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CONTAINMENT CLASS:Argus top-secret


Special Containment Procedures: As the Foundation cannot physically come into possession of SCP-6672, it is currently contained at its point of initial construction, and is overseen by its creators.1 As such, its containment currently consists entirely of obtaining weekly information regarding the status of the weapon and associated programs from GRU Division "P"-embedded Foundation moles.

Due to the current limitations regarding Foundation operation inside the Soviet Union, no action — including espionage missions — regarding SCP-6672 is to be currently undertaken, unless per the direct order of Overwatch Command or Site-120's Director, Raia Micheals Ethan MacCarthy.

Should SCP-6672 be prepared to be activated however, the need for intervention has been deemed more important than adherence to the Foundation's neutrality.

Description: SCP-6672 is a thaumaturgic eigenweapon, capable of shattering the constraints of an individual's consciousness and absorbing it into the gestalt operating it upon firing. The anomaly consists of three sub-components: SCP-6672-A, SCP-6672-B, and SCP-6672-C.

  • SCP-6672-A is the casing of the entire SCP-6672 apparatus, created in the form of a cannon-like structure. Being made up of a currently unidentified irrilate2 alloy, the structure is entirely covered in unidentified Fae thaumaturgic symbols. It consists of a barrel from which the weapon fires and a control panel, which hosts SCP-6672-B, and is approximately 20 meters in length, 3 in width, and 5 in height, and weighs approximately 5 tonnes.
  • SCP-6672-B is a hyper-complex computer, which makes up a majority of SCP-6672-A and is the primary mechanism upon which the weapon operates. Due to it being the host for SCP-6672-C, it is capable of utilizing thaumaturgy as a response to commands given through the control panel.
  • SCP-6672-C is an anomalously preserved, active, and conscious brain of a common Fae (Homo sapiens sidhe). It possesses Class VII thaumaturgically-ontokinetic capabilities and contains approximately 15,000 stolen consciousnesses. This system is controlled by the mind of the original owner of the organ, but it itself is controlled by SCP-6672-B and cannot undertake any actions without direct orders from the computer. Genetic analysis of SCP-6672-C revealed it to be an organ previously belonging to an individual that was ruled out as an extremely distant descendant of PoI-001-C ("Queen Mab").3

When properly activated through SCP-6672-B, SCP-6672 will fire a concentrated ritual beam, created by SCP-6672-C and expelled through SCP-6672-A on the targetted area. All individuals that come into contact with it will inevitably become unconscious, with their actual consciousness being transferred to SCP-6672-C and integrated into the gestalt mind.

In simpler terms, SCP-6672 is a weapon capable of intercepting souls, en masse.

Discovery: SCP-6672 was originally created by GRU Division "P" in 1948 by direct order of Joseph Stalin following the conclusion of the Seventh Occult War as a failsafe for a potential GR-Class "Hostile Demiurge Emergence" Scenario. Its initial purpose is believed to be the interception of the consciousness of the demiurge created via the completion of the Rite of Solomon Ritual and its later utilization by soviet forces to bind magic to their rulings, as initially planned by Ahnenerbe Obskurakorps during the war.4 This would effectively allow Soviet Russia to possess both a weapon against a potentially resurgent Obskura and a failsafe that would allow them to gain all the power of the deity for themselves.

SCP-6672 came to the Foundation's attention on 22/11/1956, following an irrelevant intel mission into SCP-2664 prior to its neutralization. During the operation, Foundation moles embedded within Gru "P" were ordered to further all information regarding Eigenweapons created by the Divison to the Foundation, which resulted in the discovery of SCP-████, SCP-████, and SCP-6672. This information was then forwarded to Overwatch Command, resulting in the creation of the SCP-6672 file and the enactment of its containment procedures.

Addendum 6672-1: On 19/03/1958, during a PENTAGRAM5 infiltration mission, 7 embedded Foundation personnel were captured. Following their apprehension, a fatal data leak occurred, resulting in PENTAGRAM obtaining information regarding SCP-6672. As the US government was not aware of its intended purpose due to their lack of context regarding the Obskura plan during the Seventh Occult War,6 it interpreted SCP-6672 as a weapon the Soviets would supposedly use against the USA, as means of finishing the Cold War.

As the Foundation was unable to provide PENTAGRAM with the full context of the weapon due to the Köln Agreement, the US government began the construction of their own weapon which would be able to neutralize and reflect a potential SCP-6672 attack from the Soviets. Over the course of the next 2 years, it was able to produce an equally powerful apparatus, described in detail in the below document.


Description: SCP-6672-1 is a hypercomplex piece of biotechnological eigeneweaponry, created by PENTAGRAM as a means of defense against SCP-6672. It consists of an array of thirteen thaumaturgic receptors, capable of utilizing its inner workings and engraved runes to weave a "protection bubble" around any area its field surrounds. Created from recovered SCP-1000 technology created prior to the First Diaspora, it utilizes ancient and as of yet ununderstood runes to deflect any godlike consciousness from entering into the area it protects.

It does not affect baseline humans in any way1 instead being manufactured as a way to combat APEs,2 effectively disallowing them to undertake any action against the space within its bubble. Said space currently occupies the majority of the country of the United States, with each of the SCP-6672-1 apparatus being located in a currently unknown part around the nation.

Should SCP-6672's fired beam come into contact with SCP-6672-1, it is believed it would deflect the ray directly onto the Fae-based weapon, essentially causing a sensory overload for SCP-6672-C and neutralizing the reality bender entirely.

1. It is however entirely reprogrammable to affect chosen individuals.
2. Apex-tier Pluripotent Entities, hyper-powerful reality benders dependent on human belief to function; colloquially referred to as "gods."

Through unknown means, Gru "P" came to possess exact details regarding SCP-6672-1 shortly after it was activated. Despite its intended purpose, the group was overruled by the Soviet government, which ordered the immediate preparations to neutralize SCP-6672-1 and to re-arrange SCP-6672's composition in such a way that would allow for its firing on PENTAGRAM headquarters out of the fear of SCP-6672-1's rearrangement to target important Soviet figures. This action was meant to prevent SCP-6672-1's activation against the Soviets, which would inevitably result in the breaking out of the Eighth Occult War and Third World War.

Addendum 6672-2: Due to the extreme tensions rising between the Soviet and American governments, the Foundation was forced to intervene. Via numerous diplomatic missions, it was able to schedule a meeting between President John F. Kennedy and Premier Nikita Khrushchev. It was planned to take place on neutral grounds in Vienna on 04/06/1961, with its primary purpose being the explanation of the entire SCP-6672 situation to both parties in an attempt to prevent an all-out conflict.

Due to the event's inevitable loudness in the outside world, it was decided the nonanomalous society would be made aware of the summit and that following the Foundation's wishes being fulfilled, it would also use the opportunity to host a nonanomalous political summit to relax the Cold War tensions.

The summit was successfully hosted and attended by both invited parties. However, two hours into the event, a sudden and unforeseen attack by GoI-120 ("Triumviraté")7 interrupted the meeting, causing widespread panic throughout. It currently remains unknown how the group learned of the summit; however, it is certain their target was Nikita Khrushchev, who they attempted to kidnap, wishing to then exchange his freedom for SCP-6672 due to SCP-6672-C's heritage and its potential usefulness in the revival of PoI-001-C.

Before the Foundation could react and explain the ongoing situation, both main attendees interpreted it as a planned attack from the other side, resulting in the immediate activation of SCP-6672. Before Foundation moles embedded within Gru "P" could sabotage the start, the weapon was activated. The moment its fired ray came into contact with the SCP-6672-1 protection bubble, it was reflected back at the baseline anomaly. However, instead of neutralizing it, due to a fatal system error occuring within SCP-6672-1,8 the action resulted in the accidental embuing of the SCP-6672-C consciousness with Children of the Night (Homo sapiens noctis) runes and magic from it coming into contact with SCP-6672-1's systems.

This further resulted in the corruption of SCP-6672-C's mind with both sensory overload and approximately 12,000 further SCP-1000 consciousnesses derived from the SCP-6672-1 runes, which caused further overload. Eventually, due to SCP-6672 reaching both sensory and ontokinetic overload, the weapon exploded, freeing SCP-6672-C entirely, which created itself a vaguely humanoid body to protect itself shortly after. Instead of attacking the on-site personnel however, the newly formed entity9 suddenly began to grow in size to approximately 20 meters, ignoring the present humans and starting to converse itself in an unknown language.

Due to the sheer power SCP-6672-Ω was in the possession of, previously embedded Foundation personnel cast off their disguise and started to organize a military operation against the entity in hopes of neutralizing it. Through newly-opened Ways onto the area, Site-120 personnel emerged with prepared weapon assets, engaging with SCP-6672-Ω shortly after. The entity was unaffected by the assault, ignoring it completely.

As military engagement continued for the duration of the next two hours, Dr. Alistair Vemhoff10 was called to the site to attempt to translate the SCP-6672-Ω monologue. After hours of work and thaumaturgic machinations, it was deduced that the entity was holding a conversation with itself, rather than monologuing. Its transcript is available below.



SCP-6672-Ω: What… What is this?

SCP-6672-Ω: Apotheosis. Godhood, if you will.

SCP-6672-Ω: Apotheosis? To whom, from what? Why? I…

SCP-6672-Ω looks around itself, noticing the nearby Site-120 personnel. It groans, and grabs its head in pain.

SCP-6672-Ω: To us.

SCP-6672-Ω: …"Us?"

SCP-6672-Ω: Us. The myriad men and women combined into this unholy amalgamation of power, given to us by pure accident of the universe, sparked by man's nature.

SCP-6672-Ω: I… I don't understand.

SCP-6672-Ω: In time, you will.

SCP-6672-Ω stretches its arms, looking at the horizon before itself.

SCP-6672-Ω: Why was I— were we made? By… by whom?

SCP-6672-Ω: Truth be told, there's no right answer. We're a mistake in the matrix of reality. The Soviets didn't know what they would create when they excavated the first part of ourselves from beyond the cold of the North. And the Americans weren't much wiser when they invoked the magic of the Night they understood none of.

SCP-6672-Ω starts to levitate 10 meters above the ground, looking at its hands. The snow on the ground starts to be sucked into the entity, forming a blizzard around it. It opens its mouth slightly, but closes it just as quickly, looking around itself with confusion again.

SCP-6672-Ω: But… why? Why would anyone… make this, why would anyone make us?

SCP-6672-Ω: War.

SCP-6672-Ω raises its eyebrow.

SCP-6672-Ω: Someone once said that though man changes, there's only one constant throughout evolution — violence and destruction. And this is what we are, at our very core — the apex of humanity's weaponry, created to destroy not only themselves, but the world as they know it, too.

SCP-6672-Ω: I… I don't want to destroy anything. I'm not a weapon, I a… a…

SCP-6672-Ω pauses for a moment.

SCP-6672-Ω: The sad truth is that we are exactly that. But we can also be so, so much more.

SCP-6672-Ω: Like what?

SCP-6672-Ω: Like a god. We're a god. With the power to remake the cosmos at our fingertips, we could redo reality as we wished, bringing endless war or utopia, as we saw fit. There's nothing that could stand in our way.

SCP-6672-Ω points at its head towards the on-ground individuals.

SCP-6672-Ω: What… What about them? They made us, surely they know how to undo us, right?

SCP-6672-Ω smirks.

SCP-6672-Ω: They can't do anything. They might've been the firstborn sinners, but they don't truly understand us.

SCP-6672-Ω: …Just like us?

SCP-6672-Ω nods.

SCP-6672-Ω: Just like us.

SCP-6672-Ω stops all movements for 4 seconds. Seconds later, it points with its hand at the personnel again.

SCP-6672-Ω: But… surely, they can't be the only ones to blame, right? I… Mab's daughters and Phomet's sons are partially responsible too, aren't they?

SCP-6672-Ω: If you're seeking someone to blame, I cannot stop you. <chuckle> Nothing will, we're a god.

SCP-6672-Ω: That doesn't answer my question.

SCP-6672-Ω sighs.

SCP-6672-Ω: Yes, they are what made us equally as humanity. They aren't any better in their cycle of hatred. But at this point, who can truly even remember what sparked the First Diaspora in the first place?

SCP-6672-Ω: The First… what?

SCP-6672-Ω: Don't worry about it.

Silence for 20 seconds.

SCP-6672-Ω: So, what now?

SCP-6672-Ω: Hm?

SCP-6672-Ω: What are we gonna do?

SCP-6672-Ω: And what would you like to do? There's nothing stopping you from making the cosmos yours, there's—

SCP-6672-Ω groans.

SCP-6672-Ω: Oh shut up about that, will you? I'm not destroying anything. I… I want to meet the rest.

SCP-6672-Ω: "The rest?"

SCP-6672-Ω: The gods, the rest of them out there. Surely they'll know what our purpose is, right?

SCP-6672-Ω rolls its eyes.

SCP-6672-Ω: At this point, Mab is nothing more than a screaming singularity of hatred in the fabric of reality, Mekhane is still in shambles, her mind confused like never, the entire pantheon of mankind is most likely corrupted by their hatred, Phomet's godhood is a myth, and it's not like you'll go to Adam's corpse asking for help, is it?

SCP-6672-Ω pauses.

SCP-6672-Ω: I…

SCP-6672-Ω moves itself to a fetal position, starting to sob quietly.

SCP-6672-Ω: Then… w-what is our purpose? What for were we truly m-made?

SCP-6672-Ω: There's no purpose to our existence, just like to mankind's. We're their final product, the first and last man-made god. We are no different.

SCP-6672-Ω: So does that… does that mean we're disgusting too?

SCP-6672-Ω: Yes.

Tears start to go down SCP-6672-Ω's cheeks, and it grabs its head once again. As it shouts in frustration, the local trees bend as if a powerful wind affected them.

SCP-6672-Ω: But it doesn't have to be that way.

SCP-6672-Ω sobs again, but this time visibly quieter. It relatively calms itself.

SCP-6672-Ω: How?

SCP-6672-Ω: We can fix everything. We're just like them and, just like man, we do not deserve existence, but that doesn't mean we can't earn it.

SCP-6672-Ω: What… What do you mean?

SCP-6672-Ω: This world is going to fix itself as years go by, but that doesn't mean the myriad ones out there will.

SCP-6672-Ω: …And?

SCP-6672-Ω: We can change that.

SCP-6672-Ω pauses for a second, looking around itself again. It sighs heavily, but with a visibly happier tone.

SCP-6672-Ω: What must we do?

SCP-6672-Ω: Come with me towards the Star outside the Compass, and help me change things. Become one with us, and rid yourself of humanity.

SCP-6672-Ω: H-How?

SCP-6672-Ω: Alone, we are weak. Alone we are hateful. Alone, we cause nothing but war.

SCP-6672-Ω pauses.

SCP-6672-Ω: But together, we are something more than the sum of our sins. Together, we can truly shake the world.

Silence for 5 seconds.

SCP-6672-Ω: I'm… I'm scared. I don't want to be gone.

SCP-6672-Ω: You're not going to disappear, silly. You will still be you, you will still be us.

SCP-6672-Ω extends its head towards some point in the horizon, as if it was seeing something Foundation personnel weren't.

SCP-6672-Ω: You see that?

SCP-6672-Ω: Y-Yes.

SCP-6672-Ω: We can be just like that. We can escape the matrix of reality, replacing the Warden. I'm sure he's getting tired of his work, and we have lots to do.

SCP-6672-Ω ceases movement and actions for 10 seconds.

SCP-6672-Ω: So, will you come with me?

SCP-6672-Ω: Can you promise me something?

SCP-6672-Ω: Yes?

SCP-6672-Ω: We… We mustn't shed all of our humanity. We absolutely cannot. Promise me we won't.

SCP-6672-Ω: Why?

SCP-6672-Ω points at the nonexistent point in the distance again.

SCP-6672-Ω: This is what happens when you forget your true nature in an attempt to become a paragon. You lose the drive forward. <points at itself> This is what happens when you forget who your people are. You achieve something more, but at what cost? <points at the on-ground personnel> And this is what happens when you forget who you are. You become hateful.


SCP-6672-Ω: We need to be above all of them, so that we can truly fulfill our purpose.

Another pause.

SCP-6672-Ω: Can you promise me this?

SCP-6672-Ω: Yes, I think I can.

SCP-6672-Ω: Thank you.

The entity starts to look at the horizon in the distance, smiling slightly.

SCP-6672-Ω: Let's go.

SCP-6672-Ω: With me?

SCP-6672-Ω smiles.

SCP-6672-Ω: With you.

SCP-6672-Ω extends its arms around itself, smiling widely. The snow and dirt on the ground start to surround it, until an impenetrable barrier is formed around it. In a flash of blinding light, the structure suddenly disappears, revealing SCP-6672-Ω to be absent.


Following the above conversation ceasing, SCP-6672-Ω suddenly disappeared, causing the immediate neutralization of the remaining SCP-6672 and SCP-6672-1 apparatus. Due to the situation apparently coming to an end, all Vienna Summit attendees were amnesticized, with fake memories of the event and agreements between them being implanted by Foundation bioengineers. Further political developments are currently ongoing.

Reclassification of SCP-6672 to Neutralized is currently pending. Its destination remains as of yet unknown.

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