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This file's Containment Procedures and Description are slated for major revisions to more accurately reflect events since their prior publication (see ADDENDUM 6571.7). As such, the current file likely contains outdated or no longer accurate information.


Item#: SCP-6571
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-48 Director Jessica Thomas N/A MTF Twilight-23 ("As below, so above")

SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES:1 Due to the formation of the Kennedy-Foundation Accord, SCP-6571 is currently contained by the PENTAGRAM, the occult branch of the US Department of Defence.

According to Director Robert Bishop (Head of the PENTAGRAM's relations office), SCP-6571 is presently housed within a large facility located somewhere within Tucson, Arizona, and that multiple American scientists and engineers are currently conducting tests on SCP-6571.

DESCRIPTION: SCP-6571 is the designation given to a large paratechnological/thaumaturgical ontokinetic eigenweapon device, approximately 20 meters in height and 30 meters in width, that was initially built by the US military during the Second World War.

Upon being activated, a complete longitude and latitude coordinates are to be inputted onto the monitor attached to SCP-6571. This will result in all electronic devices located within a one-kilometer circular area of the aforementioned coordinates to constantly play an anomalous signal. Individuals who are exposed to this signal will immediately exhibit symptoms of an unknown anomalous disease, which has been designated as SCP-6571-1.

SCP-6571-1 comes in three different stages listed below:

  • Stage 1: During the first 30-seconds of exposure to SCP-6571-1, subjects report having itchy skin, especially in the parts around their eyes and ears. Subjects also have a strong compulsion to write the words "Her people" on any available surface. After around ~10 minutes, subjects will proceed to Stage 2 of SCP-6571-1.
  • Stage 2: Subjects will experience painful headaches and migraines, followed by nausea and excessive vomiting of blood. The subject's temperature will rise to abnormal levels, usually from 84 ℃ to 103 ℃. The strong compulsion to write the words "Her people" still remains. After around 20-50 minutes, subjects will proceed to Stage 3 of SCP-6571-1.
  • Stage 3: Subjects will then enter a stage of considerable emotional distress, which comprises of screaming, crying, and babbling incoherently. They will then cause self-harm, which includes attempting to mutilate themselves to use their blood to write the words "Her people" on any available surface, resulting in subsequent symptoms of psychosis, blood loss, and massive internal trauma. The subjects will then proceed to commit suicide, usually by snapping their neck at the base of their skull, or by self-strangulation.

There are currently no known means of curing or mitigating SCP-6571-1.

ADDENDUM 6571.1: History


Entrance to the facility holding SCP-6571.

According to recovered documents, SCP-6571 was first commissioned to be built on January 12th, 1945, in order to play a part in Project CALIBURN, an operation conducted by the US military in order to gain the upper hand during the Second World War using paratechnology. At the time, SCP-6571's construction was under the supervision of General Arthur Vincent (previously a commander for the 388th Independent Special Company).

However, on April 30th, 1945, the project was mysteriously abandoned, and SCP-6571 was left unfinished.

SCP-6571 was rediscovered on August 31st, 2016, by a group of urban explorers who were exploring the abandoned facility housing SCP-6571. The urban explorers accidentally activated SCP-6571, and unknowingly entered the coordinates onto its monitor. This resulted in a small nearby town exhibiting symptoms of SCP-6571-1, with 48 civilian casualties being reported. The Foundation was immediately alerted, and containment teams were immediately mobilized in order to ascertain the nature of SCP-6571-1.

The containment teams were able to isolate and terminate all those that were affected with SCP-6571-1. They then conducted a misinformation campaign by utilizing standard Class-A amnestics and Cover Story 6571-255 "Harmful Waste Gas Leakage" has been disseminated to all local and regional media located within the town at the time.

Subsequent analysis on the town by Foundation agents led to the discovery of SCP-6571 and the facility previously holding it, along with the corpses of the urban explorers. Foundation containment teams were able to transport SCP-6571 to Research Site-48, and its anomalous properties were able to be ascertained. SCP-6571 was then placed within a containment warehouse.

On September 5th, 2016, the PENTAGRAM contacted the Foundation to request ownership of SCP-6571. When they were first denied, the PENTAGRAM presented Foundation personnel with the legally binding clauses Section H-278 of the Kennedy-Foundation Accord, which states:


The Kennedy-Foundation Accord

Section H:

The PENTAGRAM are to be allowed permission to possess custody and/or ownership on an anomalous object/entity, as long as it fits within the following criteria:

  • The object/entity was discovered in a location currently under the jurisdiction of the United States.
  • The object/entity was initially created by any parties associated with the US government.
  • The object/entity is considered to be of low threat and can be easily contained.

Any external organization that does not comply with the aforementioned clauses will be considered a grave offense, as such will result in immediate hostility.

Due to this, SCP-6571 was handed over to the PENTAGRAM to avoid any confrontation, along with all relevant documentation.

ADDENDUM 6571.2: Incident Log

On January 23rd, 2017, the Foundation received the following message from the Chief of OSAT:




Police in the Province of Québec have reported that a nearby settlement has possibly succumbed to an anomalous occurrence. They have found multiple bodies that possess broken necks and several of them have deep strangle marks.

Subsequent analysis of the area revealed that some of the electronic devices were previously playing some sort of unknown signal. We are currently looking into it.

The reason for contacting you was that we were interested if you know anything about this, as some of your own contained anomalies do have properties that are consistent with the description of the bodies. Please report to us immediately if you have any information.

— Sergeant Benoit Gauthier, Chief Superintendent, OSAT

The Foundation replied to the message, saying that they have no input regarding the incident but will update the OSAT if any relevant information has been discovered. However, it was noted by Dr. Frederick Seagan (previous research head for SCP-6571) that the description of the bodies was consistent with individuals exhibiting symptoms of SCP-6571-1.

The Department of Advanced Diplomacy contacted the PENTAGRAM to discuss matters related to the incident. The transcription of the discussion has been provided below:

Location: Site-48

Date: 25/01/2017

Individuals Present:

  • Dr. Randald Malcom, Department of Advanced Diplomacy
  • Director Robert Bishop, PENTAGRAM's relations office


Dr. Malcom: Hello, Bishop.

Director Bishop: Hey, Malcom! Nice to see you again! How're you?

Dr. Malcom: I'm fine, thanks. (clears throat) Do you know why we arranged this in the first place?

Director Bishop: I'm assuming it's regarding AW/7696-S?2

Dr. Malcom: Yes, that is correct.

Director Bishop: Oh, okay. What's up? What do you need to know?

Dr. Malcom: So, a couple of days ago, a settlement located in Canada was reported to have an anomalous occurrence. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police discovered that multiple of the bodies were consistent with those that were affected by the disease the signal belonging to the weapon produces.

Director Bishop: Oh! I see.

Dr. Malcom: You say that PENTAGRAM are conducting tests on the weapon? What kind of testing?

Director Bishop: Well, I believe we're testing how the weapon works, so we're inputting coordinates into it and experimenting with the effects of them on certain secluded areas PENTAGRAM has. So, I guess we accidentally inputted the wrong coordinates, and it got Canada.

Dr. Malcom: Are you certain it was an accident?

Director Bishop: Yeah, sure.

Dr. Malcom: You don't really sound positive there, Bishop.

Director Bishop: Well, uhh, h-how many casualties were reported from Canada?

Dr. Malcom: (sighs) They were 13 reported casualties. Also, since this is technically PENTAGRAM's fault, you need to pay compensation for all the amnestics the Foundation were forced to use.

Director Bishop: Okay, that seems fair. I suppose this ends our discussion, now that that's all been taken care of?

Dr. Malcom: Well, I suppose. You still need to have a talk with our legal consultant, though.

Director Bishop: Alright, noted. The PENTAGRAM sends our regards to the Canadians.

Dr. Malcom: I'll let them know.


The PENTAGRAM paid compensation to the Foundation and additionally also donated to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

ADDENDUM 6571.3: Incident Log 2, 3 and 4

On February 3rd, 2017, the British Occult Service (or MI-666) contacted the Foundation regarding an anomalous incident that occurred at their largest command station in London, where several of their operatives died by apparent suicide. The circumstances of these deaths were nearly identical to those affected by SCP-6571-1; as a result, Foundation teams subsequently attempted to contact the PENTAGRAM. A response was not received.

On March 14th, 2017, WORMAC-2RC (the second-largest containment facility belonging to the Australian Abnormal Intelligence Bureau) was reported to have been "attacked" by an unknown memetic contagion causing multiple individuals to begin screaming and breaking each other's necks. Similarities to SCP-6571-1 were noted and the Foundation immediately contacted the PENTAGRAM again, but they never responded.

On April 25th, 2017, an embedded Foundation agent within the Office for the Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts (ORIA) reported that their largest facility center experienced an anomalous occurrence, where multiple ORIA personnel were suddenly screaming and committing suicide via self-strangulation.

Contact with the PENTAGRAM was conducted again but subsequently failed. Due to this, a group of Foundation personnel from the Department of Advanced Diplomacy was sent in to investigate matters at the facility holding SCP-6571 in Tucson, Arizona.

However, when they arrived, it was discovered that the facility was completely vacant and uninhabited. It quickly became apparent that the PENTAGRAM has transported SCP-6571 to another unknown location, without the direct consent of the Foundation.

ADDENDUM 6571.4: Interview Log

On April 27th, 2017, a former intelligence operative of the PENTAGRAM, Special Agent Camilla Kortney, contacted Foundation personnel through a private secure channel to discuss matters related to SCP-6571 and the recent incidents involving other anomalous groups.

The transcription of the interview has been provided below:

Interviewer: Dr. Randald Malcom, Department of Advanced Diplomacy

Interviewee: Special Agent Camilla Kortney, PENTAGRAM

Foreword: The following interview was conducted at a local cafe at the request of Agent Kortney.


Dr. Malcom: Hello, Agent. Thank you for contacting us.

Agent Kortney: And thank you, for coming all this way.

Dr. Malcom: It's fine, really. So, you say you have some information regarding, uhh… "AW/7696-S"?

Agent Kortney: Actually, I'm here to give you this.

Agent Kortney reaches into her pocket and pulls out a red hard drive. She hands it towards Dr, Malcom.

Dr. Malcom: What's this?

Agent Kortney: It contains evidence and printed documents about PENTAGRAM's latest project, dubbed CALIBURN-DARK.

Dr. Malcom: Project CALIBURN? I thought that was abandoned back in World War Two.

Agent Kortney: Look, whatever recovered documents you've found, don't believe any of it.

Dr. Malcom: Why not?

Agent Kortney: Because the US military wasn't the one that created the weapon. It was initially built by the Soviets during the Cold War in the 1950s. The US stole the weapon after the War ended and claimed it was their own.

Dr. Malcom: Hmm… If what you're saying is right, then PENTAGRAM were the ones that didn't comply with the Kennedy-Foundation Accord, despite them presenting it in the first place.

Agent Kortney: That's what I'm saying! All of this is fucking illegal! You need to bring them to court with this.

Dr. Malcom: I'll see what the Foundation could do with this info. So, you mentioned something about a Project CALIBURN-DARK? Does that have any correlation to the recent events involving other anomalous groups and the weapon?

Agent Kortney: Yes, actually. I assume you've noticed a pattern in all of the incidents?

Dr. Malcom: The only connection I'm seeing is that all of them are places belonging to external governmental groups.

Agent Kortney: Exactly! CALIBURN-DARK is a highly-classified operation that plans on using the weapon to target multiple governments that are directly involved in the anomalous. The PENTAGRAM, and the United States as a whole, want to become the dominant organization involving anomalies by sabotaging the competition.

Canada, Britain, and Australia were just the beginning. They're planning to hit big players, like Germany, Japan, and the Russians. If this goes on, it could potentially start a third World War and I don't want to be anything a part of that. I was hoping the Foundation could end this whole thing somehow.

Dr. Malcom: I understand your position and I shall see what the Foundation could do regarding this.

Agent Kortney: Thank you. This honestly means a lot.

Dr. Malcom: Will you be fine? I can't imagine what PENTAGRAM would do to a defector.

Agent Kortney: Yeah, it's okay. I have some connections in Tri-Portlands, so I can probably lay low for a while.

Dr. Malcom: That's good to hear. Please, stay safe.


ADDENDUM 6571.5: GOC Involvement

On April 30th, 2017, the Foundation received a message from the Global Occult Coalition via a secure network channel, which reads the following:

Subject: Reoccuring Anomalous Phenomenon
Date: 30/04/17

Greetings, Foundation.

Our operatives have received multiple reports regarding an unknown anomalous phenomenon that seems to be targeting governmental groups that are related to the anomalous. Despite our research being limited, it seems that the phenomenon seems to take the form of individuals committing suicide via strangulation or the breaking of one's neck.

Any input or information your organization possesses regarding these recent events would both be helpful and beneficial in properly figuring out this anomaly, as these incidents could possibly affect both of our operations.

With regards,
General Konstantin Mulhausen, GOC External Operations Chief

The Foundation has not responded to the message at this time.

ADDENDUM 6571.6: Meeting Transcript

The following is a video recording of a meeting conducted to discuss matters regarding the recent anomalous incidents related to SCP-6571 affecting governmental anomalous groups, and how the Foundation should properly take action regarding both matters.

Location: Site-48

Date: 29/04/2017

Individuals Present:

  • Dr. Randald Malcom, Department of Advanced Diplomacy
  • Director Gerald Thomas, Containment Committee
  • Director Hector Reese, Classification Committee
  • Dr. Johnson Baxter, Department of Paranormal Organisation Review


Dir. Thomas: Hello, everyone. I'm sure all of you have received a prior e-mail regarding what this meeting is about?

Dir. Reese: Yes. We are currently looking at options of what the Foundation could do to stop these anomalous occurrences from happening. We have a few memorandums here that we would like to go over one by on-

Dr. Malcom: If I may, Director?

Dir. Reese: It is rude to interrupt, but please proceed.

Dr. Malcom: Thank you. The Department of Advanced Diplomacy has already devised a plan to deal with the recent events regarding SCP-6571 and to also avoid similar occurrences in the near future. The plan is completely foolproof if I don't say so myself.

Dr. Baxter: What is it exactly?

Dr. Malcom: Well, to simplify; We're gonna blackmail PENTAGRAM.

Dir. Thomas: Wait, what?

Dr. Malcom: Think about it. Hundreds of our own anomalies are lost due to the Kennedy-Foundation Accord ever since its formation in 1962. Think of what we can achieve with this kind of leverage dangling over PENTAGRAM's head. Proper and complete containment of anomalies under PENTAGRAM can be achieved.

Dir. Reese: How will you go about this?

Dr. Malcom: I'm glad you ask, Director. First, we send some partial info from the hard drive to the PENTAGRAM network channel, letting them know that we know about CALIBURN-DARK. They'll probably get freaked out a bit and ask us about we got it, but we don't have to answer.

Then, we demand that they return SCP-6571 into Foundation custody as it goes against the whole Kennedy-Foundation Accord, and if they don't comply, we'll say that we will leak the hard drive to both the UN and the GOC.

Dir. Reese: (pauses) That could be… surprisingly effective. But I doubt the Ethics Committee or the O5s will approve of this.

Dr. Malcom: I've already presented this to the Council. It was a close one, but it got approved. And the Committee is too busy with their whole Humanoid Ethical Reintegration Program. This will probably fly over their heads.

Dir. Thomas: I can't be the only one that thinks this whole thing is wrong, right? I mean we can't just do that.

Dr. Malcom: I've done these things before, Director. Trust me, getting dirt and gaining influence over an organization is always beneficial for the Foundation. If this goes on, we can probably gain control of the US military, or even the whole of the US government, while also getting ownership for any secret projects and/or anomalies PENTAGRAM has.

Dir. Thomas: You're insane. Advanced Diplomacy is insane.

Dr. Malcom: Advanced Diplomacy is about getting matters to your own hands, but sometimes your hands already have dirt on them.


ADDENDUM 6571.7: Contact with the PENTAGRAM

On May 2nd, 2017, the Department of Advanced Diplomacy sent a message to a network channel belonging to the PENTAGRAM that contains some partial relevant documents and memorandums related to Project CALIBURN-DARK.

Immediately after the message was sent, the PENTAGRAM responded with the following:


Attention, Foundation.

It is imperative that you inform us where exactly did you receive the documents from your previous message. This is a violation of US security to the highest degree and all those who are associated with this shall be properly dealt with.

With regards,
Director Darwin Frederick, PENTAGRAM

The Foundation responded the message with following:

Subject: Re: No subject
Date: 02/05/17

Attention, PENTAGRAM.

Please return SCP-6571 (or AW/7696-S) to the nearest Foundation site located within your vicinity, as evidence from the documents and memorandums presented within our previous message reveals that the anomaly does not possess the full requirements of the Kennedy-Foundation Accord.

Refusal or noncompliance of the request above will result in the anonymous leakage of the aforementioned documents to both the United Nations and the Global Occult Coalition.

Dr. Randald Malcom, Department of Advanced Diplomacy
Secure, Contain, Protect

On May 5th, 2017, a large cargo was delivered to a Foundation front company located somewhere in Houston, Texas. The cargo was sent by operative agents of the FBI's Unusual Incidents Unit, though short interviews conducted with them reveal that they have no knowledge of the exact contents of the cargo itself.

It was then delivered by Foundation agents to Site-82 to be investigated further. The cargo was opened, and inside contains SCP-6571. The Department of Advanced Diplomacy was immediately contacted regarding this.

Per orders of the Containment Committee, to avoid any sort of breach attempts by the PENTAGRAM, SCP-6571 is to be held within a standard containment warehouse located in Site-400, a facility in the Newcastle region, in Northern Ireland. Its containment class, containment procedures, and description will be updated accordingly.

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