08:58 AM

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6668 refers to an ongoing, emergent phenomena; as such, comprehensive containment procedures have yet to be enacted. Interaction with SCP-6668 is to be regulated by the provisional research team, comprised of Site-███'s1 leadership team. Excursion into Site-███'s cafeteria has been suspended.

Description: SCP-6668 is a large sinkhole which appeared in the floor of Site-███'s cafeteria at 08:47 local time earlier today. The depth of SCP-6668 has yet to be determined, but is architecturally anomalous. Despite the cafeteria being situated on the 3rd floor, there has been no topographical disruption to the corresponding location on the 2nd floor.

Despite showing no prior signs of structural fragility, the cafeteria floor rapidly crumbled, causing Junior Researcher Morel to descend into the sinkhole. Contact with Morel has yet to be made. Upon appearance of SCP-6668, all food product within the cafeteria, including substances mid-mastication or mid-digestion, rapidly putrefied.

Preparations for human exploration of SCP-6668 are currently underway.


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