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SCP-6686 in heliostationary orbit of the northern polar region of Sol, pre-fusion event.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6686 is currently contained within a critical-grade, radiation-proof, heat resistant, electromagnetic heavy humanoid containment chamber on Laniakea Station1 in close orbit of Sol. The chamber has been constructed within the habitation ring's central support structure. It can be decoupled in case of emergency and ejected from the station, after which it will remain in stable Sol orbit for later retrieval by STF-Majoris-α‏‏‎ ("Orion's Dogs"),2 who are temporarily stationed on Mercury until barracks on Laniakea Station finish construction.

Under O5 Command: Any physical exposure to, observation of, or communication with SCP-6686 is expressly forbidden to all staff of any clearance level.

Description: SCP-6686 is a sentient, humanoid entity of average human height and build, composed exclusively out of QCD matter;3 believed to be the densest matter in existence and theorized to only exist within the core of especially dense neutron stars.4 This matter remains perfectly stable within SCP-6686, despite lacking the extreme gravitational forces that would typically be necessary to produce and maintain it, it instead only exerts the gravitational influence of an average human. Similarly, its internal and external temperature has been measured at an unchanging 30°C across its entire body, despite QCD matter in its typical environment being measured around 1012 °C

SCP-6686 emits light at an average of 860,000lm5/m2 when unexposed to foreign stimuli. Through exposure-reduced footage, the only detail that can be distinguished is an oscillating image stretching across its facial topography. The image delineates a distance and angle conformal map of the celestial neighborhood of the Solar system, depicting 22 of the most proximate star systems with a notable exception of Sirius. The oscillations repeat every 8.6 seconds and begin in the center of the image where Sol is located, dimming depicted star systems systematically by proximity until each fades out fully, at which point it repeats again from the center.

SCP-6686 possesses no internal nor external organs and is incapable of hearing or speech. However, through anomalous means, it is capable of registering visual stimuli, allowing for communication through visual morse code. Additionally, SCP-6686's luminosity sporadically fluctuates in intensity when exposed to foreign physical stimuli; reactions can range from light to extremely bright fluctuations.

Despite having no components capable of doing so, SCP-6686 is able to receive and transmit free-space optical (FSO)6 communications. This was discovered after an image captured shortly following its discovery revealed an unauthorized transmission narrowcast towards SCP-6686 originating from a Foundation-subsidiary operated satellite in Earth orbit; which received a return narrowcast from SCP-6686 shortly after. No logs of either message or their contents could be found in the SatCom database. The event is currently under investigation. For further information on the discovery of SCP-6686, see addendum below.


First image of SCP-6686 captured by SOHO's LASCO C3 Lens.

Addendum /// Discovery: SCP-6686 was discovered on 16/05/2092 through images captured by NASA's SOHO7 Satellite; initially thought by astronomers to be a comet from the Kreutz Sungrazer family.8 A few hours before estimated contact with the corona, the object drastically altered its trajectory without external influence; instantly decelerating into a perfectly stable heliostationary orbit of the northern polar region at a distance of 40,000km. Despite the extreme proximity to the corona, it exhibited no signs of deterioration. At this point, the Foundation is alerted by Agents embedded within NASA and the anomaly is placed under surveillance. Direct witnesses are amnesticized and a cover story is formulated; blaming the event on faulty satellite instruments due to advanced age and use far past its original service life.

Due to its proximity to the event, Laniakea Station was ordered to temporarily monitor the object while STF-Majoris-α was re-tasked and commanded to retrieve it.


SCP-6686 mid-fusion event. Image from
STF-Majoris-α, now in deceleration burn.

Addendum /// Fusion Event: After remaining in heliostationary orbit for approximately 12 hours, SCP-6686 begins to deform; attaching itself to the photosphere9 in the process. Over the course of 8 minutes and 36 seconds, 99.86% of its mass is absorbed into Sol, with the final 00.14% remaining perfectly
stable in orbit. Laniakea Station probe LNK-SOLSAT-71 confirms
remaining SCP-6686 mass to be humanoid in shape, the
STF-Majoris-α Containment Cruiser "Scipio Aemilianus" is
ordered to approach.

First recorded movement of SCP-6686 is detected at a separation of 8.6km; exiting a fetal position to gesture down towards the photosphere. Its location in orbit has now been confirmed to be directly opposite that of SCP-179. Due to atmospheric conditions, LNK-SOLSAT-71 is unable to observe any precise motions. Though after extensive review they appear to be dismissive in nature. At a separation of 0.86km, SCP-6686 returns to its fetal position and is apprehended by STF-Majoris-α without incident.


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