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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6668-1 and SCP-6668-2 are currently located in the Site-███ cafeteria. The latter's vital signs are to be monitored, with site leadership made aware of any change in condition. Excursion into the former is forbidden.

Description: SCP-6668-1 is a sinkhole in the cafeteria's floor of Site-███. SCP-6668-2 is an adult human, formerly D-1812019, located adjacent to SCP-6668-1. D-1812019 began to display anomalous properties upon returning from an exploration of SCP-6668-1. A log of this exploration is below:

Foreword: Despite best efforts, it was not possible to discern the depth of SCP-6668 from above. Any light shone into the anomaly experienced a drastic decrease in lumens. A crane was set-up over SCP-6668 to allow for exploration. D-1812019 was recruited to explore the anomaly, and attempt to locate Junior Researcher Morel. Exploration was overseen by Site Director Hughes.

[D-1812019 is strapped into a harness, connected to the crane. He is equipped with a standard issue video recording device and radio communications. He begins to descend into SCP-6668.]

Hughes: D-class, what can you see?

D-1812019: Well… nothing yet. It's dark in here. Real dark. Seems big too, as soon as I was below the initial opening I couldn't see the sides no more. It's just…black in every direction.

[D-1812019 continues to descend for two minutes.]

D-1812019: Ugh, Christ. I'm getting something, a whole fucking something. It reeks down here. It smells worse than the mouldy crap up where you are.

Hughes: Are there any discernible features yet?

D-1812019: Come again?

Hughes: Can you see anything?

D-1812019: Not at all. It's just dark. All dark.

[D-1812019 continues to descend for another 3 minutes. By this point, he has descended a distance of 37m. This should place them 8 storeys below, on level B5.]

D-1812019: Hey, what happens if there's like, no bottom? If I can't find your guy, you'll still pull-

[D-1812019 is interrupted by a wet, squelching sound.]

D-1812019: Stop the crane, stop the crane!

[D-1812019's camera captures them being plunged, up to their waist, into a black, viscous liquid at the bottom of SCP-6668. The liquid has only become visible due to the disruption caused by D-1812019's partial submersion.]

Hughes: Are you at the bottom?

D-1812019: Yeah, I've reached it. Area's flooded in some type of black tar. [He coughs.] It's where that rancid smell's coming from.

Hughes: What does the floor feel like?

D-1812019: Uh, I dunno, a floor? It's… [He stomps his feet] soft? It gives way a bit when I press down.

Hughes: Can you see anything?

[D-1812019 turns around. The light equipped to their helmet illuminates significantly less of themselves, and of the surrounding area, than it should.]

D-1812019: There's a shape - it looks human.

[Several meters away from D-1812019, a shape floats in the liquid, wrapped in a Foundation lab coat.]

Hughes: Is it Morel?

D-1812019: I can't see. It's so bloody dark in here. The body is, it's face down, floating in this [He retches] tar. I think it's Morel? I can make out a lab coat.

Hughes: Alright; grab the body, and we'll pull you both out.

[D-1812019 is silent, and does not move.]

Hughes: That's an order, get the body and we'll get you out.

[D-1812019 begins to breath heavily as he moves toward the body.]

D-1812019: I'm about to grab them, get ready to-

[D-1812019 reaches out and pulls the back of the lab coat towards him. The mass contained within the lab coat splinters into smaller parts, which begin to move rapidly. A splashing sound becomes audible as the smaller masses move into the liquid.]

D-1812019: It's not Morel! IT'S NOT MOREL! Get me out of here! Get me the fuck out of here!

[D-1812019 is left holding a lab coat - there is no sign of its former occupant.]

Hughes: Let's pull him up!

[D-1812019's camera jerks wildly. The splashing sound is still audible.]

D-1812019: Something's in my suit!

[D-1812019 plunges their hands into the liquid, and begins hitting at their legs. At the same time, the crane retracts them, distorting their balance, sending D-1812019 falling into the liquid at the bottom of SCP-6668. He screams, until his face is submerged too.]

[The crane pulls D-1812019 out of the liquid, and he begins to ascend from SCP-6668. He is silent. Their camera is obfuscated by the thick, black liquid.]

Upon recovery from SCP-6668-1, D-1812019 was unconscious. They were removed from their harness, and medical staff were called for. Before they could arrive, D-1812019 began to levitate.

Now designated SCP-6668-2, D-1812019 is currently suspended in the air, in a non-responsive state, 1m above the floor of Site ███'s cafeteria.

Sounds of movement are audible from within SCP-6668-1.

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