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To the desk of 05-11

If you are reading this, your timeline will experience a K-Class End-of-the-World Scenario on 12/08/2794. There is nothing you can do to stop this from being the end result of your timeline. The following document explains how to prevent future timelines from experiencing this result. Please fully review the following document and follow the steps so that future timelines can be secured.


Etching of SCP-6557.

Item #: SCP-6557

Object Class: Archon1/Neutralized2

Special Containment Procedures: All staff performing temporal missions that take place in 1764 or earlier in Germany or France are to make sure that no actions they take cause changes to the timeline that lead to the taking of Trier in August of 17943 not occurring. If a jump to a time prior to Event-6557-A is required for the containment of another anomaly, at least 98.7% of the simulations with Earth-Sim/ver876.exe coded with the proposed jump must be successful4.

From its erection in 958 until 1794, MTF-Omega-6 ("The Cross") is assigned to the protection of SCP-6557. Ω-6 are to be recruited for training at 18 and trained for two years on the culture and customs of the time period they will be observing SCP-6557 in. At 20, they are to be matched with an agent of the same age within 5 years of their Home Year. The two are then sent for a 50-year shift between 958 and 1764. Until retirement, the pair of Ω-6 Agents are to covertly observe SCP-6557, making sure no changes to the timeline cause SCP-6557 to be damaged prior to Event-6557-A.

If a K-Class scenario occurs, the designated End-Jumper at each site is to activate their respective T45 and jump to the following date 19/05/25126 with a full copy of this document.

As of 25/4/2603, The Foundation has successfully finalized contracts with all Time Vacation Agencies to halt the sale of tickets for vacations to any date earlier than Event-6557-A.

Description: SCP-6557 is the Market Cross in Trier's Main Market. If it is not destroyed on exactly 12/08/1794, it will be the cause of a K-class End-of-the-World scenario on 12/08/27947.

In the unchanged-baseline timeline, SCP-6557 is knocked over and destroyed during France's invasion of Trier. When this occurs, SCP-6557 becomes inert and no interactions with it cause the world to end.

If toppled before Event-6557-A, or left unharmed after 12/08/1794, an A to Z, Ω, or TP K-class End-of-the-World scenario will occur. In all timelines, at least one Foundation employee has been successful in returning to a time prior to 12/08/2794 and informed The Foundation of the disaster. After 8 warnings, the common theme of SCP-6557 being the originator of the event was discovered.

Addendum 6557.1 Origins of K-Class Events:
The following is a list of examples from Dead Timelines where Event-6557-A did not occur:

Event-6557-B Type: AK-Class "Madness"
SCP-6557's Involvement: Because it survived Event-6557-A, SCP-6557 was able to block a musket shot meant to assassinate the head priest of the nearby chapel in 1850. Due to his survival, he was able to later in his life discover a thaumaturgical ritual that causes complete servitude to the caster. He taught his descendants how to utilize this ritual without over-stepping and being discovered. Over the next millennium, his lineage gained the worship and devotion of every human on earth. On the day of Event-6557-B, every known consciousness in the universe had been overtaken by the effect. AIC in The Foundation's system recognized the AK-Class Scenario and forcibly activated the T4 devices.
Suspected Reason for Divergence: After the invention of time travel, so much pressure on the timeline from the heavy use makes it difficult to determine a specific cause. The timeline was fixed after the first Past-Reset.
Notes: First known divergence from baseline outcome.

Event-6557-B Type: GK-Class "Dead Greenhouse"
SCP-6557's Involvement: Due to insufficient training, the agents who destroyed SCP-6557 did not notify their superiors and instead disposed of the rubble in the ocean. Over the following years, the pieces of SCP-6557 began to transmit a telepathic signal. The signal compelled all humans to retrieve it, by the time of Event-6557-B, 96% of Earth's population had walked into the sea.
Suspected Reason for Divergence: SCP-6557 was destroyed by Foundation agents on a mission to contain an unrelated anomaly that escaped into the year 1387 and was chased into Trier. During the recontainment of the anomaly, it was knocked into SCP-6557 breaking it into rubble.

Event-6557-B Type: NK-Class "Grey Goo"
SCP-6557's Involvement: From the date it was meant to be built onwards, 1 identical copy of SCP-6557 appeared in its place daily. The number that manifested increased by 1 each day. Containment procedures involving the expelling of crosses into deep space were suitable for some time, but after over two thousand years, the number of crosses per day was overwhelming. On the day of Event-6557-B, a unanimous vote by the O5-Council deemed the timeline dead and had O5-118 activate her T4.
Suspected Reason for Divergence: Foundation agents were sent to 957 A.D. to assassinate Archbishop Heinrich I before he ordered the construction of SCP-6557.

Event-6557-B Type: SK-Class "Dominance Shift"
SCP-6557's Involvement: On the day of Event-6557-B, SCP-6557 sent out a pulse, giving all ants omniscience. within 12 hours, all of humanity had been overtaken by a hive mind of hyper-intelligent ants.
Suspected Reason for Divergence: During a mission involving the collection of an extinct plant that went extinct 148 million years ago, Agent Renolds accidentally stepped on an ant.

Event-6557-B Type: XK-Class "Scorched Earth"
SCP-6557's Involvement: In an attempt to guarantee the success of Event-6557-A, after the erection of SCP-6557 a stone wall staffed with armed guards was stationed around the object. During Event-6557-A, SCP-6557 was manually destroyed by Foundation personnel. On the date of Event-6557-B, an explosion hypothesized to be over 60 zettatons originating from 56 locations across the globe9 towards the center of the earth detonated. The designated End-Jumper stationed at Site ANVIL was able to activate their respective T4 device within 1 hour of the incident.
Suspected Reason for Divergence: Attempting to inorganically cause the destruction of SCP-6557. After 4 more attempts with a similar outcome, the destruction of SCP-6557 through Foundation interference has been forbidden.
Notes: After this event, SCP-6557 was reclassified as Archon.

Event-6557-B Type: ZK-Class "Reality Failure"
SCP-6557's Involvement: Pending.
Suspected Reason for Divergence: Unknown.
Notes: Please fill in and send back to us during your Event-6557-B. Preferably before the life signs of the recipient are terminated.

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