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by PlaguePJP, HarryBlank, Cremo, & J Dune

Item#: 6598
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6598 is contained in a coin case in Site-322's low-security item vault. Testing of SCP-6598 was overseen by Researcher H. Hartwell and Dr. J. Dune.

Description: SCP-6598 is an American quarter dated to 1983. When a subject makes a verbal statement and then flips SCP-6598, the object will land on a face corresponding to the statement's relation to objective fact. A result of "heads" denotes the truth, and "tails" denotes a falsehood. Questions and statements that are not yes-or-no questions will not lead to answers from SCP-6598. The accuracy of the statements presented by SCP-6598 is presently under investigation.

Addendum 6598.1: Experiment log

Statement Result
Grass is green. (Dune) Heads.
SCP-6598 understands what I'm saying. (Dune) Heads.
SCP-6598 is having a good day today. (Hartwell) Tails. Note: SCP-6598 was noted to have landed with unusual force.
The first number of the winning lottery numbers for tomorrow is 1. (Hartwell) Tails.
[25 tests omitted]
The final number of the winning lottery numbers for tomorrow is 7. (Hartwell) Heads. Winnings seized. Using anomalies for further personal gain will lead to disciplinary action — Dir. Paul Lague
Dr. Dune ate a sandwich for lunch this afternoon. (Hartwell) Heads. Thing’s a smartass. A hot dog is not a sandwich — J. Dune
Extraterrerestial life exists. (Dune) Tails. The test was repeated with several variations of the question, specifying life in the entire universe, etc. Result remained tails.
Baseball is a boring sport. (Hartwell) SCP-6598 flipped itself between heads and tails until the next statement was made.
Star Wars: Episode 8: The Last Jedi is a bad film. (Hartwell) Same result as in the previous test. Upon repetition of the statement, SCP-6598 drastically increased in temperature to the point where it could not be safely handled. It returned to baseline temperature after fifteen minutes.
SCP-6598 likes Dr. Dune more than Researcher Hartwell. (Dune) Same result as in the previous test. Hesitation was observed in SCP-6598 every time it flipped to its heads side.
God can create a burrito so hot that he can't eat it. (Hartwell) SCP-6598 burned Researcher Hartwell's hand.
SCP-6598 dislikes paradoxes. (Hartwell) Heads. Considerable force was observed upon its landing, enough to dent the testing table.
SCP-6598 enjoys being flipped. (Hartwell) Tails. Same result as in the previous test. SCP-6598 managed to punch though the table upon its landing.
SCP-6598 will breach containment in the future. (Hartwell) Heads.
SCP-682 is indestructible. (Hartwell) Tails. Researcher Hartwell's lottery winnings have been budgeted for further decommissioning tests — Dir. Paul Lague
Site-5 does not exist. (Dune) Heads. Following the repetition of this test, SCP-6598 reversed its decision. Subsequent tests have not delivered conclusive results.
I will be with my girlfriend in five years. (Hartwell) Tails.
Everything dies. (Hartwell) Heads. The Department of Tactical Theology immediately called a symposium to discuss the ramifications of this result.
I will die in the next ten years. (Hartwell) Heads.
SCP-6598 is upset with me. (Hartwell) SCP-6598 hung stationary in the air. It began to violently vibrate before accelerating to approximately 1100 km/h and exiting Site-322 through Researcher Hartwell's skull (with a minor course correction to avoid striking Dr. Dune).

SCP-6598 was recovered in an empty parking lot approximately 30 kilometers from Site-322, laying on its head side. A small impact crater was observed in the asphalt surrounding it. Following the final test, SCP-6598 has remained facing heads up, despite all attempts to rotate it or supply additional prompts. Testing halted.

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