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Item#: 6572
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Emergence Event of SCP-6572.

Special Containment Procedures: The current location of SCP-6572 is unknown. Therefore, containment efforts are to be directed towards falsifying reported causes of death for SCP-6572's victims and explaining damage to infrastructure.1

Description: SCP-6572 is a sword labelled as being able to cut through anything. It is not affected by friction. SCP-6572 also appears to be resistant to high temperatures and pressures.

No visual descriptions of SCP-6572 prior to classification exist. Cross-referencing characteristics of SCP-6572 with those of swords historically possessed by Marshall, Carter, and Dark has been deemed infeasible.

Discovery: SCP-6572 was one of several unnoteworthy anomalous items seized in a raid on a Marshall, Carter, and Dark warehouse on 6/24/2002.

During initial transit to the nearest Foundation site, the storage unit of SCP-6572 (later determined to utilize electromagnetic suspension) failed. SCP-6572 pierced its storage unit, destroying its MC&D unique identifier label, and proceeded to fall into the ground. SCP-6572 was presumed lost.

On 12/1/2002, witnesses in Perth, Australia reported that a man "exploded into viscera". High-speed camera footage suggested that the cause was SCP-6572. SCP-6572 travelled in a parabolic arc, reentering the earth approximately 30 meters away.

It is presumed that SCP-6572 will remerge in Bermuda, the antipode2 of Perth. SCP-6572 has been classified as Euclid.

Update 4/30/2003: On 4/10/2003, witnesses reported that Donald Duck at Disneyland had been scattered across the park. Surveillance footage indicated that the cause of death was SCP-6572. It was determined that while SCP-6572 does not appear to be affected by friction, it is affected by lateral forces from convective currents present within earth's mantle and core, altering its velocity. As such, without a comprehensive model of the earth's mantle, it is impossible to accurately predict the trajectory of SCP-6572. SCP-6572 has been upgraded to Keter.

A full list of SCP-6572 emergence events is available upon request. Over 50 emergence events have been directly observed.

Update 6/30/2010: SCP-6572 appears to be accelerating. At every emergence event, SCP-6572 travels further before reentering the ground. It is estimated that SCP-6572 will escape from earth's gravity by 2020.

Update 9/30/2017: SCP-6572 left earth's gravity well on 9/12/2017. Containment efforts are no longer necessary. SCP-6572 reclassified to Neutralized.

No more dangerous than other space junk now. —Dr. Solstice

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