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Item#: 6600
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: Research into means of neutralising SCP-6600 or repositioning Reality ♮-1 is underway. All resources that are used for non-essential projects should be rerouted to prevent the eventual collapse of Reality ♮-1. Containment efforts are to focus on mitigation of adverse effects on reality.

At this time, efforts to protect the Veil are still in place. Governments and NGOs affiliated with the Foundation have been tasked with management of civilian unrest. Concealment of the effects of SCP-6600 is impossible; civilians will be informed of reality deviations incited by SCP-6600 for safety purposes. However, they will not be told the cause.

Description: SCP-6600 is the catalyst of the rapid deterioration of universal stability in the Multiversal Web1. The effects of SCP-6600 causes the dissolution of Ways2 connecting universes, eventually severing them from the Multiversal Web. The nature and source of SCP-6600 are unknown.

The structure of the Multiversal Web denotes that each universe is bound to two or more Ways. Ways entering a universe branch into a root-like structure that extends through subspace; they possess a non-Euclidean interior allowing entry from many locations within the Multiversal Web, permitting rapid travel within the universe and other universes.

Due to SCP-6600, the Ways extending from Reality ♮-13 have become highly unstable. Attempted exploration of the Ways by formic exploratory teams has resulted in near-immediate expiry of drones as a result of incompatible laws of physics, even while wearing protective SRT4 garments. Other realities5 are also subject to the effects of SCP-6600.

As a result of SCP-6600, Reality ♮-1 has been experiencing minor shifts in reality, which increase in frequency. These phenomena include, but are not limited to:

  • Objects and spiders changing in colour;
  • Objects and spiders shifting in space unpredictably;
  • Objects disappearing or reappearing without warning, sometimes resulting in objects merging;
  • Localised temporal distortions, causing time to move quicker or slower;
  • Minor visual anomalies in and around surfaces, resulting in multiple copies of an object overlapping one another.

SCP-6600 also causes cognitive degradation. Symptoms include:

  • Memory loss;
  • Loss of consciousness;
  • Changes in personality;
  • Loss of brain function;
  • Loss of bodily autonomy;
  • Agitation, confusion, and aggressive compulsions.

The widespread appearance of these anomalies has caused panic in the general populace, inciting riots and looting. International and governmental agencies have reduced the severity with varying degrees of success. Preventing panic is an objective, but not the Foundation's main concern at this time.


Visualization of The Multiversal Web.

In the following diagram, yellow indicates the pieces of Reality ♯-X or Reality ♭-X that have been completely broken from the Multiversal Web, whereas light blue indicates the pieces of Reality ♯-X or Reality ♭-X that are currently breaking. The white circle denotes Reality ♮-1’s position.


Visualization of The Multiversal Web in its current state.

It is predicted that SCP-6600 will completely separate Reality ♮-1 from the Multiversal Web within 8 years. The potential outcome is unknown.

Addendum 6600-A:

05 Briefing on SCP-6600 Video Log Transcript

Date: 5/23/2030

Note: The following is a rough translation from Spider Sign Language to written English detailing the events of EE-6600 for ease of human understanding. Video of the event will be attached and viewable upon request.

<Begin Log>

Director Celeste: As you know, we have recently found out that our universe and reality are not the only ones out there. In addition, we have also discovered the shifts in reality are being caused by the deterioration of our reality, or as we know it, SCP-6600. It is theorized that we will be completely separated from the Multiversal Web in at least eight years.

Researcher Lime: Eight years is… a short time.

Director Celeste: It is. So, I am suggesting that Site-67 become the safe site and main research centre for SCP-6600. We are certain that preventative measures are required.

O5-4: Site-67 is currently a lunar protection site, no?

Director Celeste: Currently, yes. However, if the Council agrees, I would like to renovate the Site into something more purposeful. As it stands, we own twenty-six lunar protection sites globally. That seems like overkill.

O5-7: How much do you think it will cost?

Director Celeste: Around 60,000 SB, but that’s the maximum.

O5-4: What documentation do we have so far on SCP-6600? While it does present a threat to the Veil, it does not seem detrimental.

[Director Celeste gestures to Researcher Lime.]

Researcher Lime: My team has run the numbers and there really isn’t any knowing what will happen when we separate from the Multiversal Web, however, it is likely that we will suffer consequences.

Director Celeste: With this being known, I highly recommend you sign off on this.

O5-1: We will discuss it. I'll be in touch.

<End Log>

Addendum 6600-B:

Recorded tests on Reality Anchors and other preserving technology; these tests were held to determine the effectiveness in decreasing the severity of SCP-6600's effects.

Date Reality Anchor Ranking of Viability
June 21st, 2030 Scranton Reality Anchors. Baseline, only effective against 12.2% of SCP-6600’s effects. Not viable for further use. 0
August 14th, 2031 Reality Shield 1.0. 47% effectiveness against all of SCP-6600’s effects. Generally viable for short term use. 2
March 7th, 2032 Reality Shield 2.0. 52% effective against some of SCP-6600’s effects. 3
April 13th, 2032 Reality Shield 3.0. 70% 32% effective against some of SCP-6600’s effects. After testing, Reality Shield 3.0’s effectively decreased significantly. Not viable. 1
July 20th, 2033 Reality Shield “Phrygian (III)”. 67% effective against all of SCP-6600’s effects. Viable for short term use, possible ancillary unit for Aeolian (VI). 4
October 25th, 2033 Reality Shield “Aeolian (VI)”. 89% effective against SCP-6600, viable to keep reality stable during research in tethering Reality ♮-1 to The Multiversal Web. Long term use is viable and expected. 5

Addendum 6600-C:


DATE: 8/8/2034

NOTE: The following is a transcript of a broadcast focused on general morale boost.

<Begin Log>


So, I want to start this “update” by congratulating the great work done by the renovation and reality defending team, as their effort on the reality anchors and reality shields have proven successful in protecting the Site against the current state of our universe.

Three years ago we started this venture, and while we may have been successful in some aspects, we’ve only managed to protect this one Site. With that, many researchers have brought up the concern that this solution is not viable in both the short and long term, as our situation is always changing. This may also not work well for broad general public use. Thus, I would like us to move away from focusing on reality shields and anchors for protecting Reality ♮-1 as a whole, instead of having them for the SCP Foundation and our major Sites.

In the meantime, I would like our field agents to continue their work in identifying the effects of SCP-6600 on the general public and Earth itself. Researchers should continue their work on protecting Reality ♮-1, with a group working on the enhanced reality shields and anchors but a majority will be working on a longer-term and more stable solution to SCP-6600.

Celeste, out.

<End Log>

Addendum 6600-D:


DATE: 1/23/2035

NOTE: The following is a transcript of the first broadcast to the entirety of the SCP Foundation.

<Begin Log>

All of you have seen the most recent memo from the higher-ups. Researchers predicted six years ago that we would have eight years until the complete collapse of Reality ♮-1. Well, in the last month Reality ♮-1 is almost completely detached from the Multiversal Web. It’s unknown when we will be cut off, but we’re sure it’s soon. For the rest of the Foundation, we apologize. We've failed. If you’re capable of leaving your Site, please do. Come to Site-67 and prepare for the worst. If you’re able to put forward your efforts and resources to help, please do. I know it’s a lot to ask, that you abandon your friends and family, but there is hope.

If you are not able or willing to help, and if you notice any of these effects, evacuate the area:

  • Tears in surfaces such as walls, the ground, sky, or any other area.
  • Popping or snapping sounds from seemingly nowhere.
  • Seeing yourself, or loved ones both within the static and on the streets. Note: Do not interact with them. It is unknown at this time if they are violent.
  • Extreme brain fog, and other psychological effects, including depression and memory loss.
  • Chills.
  • Changes in vision and other sensory perception.
  • Any other changes to reality.

The Veil may be broken, but our hope is not. Please come to Site-67 if you’re able to. There is always a need for more legs.

Thank you and stay well.
Director Celeste.

<End Log>


DATE: 2/29/2035

NOTE: The following is a transcript of the final broadcast to the entirety of the SCP Foundation and the public.

<Begin Log>

If you are still receiving these broadcasts and can understand me, please make your way to Site-67, coordinates are enclosed. You may not be aware of what we do or who we are, but we need your help. You may have lost your friends and family, but it may not be too late to save them. Hope is not lost.

Thank you and stay well.
Director Celeste.

<End Log>

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