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ITEM #: SCP-6545




Assigned Site


Site Director

Allan J. McInnis

Research Head

Dr. Phillip Simmons

Assigned MTF


ITEM: SCP-6545




Assigned Site


Site Director

Allan J. McInnis

Research Head

Dr. Phillip Simmons

Assigned MTF



SCP-6545 is stored within Anomalous Item Storage 34 located at Sublevel 1 of Site-43, where experimentation requires the permission of the current Project Head. Civilians witnessing any SCP-6545-A instances are to be located and amnesticizied.

All tests regarding SCP-6545 are to be recorded in its Experiment Log.



SCP-6545, prior to containment

SCP-6545 refers to a disconnected doorbell of unknown make and model that, when pressed, opens a call with an individual identifying herself as "Janette Tillson" (PoI-6545), who claims to be an employee of the company "Eccentric Quarters"..Eccentric Quarters' designation as a Group of Interest is currently pending. Research into both Tillson and Eccentric Quarters has failed to produce any conclusive results.


Digitally-enhanced image from SCP-6545-A-3

When connected, the user is asked for a description of their "dream home" with the purpose of constructing a house fitting the subject's interpretation. These residences, designated collectively as SCP-6545-A, instantly replace the interior of the person's current property following 2-3 days after contact. Notably, a set of criteria is applied when detailing the abode the individual desires, which is as follows:

  • The property must not be used as a means to harm anyone, including oneself
  • The individual is prohibited from selling or otherwise taking advantage of any amenities within the property in terms of business
  • The property is unable to include any organisms, excluding plants
  • The property is unable to replicate areas which already exist

The subject is able to repeat the process multiple times as well as ask for a 'refund', in which case their home’s interior returns back into its previous state. Those attempting to go against the given rules automatically have their property reverted to its previous condition; any further attempts to contact Eccentric Quarters by these individuals are rejected.


The following is a selection of test logs conducted using SCP-6545, the full list of which can be found in the Site-43 Database.

Test No. Request Result
01 A garden with a tree at the center, capable of producing numerous kinds of fruits. Request accepted. The floor was replaced by dirt, various plants were scattered across the area, along with a tree of an unidentified species centered in the room that grew various common and undiscovered fruits. The fruits were highly nutritious.
02 A lemonade stand. Request denied, as "[subject] could sell lemonade using the stand," even when insisting it would not be used for that purpose.
03 Jack in the Box..Test was to observe if it could replicate the Jack in the Box establishment. Request accepted. SCP-6545-A-2 consisted of a large amount of unique jack-in-the-box toys surrounding a crate that, when opened, sprouted out a mannequin connected to a metal spring.
04 A marching band, able to play any piece the subject suggests. Request accepted. SCP-6545-A-3 consisted of a single framed black-and-white photo of a marching band hung on a spruce wall..Dr. Simmons claimed to have vaguely recognized the photo but was unable to elaborate. None of the persons within the image could be identified. Underneath was a speaker that could accurately play a marching-band arrangement of any song upon request. Source of the sound was unknown.
05 Willy Wonka’s factory. Request denied, as in the associated film, the factory contained people.
06 An empty version of Willy Wonka's factory. Request accepted. SCP-6545-A-4 consisted of a section of the factory as seen from the original movie, expanding larger than the room’s exterior would allow. The candy therein was also edible and described by personnel as overly sweet.


Interviewer: Dr. Phillip Simmons
Interviewee: PoI-6545

Foreword: The interview was conducted in order to get further information regarding Eccentric Quarters through PoI-6545. This was under the agreement that Dr. Simmons would file a request afterward.


Simmons: Alright, it should be recording.

PoI-6545: Oh, you're recording this?

Simmons: Yes, for future reference.

PoI-6545: Is that so? (Sighs) Okay, then. Let's just hurry this up. I don't have all the time in the world, you know.

Simmons: Apologies… Anyways, let's begin, shall we? (Clears throat) How long have you been working for Eccentric Quarters, Mrs. Tillson?

PoI-6545: I prefer Janette, and this is my, what, second year here? Yeah, I've been working hard since mid-April.

Simmons: And how'd you get the job?

PoI-6545: You know, the usual. Filled in the job application, went on for an interview, and got the job a week or so after. The rest is history.

Simmons: How has the company been treating you?

PoI-6545: I'd say it's quite alright. Nothing special, but alright. I just sit here and mind my own business, really. Pay's also good.

Simmons: Any complaints?

PoI-6545: I guess you could say it's a bit boring? Well, I don't mind. I'm quite used to it by now.

Simmons: Who else works for the company? Anyone you knew beforehand?

PoI-6545: Only a few of my colleagues.

Simmons: How're they?

PoI-6545: They're fine most of the time, though they can be somewhat pushy. That might just be me, who knows… How many questions do you have left? I wanna hurry this up.

Simmons: It's only this question, then we're done. Again, I apologize. Could you possibly tell me the corporation’s process when gifting people their (pause) "dream house?"


Simmons: Hello? Is anybody home?

PoI-6545: Ah, well, umm…it starts with- (coughs) sorry, c-could you give me a sec? I'm like half asleep right now.

Simmons: Sure.

PoI-6545: I truly am sorry. I just haven't had coffee this morning.

Simmons: It's quite alright. You don't need to apologize. Just take your time.

PoI-6545: Thank you.


PoI-6545: Right, so basically, it starts with the caller sending in a request of their dream home. Then, after some planning and such, we head out and presto-change-o, their house gets remodeled. Well, it's only the interior, but still.

PoI-6545: I would go more into detail, but I only make the calls. I don't know much of anything else.

Simmons: Could you at least elaborate on how they can locate their current home or what you mean by "presto-change-o"?

PoI-6545: Like I said, not my department, so I can't say (yawns)… So yeah, we're done here, right?

Simmons flips through the pages in his notepad.

Simmons: Mhm, that is all. Thank you very much for this interview.

PoI-6545: Hey, don't go thanking me just yet. You still haven't told me your dream house. We promised, remember?

Simmons: Of course, of course. Just, um, just give me a moment to think.

PoI-6545: Alright.


PoI-6545: You done?

Simmons: Right, right, uh… I guess, maybe, Hogwarts? An empty version of it, obviously. (Breathes in deeply) I was quite the fan of Harry Potter when I was a young lad, so that would be nice.

PoI-6545: No can do, sir.

Simmons: How come?

PoI-6545: It's in the rules… Are you not aware of the rules?

Simmons: I am, but what is the problem?

PoI-6545: (Sighs) Hogwarts is in use.


Afterword: PoI-6545 declined to provide further information on this topic, citing client privilege. Further research into this claim is currently pending.

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