaced.> This is, do you read me?

<Dr. Warner ignores it, mistaking it for a song gimmick.> This is speaking to the Interstellar Anomaly Unit of the SCP Foundation, do you copy?

<Dr. Warner grabs his microphone and adjusts the frequency to match the radio.>

Dr. Warner: Yes, I can hear you. Excellent. We request to discuss business with you.

Dr. Warner: Hold on, slow down. Who am I speaking with, exactly? My apologies. I am the representative of, a business that aims to help Yorun-leusan defeat the Voruteut once and for all. We sell our products to every corner of the galaxy.

Dr. Warner: Um, right. Can you hold on for a minute? Of course.

<Dr. Warner covers the microphone with his hand.>

Dr. Warner: Edna! I need help here!

<Dr. Kowal enters the office in a hurry.>

Dr. Kowal: Otto? What’s wrong?

Dr. Warner: We have… um… a visitor. Ah, Edna Kowal. I’ve heard about you.

Dr. Kowal: Who is this? How do you know me? Let’s just say we have been keeping an eye on you and the Foundation. Are you perhaps familiar with Ortothans, miss?

Dr. Kowal: That’s doctor to you. I have met some believers but I know little about the religion itself. I’ll give you two an abridged version, for the sake of business. We, Ortothans share admiration for the Koru-teusa who defend us against the terrors of the Voruteut. We sacrifice our blood to keep Yorun-leusan and Rakmou-leusan alive and healthy.

Dr. Warner: (mumbling) What the hell?

Dr. Kowal: You sacrifice your blood? The Koru-teusa have ascended to godhood but they’re still mortal like us. They need blood to survive, we provide it to them.

Dr. Warner: If this is true, why are you contacting us? We simply wish to discuss business, of course. We seek knowledge that you possess and we offer our product in exchange for it.

Dr. Kowal: Can you be more precise? Absolutely. I have prepared a document with all the information you need. Presented in terrestrial fashion, of course. Expect it in the next few days.

<Communication with ends abruptly.>

Dr. Warner: Terrestrial?

<There is no answer.>

Dr. Warner: Hello?

Dr. Kowal: I think the connection has been lost.

Dr. Warner: Damn it. What’s up with that guy?

<Dr. Kowal shrugs.>

Dr. Kowal: We should locate where this signal came from.

Dr. Warner: What about protocol?

Dr. Kowal: Otto. You of all people should not give a shit about protocol.

Dr. Warner: I’m sorry.

Dr. Kowal: Don’t apologize. We are still the directors of this department, we decide how we do things.

Dr. Warner: Yeah, I know…


Addendum 6695.2: Three days after, the following document is received and printed through Dr. Warner's fax machine.

Are you tired of living a hollow, meaningless life? Do you dread waiting for the day a Voruteut will consume you? Do you ever wonder if you could do something for the universe? Well, wonder no more. Just say the word and we can make that dream a reality. Just by sharing the knowledge you possess on the approaching terrors that are soon to cause our demise, we'll give you an incredible total of TEN THOUSAND TONS worth of Tomorrow Diamonds every time your planet completes a revolution around Sol.

What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking, call now before the opportunity vanishes for good, just like all of us.


In The Sky With Diamonds.

A product brought to you by

Your knowledge on the Voruteut will be used for the betterment of and the glory and health of The Koru-teusa.

The IAU directors decided to establish communication with to further understand and potentially contain this anomaly. On 1994/05/07, a transmission is re-established using the same frequency had hijacked.


  • Dr. Edna Kowal
  • Dr. Otto Warner


  • representative

<BEGIN LOG> We've been expecting you.

Dr. Kowal: We have considered your offer. Oh? So you're interested in our exclusive Tomorrow Diamonds?

Dr. Warner: Well, we'd like to ask some questions first.

<Line remains quiet for a second.> Go ahead.

Dr. Kowal: We don't quite yet understand what these Tomorrow Diamonds are. Tomorrow Diamonds are the most valuable resource available in the entire galaxy. They're imbued with great amounts of energy which can be applied to many uses. For example, it is used to power the entirety of the Aeris Outpost, our center of operations.

Dr. Kowal: Why should we be interested in them? Glad that you asked. Tomorrow Diamonds are also utilized to fuel rockets and spaceships, if used right they can reach FTL2 speeds.

<Dr. Kowal turns at Dr. Warner who has a wide grin on his face.>

Dr. Kowal: Alright then, you asked for us to give us your knowledge on a thing. A Voruteut? I believe you are familiar with it, one of your kind was able to change its course.

Dr. Warner: Are they talking about-

Dr. Kowal: What is it like? It hides in plain sight, takes unconventional appearances and consumes light and life.

Dr. Warner: That's definitely SCP-6240.

<Dr. Kowal shushes Dr. Warner.> It has been a trouble for us and currently, it's threatening our outpost. We've been able to hide for a while but it's bound to eventually find us.

Dr. Kowal: Please give us a second.

<Dr. Kowal mutes the microphone.>

Dr. Kowal: We can't just give them what we have on 6240.

Dr. Warner: Consider this, Edna. We could build devices that surpass our current technology.

Dr. Kowal: I don't trust them, there's something off about them.

Dr. Warner: Don't we kind of owe it to them? We were the ones who redirected the thing towards them.

Dr. Kowal: They seem to be doing well on their own.

<Dr. Warner looks at the ground for a few seconds then back up at Dr. Kowal.>

Dr. Warner: Well… As a co-director of the IAU, I think we should do it.

<Dr. Kowal sighs.>

Dr. Kowal: Fine. But let's test the waters first.

<Dr. Kowal turns on the microphone again.>

Dr. Kowal: Could we have a sample first, before agreeing to anything. Of course, of course. Very smart of you. We are proud of our product and its quality. Expect its arrival soon.

<Connection is terminated.>

Dr. Warner: Thank you, Edna.


Approximately 36 hours following the previous interview, an unidentified object entered Earth's atmosphere and landed on the entrance to the IAU's offices. The object was suspected to be the equivalent of a cargo vehicle in the form of a spacecraft. It left a 0.6 cubic meter box composed of an unknown type of wood before leaving our planet. Each side of the box had "" written over it.

Inside the box, there was an SCP-6695-A instance with a weight of 10 kilograms. Analysis of the SCP-6695-A instance confirmed the presence of high amounts of nuclear energy with it.

A photomicrograph of SCP-6695-A.

Once the analysis was finished,'s offer was forwarded to the O5-Command.

Is's offer to be accepted?

Council vote summary:



SCP-6240's classified document was forwarded to Their side of the contract was followed and the SCP-6695-A instances were received accordingly. Dr. Warner commenced research on SCP-6695-A.

Addendum 6695.3: Starting on 1998/05/1, contacted the IAU for more information on SCP-6240. No new information on the anomaly was able to be given to on any attempt.

The following document was received through fax on 2000/07/02.

I'm sorry to inform you that the next batch of Tomorrow Diamonds will not be arriving on time. Currently, we're under an emergency as our guardian, Yorun-leusan, is currently in combat against a huge Voruteut invasion. We are deeply sorry to not be able to deliver on time and we will resume our production as soon as possible, thank you.


In The Sky With Diamonds.

A product brought to you by

Your knowledge on the Voruteut will be used for the betterment of and the glory and health of The Koru-teusa.

Dr. Warner completed the prototype of a drone named FLUV-1, powered by SCP-6695-A. This device transmits a live feed of what it's currently observing with minimum delay, regardless of its location. FLUV-1 is equipped with many camera lenses, designed to surpass SCP-6695's anomalous camouflage techniques.


  • Dr. Edna Kowal
  • Dr. Otto Warner


The prototype device FLUV-1 was launched and set to locate SCP-6695. FLUV-1 reached its destination after 46 hours of traveling at FTL speeds.


<Camera feed shows BPM-37093 without the presence of SCP-6695.>

Dr. Kowal: Finally. Wait, where is it?

Dr. Warner: Hold on.

<Dr. Warner presses a button, which makes the camera change through different lenses. It stops at a lens where SCP-6695 is blurred but visible>

Dr. Warner: It works!

Dr. Kowal: It looks a bit… foggy.

Dr. Warner: It's the best we've got for now.

Dr. Kowal: Alright, then. What do we do now?

<Dr. Warner looks at Dr. Kowal with a grin.>

Dr. Warner: We explore, of course.

<The device approaches and enters SCP-6695 through a docking bay. The structure is filled with buildings, however, no living entities are seen.>

Dr. Kowal: Shouldn't it be filled with people? Where are they?

Dr. Warner: No idea.

<The drone advances through SCP-6695 as more buildings are visible. After several minutes, many alien entities are seen marching through the spacecraft. The entities are armed and wear a uniform.>

Dr. Warner: They look like ants… or bees.

Dr. Kowal: What are they doing?

<Dr. Warner approaches his screen.>

Dr. Warner: It looks like they're patrolling. Are they members of the police? Or the Military?

Dr. Kowal: Well, mentioned an invasion. They could be at war.

Dr. Warner: Do you think they can see us?

Dr. Kowal: Wait, look at that!

<Dr. Kowal points at the corner of the screen. The drone's camera angle is readjusted to focus on that spot. Some of the alien entities are exchanging SCP-6695-A instances for diverse valuables, including what seems to be food.>

Dr. Warner: Are they… trading diamonds?

Dr. Kowal: They're making a profit.

<One of the entities notices the drone and shoots in with a fire weapon. Connection with FLUV-1 is lost.>

Dr. Warner: FLUV-1! No!

Dr. Kowal: Shit, what do we do now?

Dr. Warner: I don't know.

<Dr. Kowal stares at the screen's static before turning it off.>

Dr. Kowal: Maybe we should just wait until their war ends, getting involved seems to be a bad choice.

Dr. Warner: Makes sense.

<Dr. Kowal looks at Dr. Warner>

Dr. Kowal: Wait, FLUV-1? Did you name the drone after Doug?

<Dr. Warner nods.>

Dr. Kowal: That's sweet.

<Dr. Warner stands up and hugs Dr. Kowal.>

Dr. Kowal: Um, Otto?

Dr. Warner: You're a good friend.

<Dr. Kowal smiles.>

Dr. Kowal: You too.


Seven months afterward, the following document was received through the IAU's fax machine.

We apologize profusely for the delay. Yorun-leusan has succumbed to the Voruteut and we miss them greatly. However, Rakmou-leusan stood off the invasion and proclaimed themselves as the winner. will resume its mission to support our last Koru-teusa. We have not forgotten our deal and appreciate what you've given us. Our product is ready to ship again and you may expect it to arrive in the following days.


In The Sky With Diamonds.

A product brought to you by

Your knowledge on the Voruteut will be used for the betterment of and the glory and health of Rakmou-leusan.

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