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by PlaguePJP

Item#: 6593
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SCP-6593 at its place of discovery.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6593 has been relocated into Site-322's cafeteria. SCP-6593 may be utilized by all Site personnel regardless of rank. Alerting nearby personnel that SCP-6593 will be in use is advised.

Description: SCP-6593 is a standard vending machine, accepting United States paper bills and coins. SCP-6593 contains candy bars, single-serving bags of chips and pretzels, and assorted carbonated beverages. Should an item be purchased, SCP-6593 will anomalously restock itself the following day. All efforts to observe this process have failed.

SCP-6593 is sentient, sapient, and capable of speech in English through a highly modulated male voice. It will only display these traits when a patron is within 0.2 - 0.5 meters of the object and remains within this area for over five seconds. Should these requirements be met, SCP-6593 will converse with the potential patron. The internal mechanisms of SCP-6593 do not differ from non-anomalous instances of the same model of machine — it is unknown when or how these properties were first displayed.

SCP-6593 gains sexual gratification upon a subject surveying the items, inserting coins, and/or selecting their specified item, commonly uttering sexually explicit phrases about itself or the patron and requesting the aforementioned actions be done to it.

Due to SCP-6593's ability to self-restock, Site-322 Director Paul Lague has allowed for SCP-6593 to be placed in the Site's food court under the purview of the Integration Program as a cost-saving measure and to gain a wide array of behavioral research on SCP-6593.

Addendum 6593.1: Event Transcript

On July 5th, 2022, Doctor Anthony Coix attempted to utilize SCP-6593.



(Coix approaches SCP-6593 and begins to examine the items within it.)

SCP-6593: You like what you see, big boy?

Note: Since the internment of SCP-6593 in the cafeteria, Site personnel developed a strategy of ignoring SCP-6593's advances. This seemed to exacerbate SCP-6593's sexual activity and pleasure.

SCP-6593: Yeah… look through my glass. I'm such a dirty slut showing you what's inside me.

(Coix continues to look at the items. It appears he is indecisive on what to purchase.)

SCP-6593: Fuck, you make me want to dispense something so bad. Please, give me a coin.

(Coix continues to scour the items available for a further five minutes. SCP-6593 quickly grows more aroused by the timeframe.)

SCP-6593: Please. Please, just one coin. Just one. I've been so good. I'm a whore. I want you to buy something from me.

(Coix decides to purchase a package of Lay's Potato Chips. He retrieves four quarters from his pocket.)

(SCP-6593 makes a loud moaning noise.)

SCP-6593: Fuck yeah. Put those quarters in. Put them inside me. I want to feel them fall into the sorter.

(Coix deposits the quarters and glances back to the machine for the corresponding number.)

SCP-6593: Oh fuck yeah. Press my buttons. Press them hard. I'm almost there.

(Coix presses the first button.)


(Coix presses the last three buttons very quickly. He is clearly uncomfortable.)

SCP-6593: Oooh. Oh shit.

(SCP-6593's internal lights begin to rapidly flicker. The machine suddenly lifts off the floor and crashes back down. Every food item and beverage SCP-6593 had stored falls into the retrieval slot. SCP-6593 begins to breathe heavily.)

SCP-6593: Oh fuck. Fuck. That hasn't happened in a while.


Coix retrieved a large cardboard box from his office, collected all the items, and quickly left the cafeteria.

As word of this event spread, personnel on their lunch breaks would attempt to bring SCP-6593 to orgasm in order to receive free snack items. Multiple strategies have been developed, including rattling coins throughout the buying process or holding down the keypad buttons for longer than needed, but the most successful has proven to be the one created by Doctor Coix.

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