Artistic depiction of SCP-6608

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-6608, full containment is currently impossible. Foundation agents within police agencies, occult circles, online anomalous entity discussion forums, astronomy communities, and "creepy image" social media groups are constantly monitoring for any reported 'sightings' of SCP-6608. Foundation AI Starburst.aic is to monitor all communication channels for reports of spontaneous human combustion, which must be investigated to confirm if the individual had recently shown an interest in astronomy or astral photography, or had recently spent time stargazing.

Description: SCP-6608 is a cognitohazardous visual hallucination that primarily affects those who have a notable interest in astral photography or astronomy. The hallucination appears to manifest in the form of a hexapedal entity covered in an unidentified black fur-like substance. It possesses seven luminous eyes on what is presumed to be the head - five on the face and an additional two on stalk-like appendages protruding from the head.

Discovery: On 29/06/2018, SCP-6608 was discovered by Foundation agents present in medical facilities in San Francisco, California, after 24 year old Maria Valerio was checked in to the hospital by her housemates, Kayla Stephenson and Tanya Pierce. She was admitted for severe burns on her hands and forearms as well as signs of minor psychosis, including repeatedly speaking about dreams involving "stars, space, and darkness". After five days in the burn unit, during which hospital staff reported the victim's burns progressing despite any treatments, reports were filed with the local police and fire departments regarding a localized explosion in the victim's room and the victim going missing. Her hospital bed was found with severe burn marks on the sheets, and the metal warped where her hands had been gripping the bedrails. Amnestics were distributed to Valerio's housemates, as well as all persons who had interacted with her over the five-day period.

An investigation of her home after this event uncovered the attached photo, tagged as "some weird animal I saw while stargazing". Foundation agents discovered she had also posted it to social media, asking people to assist her in identifying the entity. The image metadata showed signs that it had been edited, and the team came to the conclusion that although she was convinced she had seen the entity, the photo itself was an artistic recreation. The photo was removed and credited as the results of Valerio's photo editing practice.

Foundation data analysts have been able to link four other disappearances to SCP-6608 manifestations. These took place in Bigfork, Montana, USA; Mykolaiv, Ukraine; Kgetlengriver, South Africa; and Pickering, Ontario, Canada. Currently, no correlation has been found between these locations.

On October 25, 2019, Researcher Nathan Pierrot of the Site-44 Anomalous Astronomy Department reported that he had experienced a hallucination while configuring Foundation telescopes. His reports of the hallucination matched the photo found in Valerio's home, and it was determined that he had witnessed an SCP-6608 manifestation. Pierrot was put under observation and regularly interviewed to determine the effects of exposure to SCP-6608.


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