SCP-6607 Instance Log
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SCP-6607 Instance Log

This is a full log of all SCP-6607 instances. New entries are to be added using the following template:

||= SCP-6607-X || Instance description. ||
Instance Anomalous Effects
SCP-6607-356 Demonic incantations were embedded in the code of the encyclopedia website Wikipedia. As a result, FSE is generated out of the website's servers whenever a malicious and disinformative edit is created on any page. Such types of edits made to pages regarding theological topics, especially towards heaven, God, or other equivalent subjects, seem to create a significant increase in FSE production.
SCP-6607-401 Increased usage of SCP-2336 for general Foundation operations has caused a notable increase in global FSE production.
SCP-6607-445 Upon completion of the ritual, all the marmalade in Ohio, USA was transformed into a mixture of human organs and blood, although still resembling its original aspect. Eating it without noticing its true nature results in a light FSE energy generation. Eating it while noticing its true nature results in a considerable FSE energy generation.
SCP-6607-496 When this instance is performed, ritual participants will be relocated to the stage of an unknown theater, with an audience composed of several demonic entities. These entities will generate FSE when they laugh, and as such subjects must enact comedic routines and plays to achieve proper production. Peculiarly, the inclusion of clowns in performances increases humor.
SCP-6607-500 Several "life-hack" entertainment channels on platforms such as YouTube have begun to include highly specific and dangerous advice in their content. Humans injured or killed while attempting to replicate these "hacks" count as ritual sacrifices for the purpose of FSE generation.
SCP-6607-569 Unkown. SCP-4357-J revealed this instance when asked what it was doing with a rubber duck it had been given, stating that "[He] will use it to perform a ritual so powerful, it will cause the tiny brains of those who see it to explode into a million fucking pieces and grant [him] the abilities of Satan him-fucking-self." The rubber duck was taken away, and SCP-4357-J's containment procedures were updated accordingly.

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