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Item#: 6664
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SCP-6664 prior to containment.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6664 is to be contained in a greenhouse at Biological Containment Site-103. SCP-6664 is not to be climbed, for fear of damaging its branches.

Description: SCP-6664 is a tree of the species Quercus robur, more commonly known as the common oak, currently located at Site-103. SCP-6664 is identical to other trees of its species, save for its anomalous effects.

SCP-6664's anomalous effects activate whenever it is climbed by a prepubescent human being. When a child ascends SCP-6664, instead of being transported to the top of the tree as expected, they will be transported to an as of yet unknown location. This location has been designated SCP-6664-1.

SCP-6664-1 is an abandoned warehouse, accessed by climbing SCP-6664. SCP-6664-1 is empty, save for several large piles of debris, two incandescent light bulbs hanging from the ceiling, and a door on the far side of the building. No other doors or windows have been found. Individuals within SCP-6664-1 report feelings of nostalgia and comfort. Upon opening the door on the far side, individuals will be met with a small closet containing an object of strong personal significance to the subject that had previously been considered lost.

SCP-6664-1 can be exited by acquiring the object and closing the closet door, at which point the individual will be transported back into the branches of SCP-6664.

Addendum 6664.1: Discovery

SCP-6664 was discovered on January 28, 2014, after Nathan Terrano, a local child, reported entering SCP-6664-1 to his friend, Valerie Marsh. Marsh's mother, Agent Maria Marsh, heard of SCP-6664-1 and reported it as a possible anomaly. SCP-6664 was subsequently moved to Site-103.

I've noticed that several parts of this file are inaccurate and I have edited it accordingly.

-Dr. Wendover

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