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Item#: 6642
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6642 is housed in a standard humanoid containment cell. Any changes in its appearance should be recorded.

Description: SCP-6642 is a metamorphic entity of extraterrestrial origin. It is able to take a form similar to that of select species that it views; however, it cannot change its coloration or the size and shape of its eyes. Although it is able to return to previous forms, these forms will often possess distortions.1

SCP-6642 possesses six eyes arranged in an irregular pattern. Testing has shown that it is unable to change the arrangement of said eyes. Its skin remains green in each form, and its hair or fur is black.

When SCP-6642 takes the form of an intelligent organism, it will gain an understanding of the languages known by the individual it copied.

Known forms taken by SCP-6642 are as follows:

  • An extraterrestrial species possessing six legs and a thin abdominal region. Its head was similar to that of Eurypharynx pelecanoides.2
  • Homo sapiens.
  • Felis catus.3

Interview 6642-05/20/21:

Interviewed: SCP-6642

Interviewer: Dr. Sabrina Kaye

Foreword: Interview was conducted following initial containment of SCP-6642.


Dr. Kaye: Hello, I'm Dr. Kaye. Do you have a name?

SCP-6642: No, not really. Most of the things people call me are insults.

Dr. Kaye: Oh, uh, alright. Mind if I call you 6642?

SCP-6642: As good a name as any. With that out of the way, why have I already been arrested? I haven't done anything yet.

Dr. Kaye: Yet? Okay, it doesn't matter. Where did you come from?

SCP-6642: Some planet called…

[SCP-6642 makes strangled noises.]

SCP-6642: Uh, okay, I'm not gonna be able to pronounce it with these vocal cords. Big volcanic planet; not really suitable for your species, given your fragility.

Dr. Kaye: So why'd you come here?

SCP-6642: Same reason I go to every planet; I needed to leave the last one.

[A pause.]

SCP-6642: Turns out I'm wanted by some interplanetary police or something? Anyway, doesn't matter right now. No one ever comes here, so I'm probably safe.

Dr. Kaye: Right… How do you travel between planets?

SCP-6642: I usually steal a ship. They don't… usually crash so easily.

Dr. Kaye: And how many planets have you been to?

SCP-6642: Lost count a while ago.

Dr. Kaye: Look, it was believable up until the interplanetary police part. Why did you really come here? How do you know any human language, anyway?

[SCP-6642 shrugs.]

SCP-6642: I really am seeking safety here. You don't need to believe me. As for the language bit, I dunno. I just learn languages as I take forms.

Dr. Kaye: Oh, right, your abilities. Can you show me?

SCP-6642: I mean, not right now.

Dr. Kaye: I'd assume the restraints wouldn't stop you from-

SCP-6642: No, I'm injured, dumbfuck. I don't really wanna make that worse.

Dr. Kaye: Didn't you take the form of a human after you crashed?

SCP-6642: Yeah, and now it hurts to move.


Interview 6642-05/21/21:

Interviewed: SCP-6642

Interviewer: Dr. Sabrina Kaye


SCP-6642: Oh, it's you again.

Dr. Kaye: Hi, I have some more questions for you.

SCP-6642: Eh. I don't really feel like talking today.

Dr. Kaye: I'll make this quick. What'd your original form look like?

SCP-6642: I don't know.

Dr. Kaye: Can you elaborate on that?

SCP-6642: It's pretty simple. I've been taking other forms for as long as I can remember. I don't know what I was.

Dr. Kaye: That doesn't bother you?

SCP-6642: I mean, it does a little bit, but there's no use in worrying about it.

Dr. Kaye: Alright, then. What-

SCP-6642: Hey, I have a question for you. Why am I here? You didn't answer me last time.

Dr. Kaye: Well, uh, the short answer is that you're not normal.

SCP-6642: Kind of a shitty reason to imprison someone.

Dr. Kaye: It's more complicated than that.

SCP-6642: I'm sure it is. Look, all you have to say is that my kind isn't welcome here.

Dr. Kaye: For what it's worth, I'm sorry.

SCP-6642: [sarcastically] Great, thanks. I feel so much better now.


Interview 6642-05/22/21:

Interviewed: SCP-6642

Interviewer: Dr. Sabrina Kaye


Dr. Kaye: Hey, how're you doing?

SCP-6642: Everything hurts.

Dr. Kaye: Sorry to hear that. You up for more questions?

SCP-6642: Sure, I guess. Not like I have anything else to do.

Dr. Kaye: Great. First, did you have any family? Are there more of your kind out there?

SCP-6642: I was… abandoned as a child. So, uh, I don't really know.

Dr. Kaye: Do you know why?

SCP-6642: People tend to dislike me. It is what it is; I can't change it now.

Dr. Kaye: Why did you start traveling?

SCP-6642: As I said, people don't like me. Travel to a new planet, new people; they hate me, too, cycle repeats.


Interview 6642-05/23/21:

Interviewed: SCP-6642

Interviewer: Dr. Sabrina Kaye


Dr. Kaye: Feeling any better today?

SCP-6642: Not really. It's boring here.

[A pause.]

SCP-6642: Are you the only person that can talk to me?

Dr. Kaye: I mean, if you really hate me, we could probably find a replacement.

SCP-6642: It's not that. No one else has actually said anything to me beyond a "hello."

Dr. Kaye: Sorry about that. Did you like any of the books I brought you?

SCP-6642: No.

Dr. Kaye: Oh. I could bring you some others if you want.

SCP-6642: I don't want books. I just want to leave.


Incident 6642-01: On 05/23/21, SCP-6642 escaped containment. It was later recovered on 06/02/21 after reports of six-eyed animals surfaced in Traverse City, Michigan.

Interview 6642-06/02/21:

Interviewed: SCP-6642

Interviewer: Dr. Sabrina Kaye

Foreword: Interview was conducted following re-containment. SCP-6642 took a modified humanoid form.


Dr. Kaye: So, you ran away.

SCP-6642: Can you really blame me? It sucks here.

Dr. Kaye: You could've said something. I'm sure we could've made your life easier.

SCP-6642: Nobody listened.

Dr. Kaye: Oh. They… didn't?

SCP-6642: They all hate me, anyway.

Dr. Kaye: Where is this coming from?

SCP-6642: You didn't realize? Everyone hates me. Everyone has always hated me.

Dr. Kaye: Why do you think that?

SCP-6642: Have you seen the way they look at me? Why do you think no one talks to me?

Dr. Kaye: This kind of sounds like anxiety.


Interview 6642-06/04/21

Interviewed: SCP-6642

Interviewer: Dr. Sabrina Kaye


Dr. Kaye: So, someone else is gonna start talking to you.

SCP-6642: No.

Dr. Kaye: What do you mean, no?

SCP-6642: You're the only one that doesn't hate me.

Dr. Kaye: I really don't think that's true.

SCP-6642: Well, no one's gonna admit it, but that doesn't mean it's not true.

Dr. Kaye: You'll still see me around; just try to be nice.


Social Visit 6642-06/15/21:


Dr. Torres: So… Okay, I can't do this.

SCP-6642: What?

Dr. Torres: I can't do this. You're driving me insane.

SCP-6642: I didn't do anything.

Dr. Torres: Oh my god! Can you just shut up?

SCP-6642: Why do you people hate me so much?

Dr. Torres: You're just really fucking annoying, clearly. Can't blame me for your faults.


Interview 6642-06/16/21:

Interviewed: SCP-6642

Interviewer: Dr. Sabrina Kaye


Dr. Kaye: So, what happened with Dr. Torres?

SCP-6642: I told you: he hates me just like everyone else.

Dr. Kaye: Does this… happen often?

[SCP-6642 nods.]

SCP-6642: I'd be lying if I said you get used to it. Every time, you think that maybe this one will be different, and it never is.

[A pause.]

SCP-6642: Why don't you hate me yet?

Dr. Kaye: Your guess is as good as mine. Look, I'm really sorry this happened. I didn't know.


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