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Item #: SCP-661-J

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: No plausible means of containing SCP-661-J have been discovered.

Description: SCP-661-J is a reoccurring phenomenon in which any form of a vote held by the O5 Command will result in a tie. The O5 Command is comprised of 13 members and does not have a designated tiebreaker. Instead, the matter being voted on is immediately denied should the council not come to a majority.

No known forces or external anomalies have been found to be responsible for SCP-661-J. Additionally, all attempts to neutralize or mitigate the anomaly have failed.

Currently, the O5 Council has incurred thirty-six concurrent ties.

Addendum 1: The SCP Foundation has intercepted transmissions from an unknown extraterrestrial threat found to be approaching Earth rapidly. Per protocol, a vote is cast by the O5 Command deciding whether to use nuclear weapons as a counterattack.

O5-1 X
O5-2 X
O5-3 X
O5-4 X
O5-5 X
O5-6 X
O5-7 X
O5-8 X
O5-9 X
O5-10 X
O5-11 X
O5-12 X
O5-13 X





O5-6: Oh for fuck's sake.

O5-1: Flip a coin?

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