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Item#: SCP-6645
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
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File photo of Rs. David Kobolsky, prior to SCP classification.

SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: Investigation into the nature of Incident 6645-1 is ongoing.

At this time, SCP-6645 is currently held within a standard humanoid containment chamber in Site-43.

DESCRIPTION: SCP-6645 is the temporary designation given to Foundation Junior Researcher David Kobolsky, of the Memetics and Countermemetics Section of Site-43.

SCP-6645 received his SCP designation following an anomalous event that occurred on the 9th of September, 2018, hereafter designated as Incident 6645-1.

ADDENDUM 6645.1: Video Log

The following is a transcription of the incident that transpired in the fourth sublevel Habitation and Sustenance Section cafeteria:

<Begin Log>

Multiple Foundation personnel can be seen eating trays of food and socializing with one another in the cafeteria. A researcher, Dr. Gerald Kimmel, is seen sitting and conversing with other individuals, a plastic food container filled with pasta visible in front of him.

The doors to the cafeteria open, as Researcher Kobolsky enters. He proceeds to walk toward a nearby vending machine. Though, he spots Dr. Kimmel and waves to him. Dr. Kimmel sees this and waves back, before motioning to an empty seat beside him.

Researcher Kobolsky proceeds to go over to the table where Dr. Kimmel is sitting. He pats the latter's back and briefly glances at his shirt, which is grey in color with red embellishments visible.

Rs. Kobolsky: Hey, Floyd. New shirt?

Dr. Kimmel: (looks down) Uhh, yeah! Just got it yesterday at Target.

Rs. Kobolsky: Nice! I really dig it. Looks totally fire.

Dr. Kimmel: Thanks, man. I appreciate-

Dr. Kimmel's shirt suddenly bursts into flames. He screams as he attempts to take it off, falling to the ground in the process. Agent Zayn Williams, who was nearby, takes off his jacket and quickly tries to extinguish the fire. He eventually succeeds, and orders Researcher Kobolsky to immediately call on-site security.

<End Log>

When security finally arrived, they promptly rushed Dr. Gerald Kimmel to the Health and Pathology
Infirmary, where he was fortunately treated with only minor burns on his arms and torso. Footage of the incident was recovered, and Researcher Kobolsky was taken in for questioning. At this point, he was classified as SCP-6645.

ADDENDUM 6645.2: Interview Log

The following is a transcription of an interview between SCP-6645 and Dr. Fitzgerald Benedict regarding the exact nature of the above incident:

<Begin Log>

SCP-6645 can be seen sitting alone in the interview. He is uncomfortable and nervous, constantly fidgeting his fingers. He jumps slightly in his seat at the sound of Dr. Benedict opening the door and entering the interview room. The latter sits down in front of SCP-6645 and takes out a notepad from his person.

Dr. Benedict: Hello, David. How're you doing today?

SCP-6645: Can I just quickly say something?

Dr. Benedict: Well, I-

SCP-6645: I don't know what the fuck happened to Kimmel, okay? I just talked to him about how nice his shirt was and next thing you know it somehow caught fire and he fell down screaming and Sierra was there and he told me to call the security guys and I'm like just standing there like a stupid-

Dr. Benedict: Okay! Slow down there, Dave. Take some deep breaths, alright?

SCP-6645 breathes slowly and nods.

SCP-6645: Okay.

Dr. Benedict: How about you walk me through this slowly? Can you do that for me?

SCP-6645: Yeah, okay. I can do that. (breathes) So, I uhhh… woke up, from my personal quarters, and I got myself ready for work.

Dr. Benedict: Okay, go on.

SCP-6645: I went to the H&P cafeteria for…uhhh breakfast. I heard they were serving chocolate waffles today so I was excited and stuff. (clears throat)

Dr. Benedict: You're doing good. Please continue.

SCP-6645: I was about to go buy myself a drink or something from the vending machine there when I saw Kimmel. He saw me and signaled me to sit next to him. I noticed that he had a new T-shirt on so I asked him about it.

Dr. Benedict: And then what happened?

SCP-6645: I said it looked kinda lit.

Dr. Benedict: What does that me-

A loud distant screaming and the sound of a nearby fire alarm are heard outside the interview room. SCP-6645 covers his mouth and looks at Dr. Benedict in shock.

<End Log>

It was discovered that, while in the Infirmary, the medical gown worn by Dr. Kimmel had spontaneously burst into flames. Agent Williams, who was overseeing Dr. Kimmel at the time, was able to grab a nearby fire extinguisher and quickly blow out the fire. Medical personnel was able to tend Dr. Kimmel, though he sustained major burns all throughout his torso.

In light of this recent incident, SCP-6645 has been transported to a more secure and soundproof containment chamber. Research and testing are ongoing Transferral to a suitable holding facility are pending.

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