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The following file is 4/6685 Classified.
Unauthorized access is forbidden.
Item#: 6685
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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From statues to clothing to cave paintings. They all depict the same thing: that creature and the forest. This confirms our suspicions, that creature has been around for some time.

Archeological Studies conducted by the Foundation in the Hudson Bay.

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
CANUST Site-16 Nane M. Andrei Dr. Armalius Whyle Zeta-6 "Wood-rangers"

Special Containment Procedures: The area surrounding SCP-6685-1 is to be constantly supervised from a safe distance of 5 meters from its security perimeter following procedures from Foundation's Silvology Division1 and continuous surveillance of the perimeter is to be carried out with remote operating robots or surveillance drones. Foundation personnel are to remain in the control room unless needed. Persons having come across the containment site are to be administered Class-B amnestics and released back to the public. All operations are to be maintained under the guise of local fauna research. Negotiations with Odawa2 chiefs and spiritual leaders are ongoing to better contain SCP-6685 and avoid security breaches.


SCP-6685-1's interior prior to containment.

Description: SCP-6685 is currently composed of 2 different entities, SCP-6685-1 and SCP-6685-2:

  • SCP-6685-1 is an extradimensional boreal forest that can be accessed via a wooden area in Hudson Bay, Canada. Instead of conventional wood, the entire forest is composed of human bodies turned into trees.
  • SCP-6685-2 is a humanoid entity with a few noticeable characteristics: one (1) black orifice believed to be a primitive eye, disproportionately long arms and legs, 2 branch-like horns standing vertically at the top of its head and the ability to transform humans into various types of trees from the Coniferae division.

SCP-6685-2 can achieve this through direct visual contact with the victim.3 Upon eye contact with human tissue, the entity will induce immediate cellular mitosis and DNA changes. It is believed that SCP-6685-2 uses a previously unknown type of wave4 to achieve this. These changes will create tree branches that expand and cover the whole body within minutes from the original point of visual contact. SCP-6685 has used surprise attacks and ambushes to attack its prey previously. It is also known to use its surroundings to its advantage such as camouflage. Once the individual is fully converted, SCP-6685-2 will pick up the body and bury it in a random area of the forest. Victims are reported to reassemble different types of conifers with fleshy malformations and distorted faces/body parts. Moaning and whispers can be heard from these at times. Furthermore, SCP-6685-2 has a symbiotic relationship with SCP-6685-1.
While SCP-6685-2 expands the forest by planting more trees, SCP-6685-1 gives the entity shelter.

It has been theorized that SCP-6685-2 has become hostile to human life following the incidents of Addendum 2.01.

Stories from indigenous people describe a creature reminiscent of SCP-6685-2. An excerpt is listed below.

And then Tatokanouva entered the forest of the Unrested. There he found the Beast of the Night, who taught him how to become one with nature. But foolish Tatokanouva took the power away from the forest, only to be caught and made part of it by the creature. May he remain in that form forever, to suffer for his misdeeds.

A legend from the Odawa.


  • 2014: Disappearance of 15 workers sent to exploit the territory near the ██████ Island.
  • 2016: Mobile Task Force deployed to investigate the perimeter. Anomaly confirmed.
  • 2018: First D-class test. Anomaly is classified as Hiemal5/Euclid.
  • 2019: SCP-6685 receives official alpha-numeric designation and is declared contained.

Addendum 1.01

Exploration Log Transcript

Note: Due to their experience with natural environments, Mobile Task Force Zeta-6 was chosen for this log.

Exploration Team: Zeta-6 ''Wood-rangers''

Overview: Zeta-6 was instructed to enter SCP-6685-1 and collect samples of flora, fauna for biological studies and possibly observe SCP-6685-2 in its natural environment.

Team Lead: ζ-6 Walter

Team Members: ζ-6 Andy, ζ-6 Renee, ζ-6 Elliot


ζ-6 Walter: Ok, mics on mates.

ζ-6 Elliot: Alright, I'm ready for this.

ζ-6 Renee: Watch your six, that thing could come out of nowhere.

ζ-6 Walter: We have to get some stupid samples for our scientists than we get out.

ζ-6 Andy: C'mon amigos, let's get to it.

ζ-6 Elliot: Why do you need to be so excited about anything?

[several minutes elapse]

ζ-6 Andy: Can't even look at these horrifying trees.

ζ-6 Walter: Those trees contain human tissue and wood, mate. I don't even want to imagine what it is like to be like that.

ζ-6 Elliot: I think we're deep enough, any drones would have lost signal by now.

ζ-6 Andy: Let's collect those samples then.

[MTF Zeta-6 takes tissue samples from the grass and wood.]

ζ-6 Walter: Alright mates, I'm done. No animals around here?

ζ-6 Elliot: They must not like the neighbours.

ζ-6 Andy: Then we should get back, 6685-2 likes to ambush its prey.

ζ-6 Renee: on the thermal scanner I have something- 20 meters, up ahead.

ζ-6 Andy: Guys, I will defend this area.

ζ-6 Elliot: I'm with you, you need backup.

ζ-6 Walter: Guess it's just you and me mate. Let's close in on that thing.

ζ-6 Renee: Ok, coming with you.

[ζ-6 Walter and ζ-6 Renee approach the thermal reading]

SCP-6685-2 is planting a tree with its back towards the team members.

ζ-6 Renee: in sign language Should we engage?

ζ-6 Walter: in sign language No. Let's go around it.

[SCP-6685-2 turns to face the team]

ζ-6 Elliot: Fuck! Get out of its sight!

ζ-6 Walter: Smoke grenades!

ζ-6 Walter throws smoke grenades to hide their position.

[SCP-6685-2 is confused by the smoke and begins to wander around]

ζ-6 Andy: We have to retreat amigos!

ζ-6 Walter: On it, mate! Renee, Elliott, let's get out of here! Andy, get those samples!

ζ-6 Elliot: Copy that!



[MTF Zeta-6 returns to base successfully]

Note: While inspecting MTF Zeta-6's equipment for damages, the technicians recovered an image of the entity from ζ-6 Elliot's helmet. Photo presented below.

Since enough information has not been collected by the operation, we will be forced to conduct another exploration attempt.
-Dr. Whyle

Addendum 2.01

Note: This is believed to be the first documented encounter of SCP-6685-2, taken directly from one of the construction workers' private text messages with his family.

[…] And then we settled our camp near the island, a perfect place starting our wood exportation. But we had to deal with some indigenous people saying that it's sacred land. I'm not surprised honestly, this is a virgin forest that hasn't been touched for hundreds of years. Anyway, our boss promised them that they'll be relocated.

Just got my from the woods, been cutting trees all day. my boys are tired, and the strange sounds coming from the area aren't helping out. Also, things are starting to disappear. I swear, something's not good with this place. Maybe the Inuits were right, what if a bear attacks us while we sleep? I'll stay on guard.

Just saw something in the woods! A tall shadowy creature. They wouldn't believe me. They thought I was crazy. That I'm losing my mind because of all this work. Could it have been my imagination? I'm coming home soon, I guess.

[…] This thing, it doesn't like what we're doing. The exploitation of the land, the pollution. I can't help but wonder, what is it gonna do to us? […] I reported to my boss what I've seen, but he wouldn't listen. Tomorrow, I go, no matter what they say.

I'm on the train. Some cops showed up and said they want us all gone. Now, this is really creeping me out. Oddly, they wanted to speak to me particularly. But I don’t remember what they said, strange… Anyways, they can all wait, for now. Can't wait to see all of you ;)

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