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by Dr LercheDr Lerche

Item#: 6661
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures:
A designated think tank is to observe trends and the popularity of SCP-6661-2. If popularity declines, the think tank is to evaluate the best course of action. SCP-6661-2 based memetic agents are to be spread throughout the Internet and social media sites as well as Foundation intranet.

Foundation web crawlers are to scan the Internet for SCP-6661-1 instances and look out for any active SCP-6661-1 events. The final instructions of the SCP-6661-1 are to be redacted whenever possible.

Personnel directly dealing with SCP-6661-1 are to be memetically inoculated prior to being assigned to the object.

SCP-6661 is a phenomenon surrounding a particular Internet meme1. SCP-6661-1 is an Internet meme commonly known as Trollge. This meme spawned as a variant of the Trollface meme.

The meme starts out similar to the how a Trollface comic plays out, with the main character, Trollface2, providing instructions to carry out a prank. What distinguishes SCP-6661-1 from a regular Trollface meme is that the prank instructions begin devolving into more macabre instructions with each panel. These steps culminate to an atrocity or sinister event occurring.

The final step of each comic seems to be a cognitohazardous switch that makes a reader carry out the act displayed in the comic. It is estimated that 0.25% of those exposed to SCP-6661-1 are susceptible to its anomalous effects. It is currently unknown on what basis readers are chosen to carry out the skits.


Addendum 1:
Foundation webcrawlers detected an SCP-6661-1 instance with the final step being heavily distorted. Before carrying out the necessary expungement, Junior Researcher Michael Ramirez edited out the distortion and scanned the image through a spectrogram generator without authorisation. The following phrase was recorded:


Audio generated by the spectogram:



Despite the breach of protocol, Junior Researcher Ramirez's actions provided valuable insight into the anomaly. With permission from the O5, a spectrogram was constructed with a reply to the question and spread through the internet. Within 24 hours, another SCP-6661-1 instance with the distortion was detected and isolated.

The following is a record of the messages:


Foundation made spectrogram:


SCP-6661 response:


5/3/2021: Yes, we see you. Who are you? And why are you doing this?

6/3/2021: People…make…me…People…bored…People…forget…You…mad?… I…am…mad…I…be…weaker…People…now…like…darkness…Adaptation…Embrace…shadow…Chaos…reigns…I…exist…People…see me…I…thrive.

It is theorised that the collective popularity of the Trollface meme created a thoughtform which manifests via the meme. SCP-6661-1 came into existence due to the decline in popularity of the Trollface meme. The irrelevance caused thoughtform to latch onto the darker SCP-6661-1 to garner back attention.

Therefore, it has been hypothesised that if Trollface became popular again, then the effects of SCP-6661-1 will subside.

Addendum 2:
The percentage of susceptible individuals has been steadily increasing.
The order has been given to carry out the experiment.

Addendum 3:
A think tank of researchers, sociologists, and statisticians is to be assembled to design visual images and media involving Trollface, now designated SCP-6661-2. SCP-6661-2 is then to be disseminated across and within the Foundation intranet as a test. The aim is to saturate media with the memetic agent to the point it achieves popularity due to its overuse.3

The think tank has been designated Task Force Hexa-9 "Meme Machine".

Addendum 4:
Incidents involving SCP-6661-1 have slightly reduced. Authorisation by the O5 council to disseminate SCP-6661-2 across the Internet has been given.

Addendum 5:
Due to the increased popularity of SCP-6661-2 memes, SCP-6661-1 instances have decreased to more controllable numbers to allow for standard containment procedures.4

Addendum 6: 19/9/2021
An unknown SCP-6661-2 instance was detected in Hexa-9's database. The instance is currently being scanned for possible cognitohazards and is currently omitted until deemed safe.

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