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Item#: 6664
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
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SCP-6664 prior to containment.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6664 is to be contained in a greenhouse at Site-86. SCP-6664 is not to be climbed, for fear of damaging its branches.

Description: SCP-6664 is a tree of the species Calocedrus decurrens, more commonly known as the California incense-cedar, currently located at Site-86. SCP-6664 is identical to other trees of its species, save for its anomalous effects.

SCP-6664's anomalous effects activate whenever it is damaged by a human being. When a human harms SCP-6664, instead of experiencing the effects of the attack as expected, SCP-6664 will incur no damage. Instead, the attacking individual will experience a lessened form of the damage applied, as well as receiving a written note somewhere on their person. This note has been designated SCP-6664-1.

SCP-6664-1 is a handwritten note received by individuals who cause damage to SCP-6664. SCP-6664-1 is written in pencil on paper, and contains the text, "See how it feels? Don't harm trees, please", along with a crude drawing of a smiley face. The identity of the author of SCP-6664-1, if any, is unknown.

Addendum 6664.1: Discovery

SCP-6664 was discovered on January 28, 2014, after Stephanie Mulberry, a Foundation junior researcher, reported kicking SCP-6664 while on a walk, and experiencing an immediate pain in her side. Upon kicking it several more times, she discovered SCP-6664-1 and reported it as a possible anomaly. SCP-6664 was subsequently moved to Site-86.

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