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Implementation Report

  • WARREN EYE: Construction of a reactive and proactive containment construct(s) for the isolation of entities within the noosphere.

REPORT — Dr. Adamore, Site-184, Applied Metaphysics:

I've been asked to summarize the role of GOTTFRIED Protocol WARREN EYE in the containment of SCP-6689. The first thing to recognize is the broader steps undertaken by GOTTFRIED. Initially, various protocols were utilized to identify the meta-construct of SCP-6689 within the noosphere and partially isolate it while preserving human conceptualization of affiliated concepts. It was thought that this would be sufficient to halt the continued growth of SCP-6689. However, we — at the time — failed to recognize the entity displaying signs of sentience in its responsive navigations of the containment construct: the entity was systematically exploring the conceptual paths and frameworks.

In response, we introduced antimemetic agents into the construct through GOTTFRIED Protocol BLINDFOLD. This successfully prevented any significant breaches of containment, but presents further complications. Chiefly, we fear the entity might recognize, subvert, and/or assimilate these antimemetic properties into itself; the latter one is our chief concern, as in doing so we may be unaware of a successful breach. As such, an additional layer of protection was needed for continual containment.

GOTTFRIED Protocol WARREN EYE ensures containment of SCP-6689 is not merely reactive, but also proactive. By tracing SCP-6689's awareness of itself within the containment construct, GOTTFRIED is capable of adjusting the 'walls' of the labyrinth to divert SCP-6689 away from a potential breach or isolate the entity within a temporary micro-containment construct should the need arise, an essential response to any failure in the other components of the containment construct.

Currently under consideration is how the active observation of SCP-6689 undertaken by GOTTFRIED may interact with the self-referential framework of containment. While we cannot comprehend the subjective experience of the entity within the containment construct, we know — having devised its conceptual framework — that it is likely aware of its containment; we are currently unable to disassociate the conceptualization of being contained from the experience of being contained within the noosphere. As such — thankfully — the ongoing observation of the entity by GOTTFRIED ought to be indistinct from its experience of containment. From the perspective of the entity, ongoing observation is, within this framework, an inherently associated concept with containment itself.

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