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ITEM#: SCP-6579-D
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Dr. Cambridge's office (photo taken prior to his death).

Special Containment Procedures: All Foundation personnel which have been killed by SCP-6579 are to be decommissioned via weaponized drone units operated by ShyGuy.aic.

Containment Procedures Addendum: Access to Dr. Cambridge's office is completely restricted. Investigation into SCP-6579 is to be entirely carried out by ShyGuy.aic. It is to be completely decommissioned as soon as all information relevant to SCP-6579 has been received.

Description: SCP-6579 is an entity or object presumably occupying the office of the late Dr. Cambridge, a Foundation researcher specializing in antimemes, located in Site-41. SCP-6579 is most likely some form of virulent infohazard that is capable of spreading its properties through human beings it has already affected.

SCP-6579 is the most likely cause of death for Dr. Cambridge. Any human being who views Dr. Cambridge, or who spends a significant amount of time observing his office, is terminated by SCP-6579. Additionally, any human who views another human killed by SCP-6579 is likewise terminated. As such, research into SCP-6579's properties is highly inconclusive, as any attempts to observe the effects of SCP-6579 result in its activation. All that is known is which Foundation personnel have been killed by SCP-6579, as determined by ShyGuy.aic; their interactions with SCP-6579, and their causes of death, are unknown.

Incident Log: The following is a log of all incidents involving SCP-6579, which have been relayed in such a manner that reading such logs is unlikely to result in death.

Incident 6579.1-1: Dr. Garner, a close associate of Cambridge, enters the hallway leading up to the latter's office. He opens the door and, shortly after entering the office, is immediately killed by SCP-6579.

Incident 6579.1-2: Drs. Simmons and Fitzgerald enter the hallway. Both of them notice that the door has been left ajar, walk towards it, and are immediately terminated by SCP-6579 upon entering the room.

Incident 6579.1-3: Dr. Leroy enters the hallway and notices the legs of Dr. Fitzgerald sticking out of Cambridge's office. He immediately pulls the lever on the wall to activate the alarm, locking down the Site, and activating ShyGuy.aic's adaptive containment algorithm. Leroy slowly walks towards the office, and upon being able to view Fitzgerald's head, is terminated by SCP-6579.

Incident 6579.1-4: Unit 2 of MTF Mu-15 ("September") enters the hallway. The unit is led by Agent Ward, who is terminated by SCP-6579 as he approaches Dr. Leroy. All other members of the unit are progressively killed by SCP-6579.

Following Incident 6579.1-4, ShyGuy.aic completed its automated threat supervision and containment contingencies, and restricted access to the hallway leading towards Dr. Cambridge's office. Shortly thereafter, ShyGuy.aic completed its containment protocol generation algorithm and constructed the SCP-6579 documentation.

All of the personnel terminated by SCP-6579 were incinerated by weaponized drones, and agents were permitted access to Dr. Cambridge's office.

Incident 6579.2-1: Unit 3 of MTF Mu-15 entered Cambridge's office. After several minutes of investigation, all members of the unit were terminated by SCP-6579.

Following the incident, access to Dr. Cambridge's office was again restricted, and ShyGuy.aic reconsidered and revised the existing containment procedures for SCP-6579.

Addendum 6579.1: An investigation of Dr. Cambridge's office was carried out by drones operated by ShyGuy.aic. After several minutes, it was discovered that Cambridge's computer had been recording audio since shortly prior to his death. The recording was ascertained to contain information which could activate SCP-6579. A transcript was taken by ShyGuy.aic, for further analysis.

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