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Efforts in regrouping with missing members of Foundation personnel have been enacted. See Director Celeste for more details.

Most documentation regarding SCP-6600 and associated events has been made available to surviving Foundation Staff. These documents contain all necessary information regarding SCP-6600.

Event Recovery Procedures:

SCP-6600 has prevented the Foundation’s core objectives from being completed. Until the damages sustained during EE-66001 have been repaired, the Foundation has updated its missions to ensure the continued stability of civilisation and the Foundation upon SCP-6600-1.

To recapture or neutralise all anomalies.

  • Due to the destruction of formic colonies tasked with containment, containment efforts shall be undertaken directly by Foundation operatives. This will result in a decreased level of efficiency as the number of operatives drops drastically
  • Escaped anomalies that cannot be apprehended easily are to be terminated with extreme prejudice
  • All disposable anomalies with high-maintenance containment procedures, Keters with a Risk Class of Warning or higher, and Thaumiels lacking any conceivable application are to be assessed for neutralization

To ensure the unity of the Foundation and the entire species.

  • Analysis of SCP-6600-1 indicates the possibility of other Foundation Sites and cities being scattered in other realities. Further exploration and investigation into the Multiverse will be initiated once the aftermath of EE-6600 is stabilised
  • Attempting to aid individuals who have been altered by SCP-6600-1 is one of the Foundation’s goals, but rejoining with those who have retained their individuality is the highest priority
  • Any rescued individuals who have not become SCP-6600-2 instances that are unaffiliated with the Foundation shall be immediately recruited and assigned level 2 access
  • Males will be temporarily permitted to enter all positions generally reserved for females, excepting department heads and Directorial positions

To ensure the restoration of society as it was before EE-6600.

  • Foundation chemists are to fixate on altering the chemical composition of formic control pheromones to function in the atmosphere of SCP-6600-1
  • The formic population of SCP-6600-1 are to be domesticated and interbred with those surviving from Universe Prime, to adapt them to better survive the SCP-6600-1 atmosphere
  • Chambers below Site-67 are to be excavated and appropriately laid with pheromones by Foundation personnel to serve as space for formic factories and calculators. The chambers must be prepared for immediate inhabitation and functionality upon the establishment of a formic worker colony on SCP-6600-1
  • Algae farms can provide for Site-67’s current food requirements. SCP-6600-1's native mammalian wildlife is being screened for edibility and farming viability
  • An investigation into feasible ways of raising the atmospheric oxygen levels of SCP-6600-1, or otherwise counteracting the long-term effects of hypoxia is underway
  • All personnel are required to submit genetic material to be used in artificial incubation
  • Plans for a subterranean residential compound for civilians will be initiated upon sufficient population growth

Upon the completion of these objectives, the Foundation will resume its Secure, Contain, Protect motto; stabilisation of the Multiversal Web via containment of SCP-6600 will become another primary objective. EE-6600 has made the Veil protocol impossible to uphold. All survivors of EE-6600 are to be immediately inducted into the Foundation. In future, widespread amnesticisation programmes may be used to reestablish normalcy.

Staff are to remain within habitats at all time, unless on an approved expedition. All operatives entering SCP-6600-1 must be equipped with a pheromone flare, oxygen supply, and ample webbing.

Note to Operatives:
Our situation provides no margin for error.
There will be zero tolerance for dissidence. Disobedience is grounds for summary execution. You have been warned.
- Security Chief Ness

Event Description: EE-6600 refers to the events following the severance of Reality ♮-1 from the Multiversal Web.

Upon Reality ♮-1's disconnection from the Web, it immediately began dissolution. The majority of Reality ♮-1's unreinforced mass ceased to exist; due to the actions taken by Site-67, some Foundation and civic infrastructure survived. Those individuals that were not converted to SCP-6600-2 instances during EE-6600 were encouraged to assemble at Site-67, the most stable remaining Foundation emplacement.

After two weeks of drifting across the Web, after which almost all matter in the universe had been destroyed, Reality ♮-1 collided with Reality ♯-597, henceforth referred to as SCP-6600-1. In the case of Reality ♮-1+♯-597 collision, the matter remaining in Reality ♮-1 was overlaid directly onto SCP-6600-1.

SCP-6600-1 is a universe containing an alternate Earth in which the High O2 Period ended 250 million years ago, dropping to 21% atmospheric O2 levels and preventing the development and dominance of arachnid species. Extended exposure to SCP-6600-1’s atmosphere may cause permanent damage to cognitive functions.

Arachnids and insects on SCP-6600-1 have not developed sophisticated lungs, brains, or circulatory systems. Mammalian lifeforms have become the largest, most developed species.

Prior to EE-6600, Site-67 had been outfitted with linings of Scranton Reality Thread. The SRT ensured stability during the universal dissolution. However, Site-67's two main buildings were separated during the universal merge. The lost fragment of Site-67 is designated Site-68. The status of Site-68 is unknown.

The SRT ensured Site-67 personnel's survival, but the Site’s seal’s integrity was compromised. The atmosphere of SCP-6600-1 rendered formic control pheromones ineffective, and members of the Site-67 formic colony began to attack personnel and one another. Surviving staff retreated to the Site’s lower levels and isolated the colony queens. Spiders and formics remaining on the surface asphyxiated and rebuild procedures commenced on Site-67. Site-67 experienced a personnel loss of only 23% and a loss of 83% of its formic colony.

An artificial atmosphere with higher oxygen content was created within Site-67 by flooding unused lower areas and introducing algae, then pumping outside air through the filter.

The entire spider population2 has been converted to SCP-6600-2. SCP-6600-2 are physically and mentally altered spiders that have become diminutive and rapidly adapted to coexist in the ecosystems which they were overlaid upon during the universal collision. SCP-6600-2 have lost all cognitive ability, showing no signs of recognition, or intelligent response to stimuli.

No way of restoring SCP-6600-2 has been found. The Security Chief has permitted containment of SCP-6600-2 specimens which were formerly female Site-67 staff until a treatment is found.

Discovery of Survivors:

On July 5th, 2034, Mobile Task Force Captain Charlotte Jenkins and Field Agent Portia Burgeons appeared outside of the perimeter of Site-67. Burgeons was unharmed, however, Jenkins was suffering from limb liquefication due to an internalized low Hume level, a consequence of being displaced outside with sufficient enough distance from Scranton Reality Threading.

Upon being interviewed, both Burgeons and Jenkins gave the following statement:

They had both returned to the current reality after walking along a singular strand of SRT. Upon entering the current reality, they emerged in thick shrubbery. From there, they attempted to recuperate, however, they fled when they witnessed massive hairless appendages striking the ground.

From there, they tracked the current members of the Foundation by locating 'knots' of SRT and following the trail.

Attempted Rescue Mission:

On September 6th, 2034, a scouting team was deployed to Area-0 for reconnaissance. There, scout leader Greggs ascended a tree and spotted large bipeds of mammalian descent. Entities displayed signs of intelligence, engaging in tool use and a form of audial communication.

One of these entities noticed Greggs and uttered a loud vocalization before turning around and fleeing from his presence. Another of these entities approached and observed Greggs, appearing to study him. The entity then chastised the other for fleeing before turning around and leaving, seemingly disinterested.

The behaviours of these entities have been markedly inconsistent. Extreme caution is advised when approaching.

Further encounters with these entities have shown them to be sapient, with organised tribal social structures. They have been designated humans3. Their technology hinges on manipulation of the physical world, rather than chemical manipulation. Human populations are spread throughout the region surrounding Site-67. Humans are likely the dominant species on SCP-6600-1 in terms of intelligence.

August 7th, 6860: An anomalous avian creature emerged from the distortion field.
A human approached and brandished a cylindrical telescopic device7constructed out of primarily stainless steel. He quickly placed it into the ground; from there, three prongs emerged and implanted themselves into the soil to keep it upright.

Strands of SRT quickly began to unravel and gravitate towards the cylindrical object, gathering and tangling around the anomalous entity in the process, quickly subduing it.

After the anomalous entity was contained by the humans, Agent Graham Fosters infiltrated their laboratory and covertly examined the tool that was used. She had confirmed that SRT-Manipulation Needles were used as parts for the device. A currently unrecognized element of metal was also found in the device, presumably to amplify the Needle's effects.

Regrouping with Missing Personnel:

On November 19th, 6860, the spatial distortion field de-manifested and Site-68 reappeared near Site-67. From there, Rescue Team Captain Carl Shaws initiated the investigation of Site-68. Video log added below.


Date: November 19, 6860

Note: Video feed was captured using a helmet-mounted camera.

<Begin Log>

<Video feed turns on, showing Shaws' face.>

This is Sigma-X's Captain, Carl Shaws. We've arrived at the rendezvous point. We've found our missing personnel!

<Shaws turns the camera around and puts it on his head. Site-68's front doors are open; survivors can be seen exiting, escorted by the Rescue Squad.>

Of the personnel we were searching for, we've located 90%, total. 15% of the located personnel are dead, and 10% of them are critically injured. My crew is currently entering in hopes of locating more. I do apologize if this breaks my professionalism, but…this is great. We've found each other. After all this time…

<The spatial distortion field re-manifests.>

…what the hell…?

<Strands of SRT snap out of the ground and rapidly unravel.>

Shit! Everyone, get out of there! GET THE FUCK OUT NOW!

<The remaining personnel all attempt to dash out of the front doors and past the failing SRT strands. Site-68 as well as its respective plot of land drift away from Site-67, a massive fissure forming in between them. Several individuals trip and fall into the void below. The spatial distortion field stretches outwards in size, quickly encompassing the entirety of Site-68.>

No! No! We were so God damn close!

<Site-68 disappears again.>

<End Log>

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