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NOTICE: The following article contains detailed depictions of medical torture, gore, and mentions of miscarriages. If you are sensitive to these topics, please speak to me about assignment to a different SCP. The Foundation cares about its researchers and their mental wellbeing, so please proceed being fully aware of this SCP's contents. Thank you, and stay safe!

-Dr. Caraway

Item#: 6619
Containment Class:
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Exterior of SCP-6619

Special Containment Procedures: All information relating to the former town of Faraday, Georgia has been successfully expunged from all records. All outside access to the former location of Faraday, Georgia has been restricted under the cover of an ongoing ecological survey.

Site-555 has been constructed around the former Faraday General Hospital. No personnel lacking a uterus are permitted within Site-555 or within the square kilometer surrounding it. Any personnel lacking a uterus who enter into this perimeter must be quarantined for a period of no shorter than nine months for observation by the Foundation Medical Department. Further details regarding quarantine procedures are under the purview of the Foundation Medical Department.

Description: SCP-6619 refers to the structure formerly known as the Faraday General Hospital located in the former town of Faraday, Georgia. SCP-6619's anomalous effects manifest when human beings who lack a uterus enter within one square kilometer of the hospital's campus. These humans (hereto referred to as SCP-6619-A) will begin experiencing the following stages of infection within three days.

  • Stage 1: SCP-6619-A will begin to complain of mild gastrointestinal issues. Pain is typically comparable to indigestion or mild constipation. Pain will steadily increase in severity over the course of a week. Victims are typically able to identify pain as originating from somewhere within the intestines after seven days.
  • Stage 2: After the initial week has passed, SCP-6619-A will become visibly bloated in their lower abdomen. Diagnostic imagery of victims at this stage reveal no notable intestinal anomalies.
  • Stage 3: Two weeks after initial issues develop, SCP-6619-A will begin to complain of severe lower abdominal pain. Diagnostic imagery at this stage reveal a congenital anomaly within the gastrointestinal tract, most commonly located within the small intestine. At this stage, the anomaly is comparable to Meckel's Diverticulum1.
  • Stage 4: Approximately one month after the initial stages of infection, the congenital anomaly will begin to develop outward into the intestines. The anomaly will begin to visually resemble a human fetus in the early stages of development2. Subjects frequently report that their pain has subsided.
  • Stage 5: The anomaly will continue to develop within SCP-6619-A's gastrointestinal tract. This development is comparable to that of a nonanomalous human fetus, albeit at an accelerated rate and with a few notable deviations. Anomalies typically fail to develop a heart, lungs, legs, or facial features. Likewise, anomalies frequently develop enlarged craniums, arms, and hands.
  • Stage 6: Five months after initial infection, SCP-6619-A's gastrointestinal tract will begin to rhythmically contract in a manner similar to uterine contractions in a pregnant human. The anomaly developing within SCP-6619-A will not move from its position within the small intestine.

Within 24 hours of stage 6, SCP-6619-A will vanish from their current location and manifest laying down in one of the beds located within SCP-6619. At this point, several unidentified humanoid entities dressed in clinical garb will enter the room and restrain SCP-6619-A into the bed. One entity will insert an IV into a random point on SCP-6619-A's arm, while the others will begin performing a variation of a Caesarean Section. Specific procedures vary from subject to subject, but all involve haphazard recreations of standard medical procedures. At no point will SCP-6619-A be given anesthetics. The procedure lasts an average of fifteen minutes, ending in the removal of the gastrointestinal anomaly. The humanoid entity will then remove the restraints on SCP-6619-A, take the anomaly, and vanish. At this point, SCP-6619-A is free to leave SCP-6619.

Addendum 6619.1: Discovery

SCP-6619 was discovered in 1985 shortly following the Foundation closure and acquisition of the former town of Faraday, Georgia. Initially believed to be a standard, nonanomalous hospital, no containment procedures were established upon discovery and no personnel were assigned to the property. Its anomalous effects would continue to go unnoticed until 1997, when Foundation researcher Darren Callahan of the Medical Department entered the facility. Dr. Callahan proceeded to experience all stages of SCP-6619 infection, which was mistakenly identified as undiagnosed diverticulitis, before vanishing and manifesting within SCP-6619. After the Medical Department successfully recovered Dr. Callahan, the hospital was quarantined for further research. Seven more personnel were infected before SCP-6619's anomalous properties were identified via hospital documents.

Addendum 6619.2: Hospital Documentation

The following documents were recovered by the Foundation Medical Department following the infection of Dr. Callahan.

Report- September 21st, 1975


I want to commend all of the members of our prenatal and maternity care teams. We here at Faraday General Hospital recognize how challenging and mentally taxing it can be to admit so many new mothers into our care only to be met with the worst possible result. Your professionalism in handling the surge of complicated cases within the past month cannot be understated, and we wish to formally recognize all of you for your excellent work. Staff, please take time to recognize and commend the nurses and doctors listed below:

(All names mentioned have been redacted for confidentiality.)

Unfortunately we do not have time to rest. Please continue to do all you can to support every patient who walks through these doors.

~Dr. Che Martinez

Report- December 13th, 1975

Hospital administration-

Unfortunately today saw another miscarriage in Faraday General Hospital. We have gone beyond a concerning number of cases. Every single pregnancy seen at this hospital for the past three months has resulted in a termination of some kind, for varying reasons. We cannot continue to operate as if there isn't a problem of some kind. We need to perform a formal investigation into our community to identify a potential source of this epidemic, and respond to it accordingly. Failure to act won't simply result in more traumatized mothers, but risks the future of our community itself.

I have contacted the state health commission for assistance in this investigation. Hopefully we can come to a quick conclusion. Please continue to support the staff at large, I understand that these times are extremely stressful for them.

~Dr. Che Martinez

Internal Memo- February 11th, 1976

Hospital administration-

I know you are all just as frustrated as I am. For those unaware- the state commission did perform a rudimentary investigation into Faraday. I emphasize that rudimentary, because as you are all aware the investigation was begun and finished all within a short timeframe of a single month. I hesitate to call it an investigation, and I am insulted on behalf of our community that they believed this was acceptable. The failure to turn up any sort of answer for our pregnancy issues is appalling at best and grossly negligent at worse. The accusations of malpractice towards our staff is likewise insulting.

In the spirit of ensuring that this message isn't entirely venting frustrations, I am in the process of hiring a new nurse for the prenatal team. I plan to have a candidate finalized and submitted for approval within the week. If we can't find an answer to our problems, then we might as well find people who can at least help ease our burdens.

Thank you for all you do for Faraday. We will get through this and come out the other side.

~Dr. Che Martinez

Report- February 15th, 1976


I would like you all to welcome Nancy Trinidad3 to the prenatal team! Nancy is a recent graduate of ███████ ████████, and impressed staff with her research into human fertility and successful pregnancy. I fully believe that she will be an excellent new member to the Faraday General Hospital family, and will help ease some of the endless burden placed recently on our prenatal and maternity teams.

Thank you all for your continued perseverance. Remember the people we serve, and remember our role in this community. Continue making us proud.

~Dr. Che Martinez

Letter to Nancy Trinidad- February 17th, 19764


Thank you for joining the Faraday General Hospital team. As you know we are in desperate need of your unique skills. That said, this is a reminder that per our arrangement you are required to keep the specifics behind your skills quiet. Absolutely no one aside from myself is to know, understood? We do this at a massive risk not only to ourselves, but Faraday General as a whole.

As you work, remember who it is we serve. For the past several months I've seen a seemingly endless stream of new mothers coming in only to leave with this empty look in their eyes. If we can change that, and if we can ensure that happy, healthy families leave this hospital, then we can truly secure a future for Faraday. This town is our home, let's ensure that it remains.

~Dr. Che Martinez

Report- June 29th, 1976


I come to you with some unfortunate news. I would like to preface this by thanking you all for your tireless work in supporting Faraday General Hospital and the town of Faraday. I could not possibly have asked for a better staff to call my colleagues and friends. Unfortunately, I have to step down from my position as lead director of Faraday General. This is a decision I make entirely of my own accord. I believe that I have made severe lapses in judgement in recent history, and due to the severity of these lapses in judgement I cannot continue to serve effectively in my position. Know that everything I did, I did for Faraday. I love this town and its people. I ask, however, that you all recognize my failings as a director. While I cannot specify what those specific failings were, know that they were unforgivable.

Likewise, I must also announce the departure of Nancy Trinidad from the prenatal team. Nancy has chosen to seek employment elsewhere. Her support in keeping Faraday's citizens happy and healthy has been vital these past few months, however it is time for her to move on to other ventures.

Thank you all for your time and support. I will miss you dearly.

~Che Martinez

Further investigations reveal that Dr. Che Martinez was admitted into Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta Georgia shortly following the date on the document above. Hospital records showcase symptoms in line with SCP-6619 infection. Shortly after being admitted, Dr. Martinez vanished before showing up dead in Faraday General Hospital. Faraday General Hospital was formally shut down by the Georgia state health commission following this event due to perceived medical malpractice.

Addendum 6619.3: Foundation Record of Infection

On June 3rd, 2017, Foundation Agent Goose of MTF Epsilon-6 ("Village Idiots") accidentally entered SCP-6619's exclusionary perimeter while in pursuit of another anomaly. He was quarantined per containment procedures, and proceeded through the stages of infection as expected. Foundation Medical Officer Saffron Guiles requested that Agent Goose be outfitted with a bodycam before completing stage 6 of the infection in order to properly research events taking place within the hospital itself. This was approved by the Ethics Committee, and Agent Goose was outfitted with proper equipment before vanishing on November 5th, 2017. The following is a log of the events that followed.


DATE: November 5th, 2017


5:04pm Agent Goose manifests within one of the rooms of Faraday General Hospital. The room is in fair condition, with nothing appearing out of the ordinary. He attempts to sit up as approximately five humanoid entities enter the room. Each lacks visible facial features, and have extended craniums. Each are wearing standard surgery scrubs worn by Faraday General Hospital staff while the hospital was in operation.

5:05pm One entity restrains Agent Goose to the bed while the others shuffle around the room, grabbing supplies from cabinets. Another entity walks up beside the agent with an IV bag and needle. Agent Goose attempts to resist, but is held in place as the entity stabs the needle into his upper right arm. It is unclear what is in the IV bag.

5:06pm: Another entity approaches with a clear rubber tube. It makes several unclear motions before unsuccessfully attempting to insert it into Agent Goose's left nostril three times. After the third attempt, it switches to the right nostril. The tube successfully enters, and Agent Goose is heard making gargling noises before vomiting.

5:08pm: Two entities approach with surgical knives and gloves. They cut through Agent Goose's clothing in order to expose his lower abdomen. One entity inserts a knife into Agent Goose's lower abdomen and begins to slice it open. Agent Goose screams throughout the process, and is further restrained by the other entities in the room. Agent Goose continues to scream and attempts to thrash against the restraints as the entity continues making an incision. After three minutes, the entity opens Agent Goose's small intestine and begin working to remove the gastrointestinal anomaly. Agent Goose's small intestine is partially removed from his lower abdomen and placed onto his stomach. His camera shudders and sobs are heard as one of the entities slices into the exposed intestine and cuts out the anomaly. The other entities present in the room motion to one another wildly during the process.

5:15pm: The entities successfully remove the anomaly. They place it atop a table next to Agent Goose before proceeding to stuff his intestines back into his lower abdomen and stitch the incisions closed. Once the stitching is completed, they remove the restraints and leave with the anomaly. Agent Goose lays still with labored breathing.

5:16pm: Dr. Guiles contacts Agent Goose over his radio, requesting that he follow the entities. He manages to get out of the bed with great effort. He appears to double over and vomit in pain upon standing, but is able to slowly leave the room. The rest of the hospital matches the condition of the prior room.

Agent Goose follows the entities, who appear ignorant to his presence. He follows them to the maternity ward and enters.

5:20pm: Agent Goose watches as the entities place the anomaly into a baby hatch before leaving. Dr. Guiles instructs Agent Goose to approach the hatch, which he does. The anomaly in the hatch is unmoving. Agent Goose inspects the next hatch, which contains a similar unmoving anomaly.

5:25pm: An unidentified person enters the room. They see Agent Goose and flee. Agent Goose attempts to pursue, but collapses onto the floor unable to stand back up.

Closing notes: Available agents not at risk of SCP-6619 infection were able to successfully recover Agent Goose, who was placed in the care of the Foundation Medical Department. Likewise, these agents swept the building and captured the unidentified individual who entered the maternity ward. During their sweep, no humanoid entities were found.

Agent Goose is currently expected to make a full recovery.


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