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Item#: SCP-6680
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Special Containment Procedures

All major printing companies that produce textbooks for Boston Public Schools are to be surveilled by embedded Foundation staff. These field agents are instructed to monitor for educational materials that acknowledge the existence of SCP-6680. Each textbook discovered that references SCP-6680 in any way is to be transported to Site-09 for analysis and disposal. Textbooks discovered to be in public circulation containing references to SCP-6680 are to be retrieved and Class-C amnestics are to be administered to any persons who have been exposed to such content.


SCP-6680 is the ahistoric organization “Purity in Perpetuity” which is, “an association of women dedicated to the purity of the human soul through the elimination of alcohol consumption in all forms.” .Irwin, E.F. (2011). Women of the Prohibition. Quest Publications. This group has no presence in any historical record outside of select textbooks printed for Boston Public Schools. Based on analysis of the 16 texts found that reference Purity in Perpetuity, the organization was an extremist sect of the American Temperance Movement that utilized extreme violence as a means to eliminate alcohol consumption and production. Each textbook has contained new information about the group and its activities.

The method by which SCP-6680 is inserted into these texts is unknown. There has been no consistency noted in publisher, manufacturer, or author among texts that reference Purity in Perpetuity. However, these references are always thematically appropriate with the other content in the text.

By learning about the existence of Purity in Perpetuity via a textbook, the reader adopts the extremist views that would have been typical for a member of the group via a memetic effect inherent in the text. These effects are eradicated following appropriate amnestic therapy. An example of this effect is described in Addendum 6680.1.

Addendum 6680.1: Discovery

The first known case of SCP-6680 exposure was noted in 1985 at Kissel Middle School in Boston, MA. History teacher Lisa Walters began her segment on the Prohibition and proceeded to give a lecture on Purity in Perpetuity. She emphasized to her students the necessity of the group's actions and their moral necessity.

The Foundation became aware of this incident after the deaths of 34 people were reported who were all family members of her students. Agents embedded in the Boston Police Department discovered the cause of these deaths and detained Walters for questioning.

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