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Item #: SCP-6635

Object Class: Argus

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6635 is currently under the jurisdiction of the Unusual Incidents Unit1. All attempts at obtaining a useful functioning copy of SCP-6635 or independently re-creating it so far have failed. Further efforts are ongoing.

Both embedded and external Foundation forces are to monitor UIU activities for suspected deployments of SCP-6635. Should a deployment be confirmed, Foundation agents are to remotely monitor the event. No further actions are required or encouraged, as SCP-6635 has been observed to have a positive effect on the maintenance of the Veil and the disruption of rival GOIs.

Assaults on the UIU compound currently in possession of the main documentation and components of SCP-6635 are to continue indefinitely. As per the terms of the SUSEOCT2 the Foundation is to indefinitely cease all direct action against the UIU regarding SCP-6635. Several low-risk anomalies with low research potential are to be transferred to the UIU as compensation for INCIDENT-6635-2.

Description: SCP-6635 is a memetic/thaumaturgic weapon in use by the Unusual Incidents Unit. SCP-6635 is believed to be composed of a memetic payload and the process through which it is injected. This process occurs automatically to people within an unknown radius of a focus object. The focus object and the memetic payload are henceforth designated SCP-6635-1 and SCP-6635-2 respectively.

Instances of SCP-6635-1 are various objects identifying a person as a UIU agent. These include badges, uniforms, IDs and items bearing the UIU crest. SCP-6635-1 instances only appear to be functional when both in possession of a UIU agent and are clearly visible to those in the surrounding area.

While the effects of SCP-6635-2 are not entirely understood, it is known that people under its effects have a significantly more relaxed reaction to threats, typically treating them nonchalantly or perceiving them as harmless or unimportant. In cases where the affected subject attempts to react to the threat, they treat the threat as easy to overcome and in many cases succumb to it as a result. Other theorized effects of SCP-6635-2 include:

  • Impairment of rational thought
  • Unfamiliarity with the use of tools
  • Lack of awareness of surroundings
  • Lack of coordination
  • Lack of foresight
  • Lack of consideration of the wider impacts or consequences of actions
  • Overconfidence
  • A negative view of the competence of members of law enforcement

SCP-6635-2 activates when the following criteria are met in a subject:

  1. Awareness of a member of the UIU in relatively close proximity.
  2. Recognition of the UIU member as a UIU member.
  3. Conceptualization of aggressive and/or preventative action in regards to the UIU member and/or UIU as a whole.

SCP-6635-2 can be resisted by basic memetic resistance training, however, this training only appears to be effective if a subject actively resists SCP-6635-2 prior to being affected by it. Amnesticisation has been shown to remove SCP-6635-2's influence but does not prevent being affected upon re-exposure.

SCP-6635-2 does not appear to affect members of the UIU.

Addendum 1: Field Use
The following is an example of a documented occurrence of the use of SCP-6635 in the field.

Addendum 2: Foundation Replication
Following initial discovery and analysis of SCP-6635, it was judged that its use could prove highly valuable in field missions by Foundation operatives. An official request was sent to the UIU asking for the disclosure of the source and/or methods of creation of SCP-6635, claiming that cooperation in the matter would be mutually beneficial to both parties.

In response the UIU sent a large amount of documentation detailing the creation and use of SCP-6635. Said documentation claimed that SCP-6635 was originally created following consultation with the ICSUT3 and the use of several memetic anomalies under the UIU's control.

According to the received documentation, SCP-6635 functions via amplification of a specific concept within the minds of those in proximity to a ritual focus object. This supposedly has the effect of both exaggerating the affected person's perception of things associated with the concept, to the point of ignoring other associated concepts entirely, as well as imparting a corresponding effect on the behavior of the affected. The documentation claims that by utilizing an appropriate focus object and certain methods of memetic, thaumaturgic and conceptual engineering, these effects could be both induced and targeted.

Given the events of INCIDENT-6635-1, these claims are believed to be false. It is currently theorized that the entirety of SCP-6635 was given to the UIU by a third party. The method of operation of SCP-6635 remains unknown. Following INCIDENT-6635-2 and further UIU consultation these claims are believed to be trustworthy. The method detailed above is the current working theory on the operation of SCP-6635 and is pending confirmation by the appropriate departments.

Included in the documentation were instructions for the creation of SCP-6635-1 instances capable of being used by Foundation operatives, designed to fit into pre-existing conceptual framework. Objects that identify people as a Foundation agent were stated to be required for this purpose4. A warning was attached that claimed that SCP-6635 may not work as efficiently due to its design for UIU agents, however, attempts at recreation were decided to proceed regardless.

Preliminary Foundation testing is detailed below:

Following the successful use of SCP-6635 in preliminary trials, it has been was approved for Foundation field use.

Addendum 3: INCIDENT-6635-1
SCP-6635 was deployed against a newly discovered hideout of GoI-832 ('Clark's revenge'), located in an abandoned factory. While SCP-6635 had proven to be effective in trials it was decided not to rely on it fully, instead utilizing a standard pincer movement in order to surprise, surround and detain all members. MTF Pi-1 ("City Slickers") was deployed to the scene and were equipped with SCP-6635-1 instances as insurance.

Immediately upon spotting the task force, members of GoI-832 began a coordinated pattern of small arms fire that forced members of MTF Pi-1 to take cover behind several pieces of abandoned machinery5. Members of GoI-832 then proceeded to begin throwing explosive grenades and tear gas canisters at MTF Pi-1's cover, severely wounding several of it's members6.

Simultaneously, the second group of MTF members were ambushed by members of GoI-832 as they approached the base from behind. Following a brief firefight, the taskforce was forced to surrender and were subsequently disarmed, brought inside the base and restrained. The majority of the taskforce was rendered unconscious.

The reason that SCP-6635 had no effect had a different effect than anticipated upon the members of GoI-832 is unknown believed to be due to the findings detailed in Addendum 6.

Notes: The following is composed of footage recovered from the bodycam of MTF Pi-1 member Charlie, taking place following the successful repulsion of the remaining MTF Pi-1 members by GoI-832.


MTF Pi-1 member Charlie is kneeling on the floor of the factory occupied by GoI-832. Several GoI-832 members are pointing guns at Charlie and other members of MTF Pi-1. Other members are visible patrolling the catwalks of the factory, monitoring the surroundings. A member of GoI-832 (henceforth referred to as PoI-832-1) is questioning Charlie.

PoI-832-1: I'll ask you again. How did you find us?

Charlie: I'll never tell.

PoI-832-1 shoots MTF member Delta, who is retained next to Charlie, in the leg.

Charlie: Why did you do that?

PoI-832-1: You have a choice, you tell us how you found us or I start crippling your friend here.

Charlie: I'm just a MTF member! They don't tell us that sort of stuff!

PoI-832-1: Pity.

PoI-832-1 shoots Delta in the head, killing them.

Charlie: Why are you doing this? How did you capture us?

PoI-832-1: You're the Foundation, you geniuses can probably figure it out. You're cruel so we're cruel.

Charlie: Isn't your goal to seek justice or something?

PoI-832-1: Our goals are flexible. Now, we're going to knock you unconscious and hold you hostage as we escape. Who's the jailer now?

A knock is audible from the front door of the factory.

Unknown: Pizza delivery!

PoI-832-1 appears confused.

PoI-832-1: (Shouted to the PoI-832 members along the catwalk) Shoot them!

PoI-832-2: (From catwalk) But it's pizza!

PoI-832-1: How did they even get to the door?

PoI-832-2: We spotted them approaching, but after we saw who they were, we decided they weren't a threat. Also, they had pizza.

PoI-832-1: What? (To other nearby members) This could a Foundation ploy. Guard the hostages and remain on alert.

PoI-832-1 crosses the room and open the door from which the knocking was heard, revealing a person holding a pizza box. PoI-832-1 and several other members of GoI-832 point their guns at the figure.

Unknown: Do you want the pizza or not?

PoI-832-1: We didn't order pizza. Who are you?

Unknown: Just someone trying to make a bit of extra money.

PoI-832-1 apparently noticing something, suddenly viably relaxes. The remainder of the GoI-832 members follows suit several seconds after, apparently noticing the same thing.

PoI-832-1: Well I guess you have to, since you're so bad at your regular job.

Unknown: Could you lower the guns? We don't want to ruin the pizza with unnecessary gunfire.

PoI-832-1:(Lowering gun) True. How much for the pizza?

Unknown: Several hostages, multiple criminals and a buttload of illegal weaponry and drugs.

The figure drops the pizza box and produces a taser, which they then proceed to use on PoI-832-1. The remainder of nearby members are incapacitated via flashbang.

Simultaneously, a loud crashing can be heard from the rear of the factory. Several other figures are seen to engage members of GoI-832.

The figure at the door, following the restraint of the GoI-832 in the immediate area approaches the hostages. A clear view of them reveals that they are a UIU agent.

UIU agent: Are you alright?


Following the retreat of MTF Pi-1, a UIU dispatch in the area, which was monitoring GoI-832, decided to attack the GoI-832 base to prevent further hostage casualties. Armed with SCP-6635-1 instances, one member was sent to provided a distraction while the remainder approached the base from behind. Following the operation, all GoI-832 members present were successfully apprehended with no UIU casualties. The Pi-1 members were taken to the nearby UIU compound for questioning and release back to the Foundation.

Addendum 4: INCIDENT-6635-2
Following INCIDENT-6635-1 several members of MTF Pi-1 were allowed to make contact with their superiors while in temporary UIU custody. Said members expressed extreme discomfort and annoyance at the fact that they were in UIU custody and requested assistance. It was decided by site staff that, due to the false information given by the UIU and the ease at which it would be capable of initializing such an operation, the best course of action would be to assault the UIU compound in order to rescue the Pi-1 members and confiscate information on SCP-6635.

Attempts at assault and/or infiltration of the UIU compound are detailed below:

Attempt 1
Procedure: An unarmed D-class personnel was instructed to enter the UIU compound and initiate a hostile takeover.
Result: The D-class was apprehended and taken inside the compound upon being spotted. Contact with them was subsequently lost.
Notes: More resources may be required for a successful takeover, given the sheer number of UIU members in the base.

[Extraneous Logs Removed]

Attempt 6
Procedure: A group of 10 D-class personnel armed with assault rifles were instructed to enter the UIU compound and initiate a hostile takeover.
Result: All D-class were apprehended and disarmed following use of a tear gas canister and were taken inside the compound. Contact with them was subsequently lost.
Notes: Given the failure of firearms, alternative approaches may be required.

[Extraneous Logs Removed]

Attempt 9
Procedure: A D-class personnel was disguised as a pizza delivery person and was instructed to enter the UIU compound and initiate a hostile takeover.
Result: The D-class was successfully able to approach the compound, but was apprehended upon reaching the compound. Contact with them was subsequently lost. The pizza was not recovered.
Notes: Given the failure of subterfuge, more direct approaches may be required.

[Extraneous Logs Removed]

Attempt 14
Procedure: A group of 10 D-class personnel that had previously gone through basic firearm and memetic resistance training were armed with assault rifles, rocket launchers and grenades and were instructed to enter the UIU compound and initiate a hostile takeover.
Result: The group of D-class, immediately following their deployment, attacked the Foundation personnel stationed for supervision. Multiple casualties were sustained before the attack was halted by several UIU agents that exited the compound and subdued the hostiles following an extended firefight. All D-class and other Foundation personnel present were apprehended, disarmed and taken inside the compound, along with all equipment present. Contact with them was subsequently lost, however a message was sent from the UIU compound requesting the cessation of hostile action. This was ignored.
Notes: Following these further acts of UIU aggression, the use of heavy artillery has been approved by the Site director.

Attempt 15
Procedure: The long-range artillery bombing of the UIU compound.
Result: The test was aborted after a message was received from 05 Command mandating the cessation of hostile action against the UIU. All personnel on-site were required to undergo scanning for memetic agents and a memetic scanning unit was set up to scan all further UIU communication7
Notes: See Addendum 5.

Addendum 5: UIU negotiations
Following INCIDENT-6635-2 a formal meeting was called by the UIU central office to discuss events and violations to the SUSEOCT. During the meeting, the UIU representatives argued that the Foundation had committed multiple SUSEOCT violations, including lack of proper memetic safety measures when dealing with a known memetic anomaly8, field deployment of UIU-developed anomaly without UIU consultation9 and an unprovoked attack against a UIU compound10. In return the UIU representative threatened to enforce several penalty clauses of the SUSEOCT which would prohibit or restrict Foundation operations11.

It was eventually agreed by both parties that these penalties would not be enforced if several anomalies were turned over to the UIU as compensation and all further activities regarding SCP-6635 were placed solely under the jurisdiction of the UIU, with any Foundation actions related to SCP-6635 being placed under UIU supervision. The current containment procedures were subsequently established and SCP-6635 was reclassified as Argus.

Addendum 6: Additional properties of SCP-6635
Further analyses of documentation provided by the UIU revealed information on additional properties of SCP-6635 and its method of operation. Two notable facts were discovered:

  • SCP-6635-2 is capable of being spread by an affected individual via any form of communication that successfully convinces another person that aggressive action against the UIU is viable and preferable action.
  • The concept that is amplified via the SCP-6635 process is the general public perception of the organization represented by the SCP-6635-1 instances.

Furthermore, no aspect of SCP-6635 was noted to encourage aggression against the organization using it.

Following these discoveries, further action regarding SCP-6635 was considered, but decided against by the 05 Council. The UIU are not to be informed that the Foundation was unaware of these properties prior to INCIDENT-6635-2.

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