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Item#: 6565
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
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Accessway LK-9, leading to the main 'head' of SCP-6565.

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-192 Johannes Gunterman Michelle Blanc Mobile Task Force Epsilon-77 ("Truth or Consequences")

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-6565-1 testing is mandatory for all personnel assigned to SCP-6565.

In order to be cleared to work on the SCP-6565 project, personnel must display a rating of at least 150mld for the following concepts: the Foundation as an organization, the goals of the Foundation, the methods used by the Foundation, and the policies of the O5 Council.

Personnel must also display a rating under 10mld for the following concepts: rebellion against the Foundation, disobeying the orders of direct superiors, organizations hostile to the Foundation, and doing harm to SCP-6565.

The section of the Paris catacombs surrounding SCP-6565 is to be patrolled by security personnel for any intruders conscious of their offense. Accidental intruders are to be dealt with via the series of printed memetic triggers throughout the surrounding area, which encourage those without knowledge of SCP-6565 to move in ways and directions that lead them further away from the anomaly. In the event of an intruder consciously attempting to reach SCP-6565, on-site security are to apprehend and detain them.

Large amounts of water and fertilizer are to be provided to SCP-6565 weekly — the makeup and quantities of these resources are dictated by Nutritional Chart 6565-1. In the event that SCP-6565's body grows beyond its original dimensions, these additional segments are to be cut away by on-site personnel and summarily incinerated.

Following Incident 6565-1, interviews with SCP-6565 must be approved directly by Research Head Michelle Blanc. Individuals interacting directly with SCP-6565 are to be dosed with emotional stabilizers immediately prior to said interaction.

Additional SCP-6565-1 testing is required for SCP-6565 personnel daily.


SCP-6565 is a massive and stationary arboreal organism present within Section L-9 of the Paris Catacombs, measuring three kilometers across and weighing approximately 100,000kg.

In terms of bodily configuration, SCP-6565 consists of a main core — hereafter referred to as the 'head' — with four significantly larger root structures protruding outwards through the surrounding catacombs. SCP-6565 is pale green in colouration, with the exception a mass of dark red feelers visible within a vertical opening on the front of its spherical 'head'. Directly beneath the 'head' of SCP-6565 are four transparent birthing sacs into which SCP-6565 deposits SCP-6565-1 specimens produced within the rest of its body. (See Description (SCP-6565-1).)

An emotional amplification effect is present in the area surrounding SCP-6565 — within this zone, feelings of affection, affinity and attachment become dramatically more intense. The efficacy of this amplification increases the closer one becomes to SCP-6565, becoming most intense in the region immediately surrounding SCP-6565's 'head'. The maximum range of this effect is unclear, but is believed to have an impact on the residential district directly above SCP-6565's location, with rates of public displays of affection and crimes of passion being significantly higher there than in the rest of the city.

Direct interaction with SCP-6565 has confirmed that the organism is sapient and capable of speech via vibration of the feelers present within it's 'head'. SCP-6565 primarily speaks French, although it has also demonstrated an extremely basic knowledge of English. The level of intelligence possessed by SCP-6565 is currently unclear, as during interviews it will frequently ignore or misinterpret questions posed by personnel, usually instead rambling at length regarding various forms of interpersonal affection — punctuated by loud moaning.

SCP-6565 was first discovered by the Foundation during routine exploration of sections of the Paris Catacombs previously under the jurisdiction of the precursor organization known as the Estate noir. Due to lack of records from the Estate noir as a result of the Champimont Incident, it is currently unknown whether or not they were aware of SCP-6565's existence — and if they were, what information they had regarding its origins.

Interview 6565-1

Opening Note: Preliminary interview conducted in order to ascertain SCP-6565's level of intelligence and gather information regarding its history. Interview conducted by Doctor Rachael Southwalk.


Dr. Southwalk: Hello. Can you hear me? Can you understand what I'm saying to you, my language?

(Pause. Twelve seconds.)

Dr. Southwalk: Hello?

SCP-6565: It understands.

Dr. Southwalk: Hello, I'm — I'm glad to hear that. Where did you learn to speak my language, if you don't mind me asking?

SCP-6565: Yes.

Dr. Southwalk: Yes?

SCP-6565: Yes. It learnt your language.

(Pause. Nine seconds.)

Dr. Southwalk: Yes, but — I don't think we're understanding each other — how did you learn my language? How did you first come to speak in the way I speak?

(Pause. Two seconds.)

SCP-6565: It drank it through the soil. It drank it through the water.

Dr. Southwalk: I, ah, I see. Now: we've already become aware of your… anomalous properties — beyond the obvious, I mean. The way you affect emotions? Could you possibly explain that to me? The reason for that?

SCP-6565: Yes.

(Pause. Eleven seconds.)

SCP-6565: Yes. It can explain. It wants to love.

(Pause. Two seconds.)

Dr. Southwalk: It wants to love? You want to love, I mean. What sort of love are you talking about — is that in a romantic sense?

(Pause. Thirty seconds.)

Dr. Southwalk: Sorry, I was asking if you meant that in a —

SCP-6565: (loudly) Romantic love. Sexual love. Familial love. Affectionate love. Degenerate love. Simple love. Complex love. Love, love, love. It wants to love. Pure love.

Dr. Southwalk: Pure love? Unconditional love, then — that's what you mean?

SCP-6565: (quietly) It wants to love.

(Pause. Three seconds.)

SCP-6565: It wants to give a gift of love.

Dr. Southwalk: A gift? That's not necessary. If we could just focus on —

(All four birthing sacs beneath SCP-6565's 'head' open, unloading hundreds of SCP-6565-1 specimens into the chamber as SCP-6565 loudly moans. Dr. Southwalk is advised to evacuate the chamber and quickly does so, with the door sealing behind her.)

(SCP-6565 moans loudly for the remainder of the recording.)


Closing Notes: SCP-6565 continued to expel SCP-6565-1 specimens for a further fourteen minutes following the end of the interview. After this birthing period concluded, personnel re-entered the chamber and retrieved select SCP-6565-1 specimen for further inspection and analysis.

See Description (SCP-6565-1) for full results.

Description (SCP-6565-1)

SCP-6565-1 is the collective designation for any offspring produced by SCP-6565.

In terms of appearance, SCP-6565-1 resemble miniature versions of SCP-6565 — ranging in individual size from fifteen to twenty-two centimeters and weighing between 1.4 and 2.7kg. Specimens have shown signs of growing over time, but in all cases have ceased growth upon reaching twenty-two centimeters. This growth appears to be prompted by provision of water and fertilizer, with specimens also being observed to cease growth when deprived of these resources.

In ordinary circumstances, SCP-6565-1 specimens are completely immobile and, unlike their progenitor, show no signs of sapience or intelligence. However, when directly exposed to a human being, they will begin exhibiting the following behaviour:

  • Spasming and contracting of root structures.
  • Squealing of variable volume.
  • Release of a foul stench.

Testing suggests that the intensity of this behaviour is dependent on the human they are exposed to — namely, that human's affinity to the concept currently most prominent in their mind (See Experiment Log 6565-1-1.). Once moved away from the human in question, the SCP-6565-1 specimen will again become inert.

Tracking of SCP-6565's birthing patterns suggests that the entity expels twenty to thirty SCP-6565-1 specimens a week, but will rapidly expel significantly more when excited or specifically prompted by personnel.

Experiment Log 6565-1-1

In order to fully understand the specifics of SCP-6565-1's behaviour, human testing was approved. Testing performed with volunteers from the SCP-6565 research team. Results printed below.

Subject: Doctor Rachael Southwalk

Concept Response
Apples. (Doctor Southwalk's favourite food.) SCP-6565-1 flails wildly, loudly squeals and expels a foul scent described as being similar to human feces.
Rotten apples. SCP-6565-1 weakly writhes.
Doctor Southwalk's wife. SCP-6565-1 writhes dramatically, squeals and expels a foul scent described as being similar to human feces. Doctor Southwalk requests a brief recess to deal with nausea — this is approved.
Doctor Southwalk's personal writing pen. SCP-6565-1 writhes moderately, whimpers and expels a scent described as being similar to human sweat.
The SCP Foundation. SCP-6565-1 loudly squeals and expels a foul scent described as being similar to human feces.

Subject: Security Officer Luc Jameson

Concept Response
Steak. (Officer Jameson's favourite food.) SCP-6565-1 whimpers and expels a scent described as being similar to human sweat.
Dogs. SCP-6565-1 flails, loudly squeals and a foul scent described as being similar to rotting fish.
Cats. SCP-6565-1 writhes moderately, whimpers and expels a scent described as being similar to human sweat.
Officer Jameson's wife. Minimal response. Officer Jameson requests testing cease — request denied.
The SCP Foundation. SCP-6565-1 flails wildly, loudly squeals and expels a foul scent described as being similar to human feces.

Subject: Junior Researcher Culver

Concept Response
Spaghetti. (Junior Researcher Culver's favourite food.) SCP-6565-1 flails moderately, quietly squeals and expels a foul scent described as being similar to rotting fish.
SCP-6565. No response.
Junior Researcher Culver's wife. SCP-6565-1 flails moderately, squeals and expels a foul scent described as being similar to rotting fish.
Junior Researcher Culver's infant daughter. SCP-6565-1 flails wildly — damaging recording equipment — loudly squeals and expels a foul scent described as being similar to human feces.
The SCP Foundation. SCP-6565-1 weakly writhes.
Hostility to the SCP Foundation. Subject initially refuses to perform test until prompted by security.
Hostility to the SCP Foundation. SCP-6565-1 flails wildly, loudly squeals and expels a foul scent described as being similar to human feces.

Following the final test, Junior Researcher Culvers was detained by security and relocated to an off-site facility for further interrogation. A combination of said interrogation and further investigation revealed previously existing links between Junior Researcher Culvers and known members of the Serpent's Hand. The individual in question is thus no longer employed by the SCP Foundation.

Due to SCP-6565-1's efficacy in revealing subterfuge in this case, a secondary research team led by Dr. Michelle Blanc has been organized to investigate SCP-6565-1's potential as a Thaumiel-class anomaly. This team is to operate separately from the main research effort and will report directly to O5-2.

Project Summary (Milda Measurement System)

From the desk of Doctor Michelle Blanc,
Head of SCP-6565-1 Thaumiel Consideration

How does one measure loyalty?

It's usually something that can only be measured in retrospect — from the deeds and words people already have on record. We give out awards and medals for loyalty, and then those accolades serve as basis for future consideration. But actions and speech are by no means irrefutable. For the canny infiltrator, those accolades are nothing more than useful camouflage. So long as we can only look at the exterior of a person, we cannot trust them.

SCP-6565-1 has the potential to change that.

We can measure more than loyalty with these creatures, more than obedience, more than affinity — we can measure love. I understand that this notion may seem somewhat lacking in terms of the clinical tone we maintain here at the Foundation. However, the only reason you think this is because you are still thinking of the concept of 'love' as it previously was, not as we now understand it. The Milda Measurement System will turn 'love' from a subjective quality to an objective one.

Calculated from an aggregate of SCP-6565-1's physical behaviour when exposed to a human being, the Milda Measurement System allows us to assign a numerical value (mld) to the amount of love the subject holds for a given concept. Love for other people, love for institutions, love for aspects of existence. So long as it is prominent in the subject's mind, it can be measured and quantified.

Whether it be disloyalty to the Foundation or sympathy to our enemies: once we fully master our knowledge of these creatures, nothing will be hidden from us. It's entirely possible that the threat of hostile infiltration will be excised completely before long. Testing is still ongoing, of course — this will consist of screening of personnel directly involved with SCP-6565 — but I have already received assurances that, upon confirmation of our results, we are fully prepared to begin implementing the Milda Measurement System on a wider scale.

The most prominent concern that's been raised thus far is the potential that individuals could fool these tests. That they could simply think of something else — someone dear to them, for example — in order to have their love for that measured instead. To that concern, I must only request one thing of you:

Don't think of pink elephants.

Experiment Log 6565-1-2

The following is a curated record of supplementary tests performed in order to achieve the following purposes:

  • Assure the loyalty of Foundation personnel working with SCP-6565.
  • Ascertain the ideal series of concepts to measure loyalty to the Foundation.
  • Provide verifiable results derived from the Milda Measurement System.

All tests were conducted personally by Dr. Michelle Blanc on-site at Site-192.

Subject: Doctor Greta Lenz.

Concept Milda Measurement
The goals of the SCP Foundation 181mld.
The methods utilized by the SCP Foundation. 79mld.
The philosophies which govern the SCP Foundation's actions. 207mld.
The policies of the O5 Council. 77mld.
Groups hostile towards the SCP Foundation. 9mld.

Results: Acceptable results for majority of concepts, save for 'the methods utilized by the SCP Foundation' and 'the policies of the O5 Council'. Subject ordered to report for mandatory training course to grant them a fuller understanding and appreciation of these concepts.

Subject: Doctor Simeon Harlinson.

Concept Milda Measurement
The goals of the SCP Foundation 281mld.
The methods utilized by the SCP Foundation. 12mld.
The philosophies which govern the SCP Foundation's actions. 312mld.
The policies of the O5 Council. 23mld.
Groups hostile towards the SCP Foundation. 41mld.

Results: Results judged as unacceptable and indicative of potential infiltration. Subject detained by security and relocated to off-site facility for further interrogation, which confirmed anti-Foundation sentiment. The individual in question is thus no longer employed by the SCP Foundation.

Subject: Doctor Rachael Southwalk.

Concept Milda Measurement
The goals of the SCP Foundation 257mld.
The methods utilized by the SCP Foundation. 149mld.
The philosophies which govern the SCP Foundation's actions. 198mld.
The policies of the O5 Council. 92mld.
Groups hostile towards the SCP Foundation. 2mld.

Results: Results judged as mostly acceptable, save for borderline value for 'the methods utilized by the SCP Foundation' and unacceptably low value for 'the policies of the O5 Council'. Subject agreed to volunteer for mandatory training to further their understanding of these concepts, but requested their personal opinions regarding this test also be put on record. Log of this conversation is below.


Dr. Blanc: There we are. It's recording.

Dr. Southwalk: May I be frank, Miss Blanc?

Dr. Blanc: Please, feel free.

Dr. Southwalk: I don't like you. I don't like the way you suddenly seem to have so much power around here, I don't like the way you're encouraging paranoia about 'anti-Foundation infiltrators', and I don't like the way you're using this anomaly with no regards for the consequences.


Dr. Blanc: Using this anomaly with no regards for the consequences… I'm somewhat unclear what you mean by that. Could you elaborate?

(Dr. Southwalk scoffs.)

Dr. Southwalk: How could I be more clear?! This massive… thing expels hundreds of little plant creatures that obviously have some kind of interaction with the human mind — and, what, we're all suddenly happy to make them a critical part of our screening procedures? Does that seem smart to you?

Dr. Blanc: (frowns) Do you not understand the need for vigilance?

Dr. Southwalk: Of course I do — like I said, though, there's a difference between vigilance and paranoia, and there are ways of proving trustworthiness that don't involve peeking inside someone's head.

Dr. Blanc: Less effective ways, you mean.


Dr. Southwalk: You know what? Nevermind. I'm obviously not going to get anywhere with you. Just stop the recording.


Addendum 6565-1 (Expanded Harvesting Measures)

Following the approval of an expanded roll-out of the Milda Measurement System, action has been taken to integrate SCP-6565 directly with the mechanisms used to harvest SCP-6565-1. These measures, actualized by the time of writing, consist of:

  • An expanded piping system, penetrating SCP-6565's body in four locations. This piping system is connected to an on-site reservoir and a number of fertilizer tanks, allowing resources to be pumped directly into SCP-6565's body without the need for it to be absorbed via its root structures.
  • A secondary facility has been set up surrounding SCP-6565's birthing sacs in order to facilitate efficient harvesting and transport of SCP-6565-1. Once harvested, SCP-6565-1 specimens are to be placed in jars containing plentiful water and fertilizer, lifted out of the Paris Catacombs via cargo elevator, and loaded onto vehicles to be transported to Site-191 for full distribution wherever required.

These measures have been implemented without incident. SCP-6565 has offered no comment regarding these changes, save for loud and ecstatic moaning during initial penetration.

Interview 6565-2

Interview conducted by Dr. Michelle Blanc in order to gauge SCP-6565's current mentality and ensure its continued cooperation.


Dr. Blanc: Good evening. How are you feeling today, 6565?

SCP-6565: It is loved. It loves. (moans)

Dr. Blanc: I'm glad to hear that. Are the alterations we've made acceptable to you?

SCP-6565: It loves. It is loved. It alters. It is altered.

Dr. Blanc: Yes, it is. Answer the question.

SCP-6565: It is so good. (moans)


Dr. Blanc: I see.


Dr. Blanc: If you have nothing else to add — we're going to need you to increase production of SCP-6565-1.

SCP-6565: It makes more babies?

Dr. Blanc: Immediately.

(SCP-6565 begins to loudly moan and expel SCP-6565-1 specimens, which are collected by harvesting personnel. Dr. Blanc turns and leaves the chamber.)

(SCP-6565 continues to moan for the remainder of the recording.)


Addendum 6565-2 (Expanded Security Measures)

From the desk of Dr. Michelle Blanc,
Head of SCP-6565 Research,

The following is a message to all SCP-6565 personnel.

Following the rollout of the Milda Measurement System and its quantifiable benefits concerning Foundation internal security, SCP-6565's own security measures have been intensified to ensure the continued safety of this valuable resource.

Prior to work each day, personnel are to first report for SCP-6565-1 screening regarding the following concepts:

  • The SCP Foundation.
  • The methods of the SCP Foundation.
  • The goals of the SCP Foundation.
  • The philosophies of the SCP Foundation.
  • SCP-6565.
  • SCP-6565-1.
  • Dr. Michelle Blanc.
  • The O5 Council.
  • The methods of the O5 Council.
  • The goals of the O5 Council.
  • The philosophies of the O5 Council.
  • Groups hostile to the SCP Foundation.
  • Individuals hostile to the SCP Foundation.
  • Rebellion against the SCP Foundation.
  • Rebellion against the O5 Council.

Should the screening technician judge the Milda value for one of these concepts to be at an unacceptable level, the personnel in question will be immediately apprehended by Mobile Task Force Epsilon-77 ("Truth or Consequences"). Following this, they will be relocated to an off-site facility for extended questioning.

Note that these measures — which will be ready for implementation on 27/09/2022 — are not something to be feared: if you have nothing to hide, there is nothing to be found.

A good day to you all.

Incident 6565-1

On 25/09/2022, during routine checks of SCP-6565's health and growth, a group of research personnel led by Doctor Rachael Southwalk disabled security personnel, stole flamethrowers used to control SCP-6565's growth, and sealed off the hallway leading to SCP-6565's main containment chamber. As research personnel maintained the barricades keeping out Mobile Task Force Epsilon-77 ("Truth or Consequences"), Doctor Southwalk proceeded to the containment chamber to speak with SCP-6565.


Dr. Southwalk: Okay. Now I have some goddamn questions for you.

SCP-6565: It is loved?

Dr. Southwalk: No — no, it is not loved.

SCP-6565: (moans) It is so good.

(Dr. Southwalk fires a warning shot from the flamethrower, and SCP-6565's feelers recoil in response. Moaning ceases.)

SCP-6565: Do not hurt it. Do not kill it. Why?

Dr. Southwalk: What the hell have you been doing? SCP-6565-1, your offspring — what do they do, really?


SCP-6565: They see love. They know love. Why are you enraged at it? It does not understand this play.

Dr. Southwalk: But they have other effects too, don't they? Something that encourages people to make use of them?

SCP-6565: They do not do that.


Dr. Southwalk: You're lying.

SCP-6565: They do not do that thing. They only know love and tell love. They do not need to do another thing.

Dr. Southwalk: They know love and tell love, but why?! How?! Love, love, love, can't you even think about anything else? Can't you even…


Dr. Southwalk: SCP-6565?

SCP-6565: It is.

Dr. Southwalk: (quietly) Could you… define love for me?

(SCP-6565 begins loudly moaning.)

SCP-6565: It loves. It is to be loved.

Dr. Southwalk: B-But what is 'love'?

SCP-6565: Love is to own and be owned. Love is to want and be wanted. Love is to need and be needed. Love is to alter and be altered by. Love is to fuck and be fucked.

(Dr. Southwalk slowly looks up at the piping system penetrating SCP-6565's body.)

Dr. Southwalk: To alter and be altered by… a-are you saying that this, all this, has been you mating with us? With the Foundation?

SCP-6565: It is loved. It makes babies.


Dr. Southwalk: (quietly) Is that what happened to the Estate noir?

SCP-6565: It was loved.

(Dr. Southwalk begins laughing.)

Dr. Southwalk: So it's not even — it's not even your big plan, is it? This is just… it's nothing, just you — nothing! You're not even smart enough to plan, are you? You're not even smart — we're just stupid, we're just stupid, aren't we? We're fucked! (laughs) You're just fucking us!

(Mobile Task Force Epsilon-77 ("Truth or Consequences") breach the room. Before Dr. Southwalk can fire the flamethrower at SCP-6565, she is disabled and MTF members drag her out of the chamber.)

(Dr. Southwalk's laughter can be heard for the remainder of the recording.)


Following the incident, Dr. Southwalk and all other offending personnel were transported to an off-site location for additional interrogation. The individuals in question are thus no longer employed by the Foundation.

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