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Item #: SCP-6601

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6601 is to be hosted onto a D-class (D-5186 is the current host). The current host is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment unit. Direct contact from the current host to any person is not allowed. Performing relevant experiments requires the permission of at least one Level 3 personnel.

Description: SCP-6601 is a sapient incorporeal entity. The subject is able to coexist with humans, but it is unknown whether this is necessary for it to survive. SCP-6601 has a mild temper, but can be insistent in terms of changing the host's memories.

Please refer to the discovery and addendums for details.


SCP Foundation

Abnormal events report

Reported by: Dr. Li

Position of reporter:
☑ Researcher  
☐ Agent
☐ Department/Site Director
☐ Logistics Personnel

Urgency: Low High


I am always proud of my eidetic memory, but one day, I found out that they are false.

Combined with my work experience in the Foundation, I can't help but worry that this is an abnormal effect. Besides, I also went to the hospital for an examination, and I was able to confirm that there was no problem with my memory.

I remember clearly that I spent a very happy childhood with my parents in my hometown; but just when I was about to call my parents to greet them, I found out that my father had died before I was born. And my family apparently couldn't support the expenditure that I remember.

There are many things more serious and distinctive than these. In a word, the discrepancy between memory and reality makes me quite sure that my memory has been tampered intentionally. I feel uneasy at the thought of the possibilities behind it.

So I apply for and am willing to accept all the inspections of the Foundation.

I hope these are just because of my mental problems, because this is the most reassuring result.

Date: 05/13/2021

Status: Accepted.

Note: The urgency has been changed to "High". - Dr. George,05/22/2021

Upon further examination, SCP-6601 was discovered using Dr. Li as a host.

Dr. Li further reported that after the object was discovered, it was communicating with him by changing memories1, and showed fear of being found. After Dr. Li tried to communicate with it in the way of reminiscence, SCP-6601 expressed its willingness to be interviewed by the Foundation.

Addendum.6601-A - Interview results:

Foreword: SCP-6601 changed Dr. Li's memories throughout the process, leaving answers to the interviewer in Dr. Li's memories. Dr. Li spoke on its behalf.

Interviewer: Dr. George

Interviewee: Dr. Li (And SCP-6601)


  • SCP-6601 claimed that it has no malice.
  • SCP-6601 can be transferred through the host's physical contact with other human beings.
  • SCP-6601 claimed that the only effect it has on the host is to change the memories.
  • SCP-6601 claimed to be able to host onto all mammals, but favors humans.
  • SCP-6601 claimed to change Dr. Li's memories to "give him a happy childhood".

[In the interview, Dr. George expressed doubts about the above statements.]

  • It is unknown whether SCP-6601 has any relatives(SCP-6601 began not to respond).
  • It is unknown how many humans SCP-6601 has hosted before.

Afterword: After further communication failed, SCP-6601 was forced to transfer from Dr. Li to D-5186 under the threat of executing Dr. Li.

Note: Some incorporeal entities that can change humans's memories are wandering around the world. What does it mean?

A person's spirit is entirely constructed from memories. As long as it is willing, it can subvert many things.

I propose to change the object to refer to its entire ethnic group, and reclassify it as Keter, and then take prompt action. After all, how can I make sure that it is not disguising? How can I make sure that it has no malicious relatives?

 - Dr. George

Addendum.6601.B - Researcher's notes

It left such a piece of paper on a desk in my memory before it left me. Every word on it is very clear imprinted in my mind.

I have transcribed the original text here for reference. Please keep it.

- Dr. Li
Thank you very much.

I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused.

I'll start by answering the questions I wasn't able to answer because I was too scared: I don't know if I have relatives, I've never met any. As for this body, it is my 25843rd home.

In fact, I can stay in my first home with peace of mind until her death, and then look for opportunities to move safely to the next place. But as you already know, I live in human memory; and I am affected by those memories.

Her childhood was miserable. She has never enjoyed the love of her family, and there is also unreasonable(at least I think so) discrimination and ridicule. Fear, uneasiness, melancholy, inferiority, all of these, shrouded in her whole childhood.

These directly affected her present moment. No one saw how she felt on the inside. No one. I can't figure out why other people treat her that way, and I can't figure out where the love and care she should have when she was a child went.

She saw a sentence in the book one day, and I was stung by that sentence: "A lucky person's lifetime is cured by childhood, while an unlucky person's lifetime is spent curing childhood."

…I interfered. I gave her a happy childhood within the acceptable range.

She got better. A lot better, obviously better. That's it.

But, when I think that there may be more people like her before, I can't rest assured. Since then, I began to move frequently, trying my best to change and improve.

It's a pity… I tried too hard on this one. I made so many mistakes that I was discovered by you.

I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

But I have no regrets.

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